Not really a tattoo-related post, but I wanted to do a little write-up on an extremely helpful app I stumbled upon. It’s called Sameroom

My company uses Slack for employee communication, and it’s amazing. Not having to deal with constant one-off emails about things that don’t actually pertain to me is the absolute best. But there’s one drawback: my friends, SO, and other companies we work with use Google Hangouts/Skype/Facebook messenger to talk to me during the work day. I HATE switching between multiple messaging apps (on a normal day it’s around 5-6 separate clients). Usually I end up missing an important message or have a delayed response to something I want to reply to immediately. 

This is where Sameroom comes into play and is a complete game-changer for me. Sameroom is a company that “speaks all the protocols.” For me, this means I can integrate my Google Hangout and Facebook messenger conversations INSIDE of Slack (my main chat-client), so I never have to swap between them. It’s customizable so it can be set up in any way you see fit. My company usually has around 10-20 projects involving external parties at a time, which can lead to a communication nightmare. With Sameroom, we have the ability to integrated their preferred chat client into our own with an extremely painless process.

You can check out more information on their website, or watch this short overview video to get a better understanding! -Matt

Working on off leash recall in the woods today with the dog. Obviously it’s slow progress since she’s a scent hound and the slightest whiff of anything is infatuating to her. Came to the conclusion the only cruelty free way to get her to stop dead in her tracks when she gets too far into the woods would be for me to shout “IMMOBULOUS!” Like Hermione did to freeze those unruly Cornish Pixies. Basically, I’m Hermione and my dog is an unruly Cornish Pixie.

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Sasha do you think they will drag babygate until the Syco contract expires (in March?) What would be the purpose of doing that? The longer this goes on the more people are afraid this is a long term closet :(

Anonymous said:Don’t you think there are builiding a long-term closet for Louis?? 

I think if Louis wanted to be closeted, he wouldn’t openly mock his closet. 

And remember, Harry tweeted those Kendrick Lamar lyrics recently? 

A few relevant lines:

On yourselves you can remain, stuck in a box
I’mma break out and then hide every lock
I’mma break out and then hide every lock

I’m just gonna go ahead and take that as a closet reference, as it pertains to Harry (and Louis’) situation.

I say, stay focused on the big picture and not the temporary awkward theatrics of 1DHQ. Remember the things you have seen and heard from Louis (and Harry). That should matter more than tabloid stunts.

I think 1DHQ will drag out babygate for as long as they can. It’s their parting shot. So potentially, yeah they could run with it until March. But already, it’s looking pretty sketchy. They may just shoot themselves in the foot again by not letting go soon enough (Elounor and Zerrie are perfect examples). Things change on a dime in this fandom. Louis’ day is coming. He has good people around him. They’ll keep the fallout minimal. And the casual observers will move on quickly. The fandom just needs to remain chill and not fall for the okey doke.   

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I have seen question pertaining the thought that Rbb was Harry's was of communication but then that begs the topic of why two rainbow bears if it was only Harry. Why pregnancy related costumes for the bears. This was deffo a Louis & Harry thing and I think things are looking up

Agreed absolutely. I mean it was 100% both of them. They celebrated two birthdays. Harry’s and Louis’.

BOLD any fears which apply to your muse. italicize what makes them uncomfortable.

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the dark. fire. open water. deep water. being alone. crowded spaces. confined spaces. change. failure. war. loss of control. powerlessness. prison. blood. drowning. suffocation. public speaking. natural animals. the supernatural. heights. death. dying. intimacy. rejection. abandonment. loss. the unknown. the future. not being good enough. scary stories. speaking to new people. poverty. loud noises. being touched.

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what's your spirit animal? xxx

I don’t have one! Spirit Animals have significance for Native Americans that don’t pertain to my culture. However, I do have an incredibly strong love for elephants and dachshunds, and I believe if I were to have a patronus it would be one of the two :)

This is beyond difficult, but please, bare with me. The love of my life, T.S. Claire, is considered to be a terminal case pertaining to her health with her diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. She is pursuing Chemo and radiation treatment and I am pursuing any and all means to help her try and save her life - and we are determined to keep fighting no matter what.

Tina has been a driving force and unbelievably positive person for the Los Angeles creative community, and with literally hundreds of unpublished illustrations, photos and paintings I am looking to have a hard bound collection of her Art released to the public.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a art publishing contact or quality self publisher? Please DM or email me at - thank you.

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Elizabeth O'Farrell keeps getting left out of things pertaining to the Easter Rising and it bothers me

It’s a real shame, it’s not like she was a minor figure either, she deserves to be remembered just as much as any other figure that participated in the rising, I suppose we shouldn’t expect much from RTE..

:;;[ Alright, I might lose followers for
this but hey, I’m over it, and it’s my
blog so here it goes!


I run more blogs than I should but what
grinds my gears is being followed on all
my blogs except ones pertaining to female
characters. Like, for real guys? I’m the same
person, just work with different parts. I shouldn’t
have to fight for threads on one blog and then log
onto another where all people seem to want is dick
or fights. 

I get it.

I play a villain, a male villain. They’re like catnip to us
because they’re crazy and handsome and unpredictable,
but I don’t see how female characters can’t be alluring
and beautiful and just on the same level? If you’ve noticed
I’ve put more time into my Erica blog as of late, a futile
attempt at leveling the playing field but I found that those
I follow on other blogs seem to either turn a blind eye to
her or pretend I haven’t posted an active blogs list in a

Basically, what I’m trying to convey, in the most blunt way
possible, is that if you are one of those people, if you surround
yourself in dick because you can’t handle the soft, dangerous
and better parts that is a woman, UNFOLLOW ME.

. ]

irt that post that was going around earlier today about asking for ships i felt like i should give my own more descriptive take on how i like to ship things which goes like this: i do not go along with a ship just because people suggest it to me. i need for there to be some established connection between our characters, and i prefer to know muns personally so that i can feel comfortable discussing anything that pertains to the relationship. i also don’t openly seek ships unless something super magical happens between our characters and we are both like “fuck dude we need these losers to hold hands and shit” in which case yes i will remark on it but otherwise please, if you have anything shippy to say about our characters please be considerate and gentle with my fragile aro heart. being unsure about any romantic relationship confuses me and makes me a little queasy, even if the relationship is fictional.

I do this pointless thing with fortune cookies where I pick a topic that the fortune will pertain to. I mean, it’s the only way I can get any useful ideas from them since I’m not superstitious.

At dinner my cookie foretold, “You will know what to do.” Like, yeah cookie, that adds no new information to the mix. “You will decide things” is setting the prediction/advice bar really low. You had ONE job

I can’t believe the cookie played me like that when it was nice of me to even ask what it thought in the first place


Herobrine stared for a full minute, brows raised. He hadn’t known about Coal’s recent hallucinations was confused as to why the young ender was screaming and jumping away from the harmless wild rabbit.

He watched Coal scamper instead of teleport a few yards away from the lagomorph before actually walking up to him himself. “Coal? You alright?”

[M!A 3/8]

[The demon bunny is actually a thing. Herobrine, back in his dark days, made it so that certain rabbits could be corrupted if they are out in a full moon. Mostly the REW; Red Eyed White.
The white fur makes them look ghostly in the shadows. They also have other abilites when corrupted, but right now only Herobrine knows of those in the group of chars on this blog. 
Coal ran into one once, hence the knowledge and the fear.]

2:48am (Pertain)

It’s deep in the hour of 2am
I don’t have anyone to tell my regrets
I wander the depths of my mind
Only to realize I’m earning for a partner
Someone who will listen
To me at an hour such as this
Even there whisper could bring me joy
Have u ever felt the need to be wanted ?
So that person can enjoy your touch
So when the tears fall
You can be there to tell them the beauty
Will never fade away….
No matter how hard they tried
Between you & me
I love the journey to find that partner
Even if it only passes my mind at 2am

Everything I say or do or link has some meaning behind it.

Mostly it pertains to Rachael.
Some of it pertains to people who I’d like to go out with.
Sometimes it just explains how I am.
Most times it’s just because I nostalgia real hard and miss holding someone in my arms for a while.
I’m not bred to be alone. I tried for a long time as a kid. I can’t do it. I realize that now.
I may be awkward as fuck and can’t really relate to most things people do or experience, but I can’t be alone.