“To me, we have a culture that is surpassed by no other civilization, but we don’t know anything about it…My job is to somehow make [the black youth] curious enough or persuade them by hook or crook to get more aware of themselves and where they came from and what they are into and what is already there and just to bring it out. This is what compels me to compel them, and I will do it by any means necessary.”
-Nina Simone, c. 1969

Signs During a Debate

Aries ; persuades everyone on the stupidest things like why pancakes and syrup go hand in hand

Taurus ; … and thats why we should all own cats. *drops mic*

Gemini ; is kind of biased and cant make up their mind since they agree with both sides they’re arguing for

Cancer ; Super emotionally commited in every word you can hear the sentiment and that calls people’s attention

Leo ; “like um” is repeated a lot but gives a fierce argument

Virgo ; kills it. literally the badass. amazing. yes. everyone cheers because virgos slay at public speaking.

Libra ; fights rationally and aren’t sore losers if they don’t win the argument, usually fights for what’s right

Scorpio ; again, with so much emotion (like Cancer) but literally is so much more powerful and persuasive (like Aries).

Sagittarius ; debates aggressively, lots of yelling to prove a point

Capricorn ; more rational and fights for the right thing (like Libra). do a lot of research on their part and are always prepared for counterarguments/rebuttles

Aquarius ; makes it seem so easy with their proffesional yet nonchalant attitude

Pisces ; quiet, least likely to argue but puts emotion (like Cancer & Scorp) and always, ALWAYS wins an argument.

(use your moon and rising sign !! ))


Top 4 (slightly unethical) tricks on how to persuade anyone
We're all liars, we're all legends - for yourstrlouly
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We’re all liars, we’re all legends for yourstrlouly

Word Count: 6208

Rating: Teen & Up

Summary: Popstar Louis has an undeserving reputation as another washed up addict, so his PR team persuade him into posing as a besotted boyfriend. But Louis isn’t keen on lying to his fans again, and is completely unprepared to meet Harry.

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so im currently reading your new Droplets chapter and a thought occurred to me; actually has a few times before. I know that Jean has a handful of piercings but i was wondering if you could list them all off together? plus, for all i know, he might have some that you haven't talked about much/at all. I have a thing for piercings as many JeanMarco shippers do and i'd like to have a complete and accurate image of Jean in my head :)

he doesn’t have all that many, really. he has two clavicles, two in his left ear, and one in his right ear. i don’t know if he wears his ear ones all that often, or if they’ve closed up by now. he got everything done the summer before he met marco. 

however i would imagine he’d be persuaded to get more, considering how fascinated marco seems to be by them. 

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"If you wanted me drunk and naked, you just had to ask"

“I didn’t just hear that.” Sam moaned and Deeks grinned proudly.

“I don’t want you drunk.” Kensi smacked his thigh, briefly wondering if maybe it was too late or if she should take his beer away now. 

“You didn’t refute the naked.” Deeks noted. 

“She didn’t refute the naked.” Sam echoed.

“Now, now, we’re all adults here.” Callen smirked, leaning back in his seat and grasping the neck of his beer. 

“Kensi calls me a big boy.” Deeks coughed around his beer. “Sometimes she calls me her sexy Detective too.“ 

"Sometimes I call my therapist.” Sam muttered as scarlet blush took over Kensi’s face.

“Deeks.” She tried. 

“I like it better when you call me Marty. That takes some persuading though, do you want me to persuade you, Kens?" 

"No.” She growled, pinching his thigh sharply. 

“She means not here.” Deeks whined around the pinch, winking strangely at two senior agents. 

“I wanna be not here.” Sam scratched at his beer label.

“I second that.” Kensi mumbled.

“Oh, you wanna get out of here?” Deeks leaned towards her, winking with both eyes again. 

“This. This is perfect.” Callen drew their attention back to him just as he lifted a large bacon burger to his mouth. “Dinner and a show." 

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Now that's just absurd! What can be done to persuade you otherwise?

HmmMm. If 10 people like this I’ll upload! 🙊


I join the War Pup OC brigade!  

These are my four War Pup OCs.  I’d like to flesh them all out a lot more, as each one has their own specialty and story, complete with heavy doses of tears.  I don’t think you can have anything in the MM world without tears, am I right.

Bones is the little one I thought of first.  He is incredibly smart, but very small and frail, even by the Citadel’s standards.  I imagined that after Furiosa is “discarded” by Joe, she would spend some time hiding within the Citadel while she weighed her bleak options.  During this time she tries to stay hidden, but she’s discovered by Bones.  Terrified that he’ll alert the Boys to her presence, she offers him a shiny green marble, hoping the gift will persuade him to stay quiet.  Bones has no intention of alerting anyone, but a few of his cohorts eventually discover his secret friend…

A few quick things about each boy:

Bones: Named for his undersized, thin frame, Bones is a gifted mechanical tinkerer.  His small size means he can also get into places no one else can.  The bigger Boys often order Bones to explore hard-to-reach parts of the Citadel for structural reports.  This means he knows every nook, crack, ledge and dark space within the Citadel like the back of his hand.  Bones is aware of his frail health, so he lives each day as if it is a surprise.  His favorite thing to do is getting to work on the cars and think of new ways to make them faster, even though he’ll never be strong enough to drive one himself.

Boomer: A big and exceptionally strong kid for his age. The Boys named him Boomer after the slang for large male kangaroos.  The younger War Pups don’t care for Boomer as he picks on everyone smaller than he is, which is just about everyone in his age range. His dream is to become an Imperator someday, the strongest among Immortan’s army.  He spends most of his time roughhousing and knocking around with the bigger War Boys, learning how to be tough in the world of the Wasteland.  Boomer thinks being a War Boy is all fun and games because he hasn’t experienced what it truly means yet. 

Smudge: A wirey, thin Aboriginal boy who is a true pyromaniac.  He is the closest thing Bones calls a real friend.  He is uncharacteristically optimistic and cheerful for Citadel life and loves to joke around.  He works with the Flamers and is constantly smudging his white body paint with his oversized, soot-covered gloves.  Smudge keeps a close eye on Bones and tries to make him laugh as many times a day as he can.  He fears each night could be his friend’s last.

Mouse:  Stories circulated among the Pups that there is a ghost in the walls, the remnant of a boy’s soul who was rejected by Valhalla.  In reality, it is just Mouse, a young Pup who exists but has never been seen by anyone.  Bones discovers him by accident once while scaling a high ledge in the the metalworking area of the garage. Mouse knows even more about the Citadel’s interior than Bones does. He’s very familiar with the Citadel’s network of irrigation pipes, which means he knows where the food is and takes full advantage.  He is also quite clever and as good as Bones is at tinkering with machinery.  Mouse often brings food he manages to steal to Bones and Smudge.  In return, Bones gives Mouse small baubles and items, which Mouse adores as precious gifts. He often leaves small baubles as a way of communicating with those he trusts.

Vegas Trip

We went to Vegas over the Easter Weekend, with my wife for my 40th birthday. My wife is a beautiful Americanized East Indian woman. We got in relatively late and stayed at Aria. I thought it was going to be a Ho hum weekend as my wife has pushed back on my trying to persuade her to be with other people so we ate at Javier’s as it was the last place open that night and started to drink rather heavily..both of us were pretty drunk within an hour and we made our way to our room. We got to the room and she attacked me and we started to 69 with each other and both of us were going crazy and then she says to me “ do you want to go downstairs?”. I wasn’t sure what she meant and she says to me that she wants more than just me tonight and was feeling like she could fuck another guy tonight at about a 50/50 percentage. I asked her is she was serious because she has always resisted this in the past and has said to me that it’s just a pillow fantasy and nothing that we would actually do.

So we go to a few of the lounges at Aria but no one approaches her even when I “go to the bathroom” and we end up going to the Gold Club. I go to the bathroom there and stay away for about 10 minutes. When I come out she is talking with a handsome early 30’s white guy laughing and then she sees me and puts up a number two with her fingers. I’m not sure what she means and then the guy has a friend come over. I give her a “why not look” and she whispers something to the first guy and we all leave the Gold Club.

We get up to our room and she starts making out with the first guy while the second one has hiked her skirt up and started to finger her (forgot to mention she didn’t wear any panties or bra to the club). She tells me I can take pictures and I get the camera out and start snapping off pictures of her with her tits out (34b) and the guys palming her tits, kissing her and spreading her pussy out with their fingers. Then she gets down on her knees and starts sucking both of them off at the same time, even at one point putting both dicks in her mouth at the same time. (She later told me she was going to be as slutty as possible since it was likely to be a one time deal)….both guys were really hard and so was I and then she was taken up to the bed and the first guy started to eat her pussy while the other kept getting his cock sucked by my wife…I came over and she started to blow me as well. She started to cum from guy number ones tongue and he immediately started to enter his cock into her pussy. I could hear his cock ramming against her soaking hot and wet pussy and he was only able to hold out for about 5 min and then pulled out cunning on her stomach. The other guy then came over and turned her over and started to fuck her from behind while she continued to suck me off…he was pounding her hard making her tits sway into me and then he grabbed her tits from behind and told her he was going to cum in her. I exploded at this point in her mouth and he shot his load into her sopping wet pussy. It was only a short time later that the first guy was getting hard again and had my wife start riding him on the hotel chair…me and guy #2 started also getting hard again and joined in for more fun …I heard her cumming again while she rode the first guys cock…he lifted her onto the bed and started hammering her pussy making her cum in multiples (she told me this later)…she then got off and started riding guy #2 impaling herself on his endowed cock (he was a bit bigger than me and the first guy and neither of are small I’m about 7.5-8 and guy #1 was about the same..guy #2 was probably about 9-10)…guy #1 came up begin my wife and spit on his cock and then her exposed asshole (my wife doesn’t really like anal). He started to rub the head of his dick against her tight asshole and then worked it in to her borderline virginal butt (I’ve done it only twice with her)….she let out a pant and and I grabbed the camera getting pictures of her being the best little slut ever. Both dicks were grinding into her holes hard in rhythmn and she was moaning and cumming like crazy. It was fucking awesome!. Then both of them pulled out and all three of us started to jack off all over her beautiful brown face and black hair. She must have taken about 10-12 streams of cum that soaked her face (I got a great picture of it).

After a few minutes of rest both guys left (thanking us) and me and my wife then went at it again. I fucked her swollen open pussy that had other dudes cum in it , I could feel my dick just gliding through her pussy and later I ate out her butthole and got a chance to fuck it balls deep like she had never given me before. We then fell asleep on that same bed and in the morning I ate her out (didn’t really think about it at the time).

She told me that the experience had to be organic and not set up and that she was happy that she did it to make me happy and would consider it again if we ever went to Vegas again. She said that she would never consider it on the east coast where we live.

what if in the end of “The Next Big Sting,” Hiccup finally gets Dragonfly 2 to work and tries to put it to the test, much to everyone else’s annoyance (especially Toothless’), but Toothless catches the attention of the speed stingers and persuade them to sting Hiccup in the butt, preventing him from ever jumping off the cliff.

Everyone else is just like:

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Okay for real now I’m about to go to sleep but I’d like to wake up to nice ppl! So kik me @ rubyredrum

Plz no horny ppl looking for nudes, sexting, or trying to persuade me. I do not enjoy that thank. I just wanna talk to new ppl

Imagine this, though:

After Elros dies, Elrond takes comfort in his brother’s children. As the generations pass, some look more alike to his brother than others, but he can still see the familial resemblance. However, over the centuries, these characteristics begin to fade with the new blood in the line; where once there was even the briefest glance of those familiar eyes, or that same unique quirk of the lips that marked these descendants as Elros’, now there are only foreign faces, unfamiliar voices… and upon gazing into Isildur’s eyes as he attempts to persuade this confounded human to toss that cursed ring into the fire, it hits harder than ever that his brother, his Elros, is gone for good.

How to Persuade the Zodiac Signs

How to persuade an Aries: you have to make them think the idea or action is their idea.

How to persuade a Taurus: show them why the decision, action, idea is logical and highly beneficial.

How to persuade a Gemini: find a way to win a debate against them or make an activity/idea seem cool or fun.

How to persuade a Cancer: you have to emotionally appeal to them or make the idea/action work with their values.                                                

How to persuade a Leo: be confident and show results through the idea or action.                     

How to persuade a Virgo: it’s all about the facts!

How to persuade a Libra: be sure about yourself and explain the idea or action in an interesting way.

How to persuade a Scorpio: be passionate and confident about your idea/action and make it so it appears that they “figured it out”.

How to persuade a Sagittarius: it either has to be the truth or make something seem like the truth.

How to persuade a Capricorn: they have to see it to believe it!

How to persuade an Aquarius: you needs facts, confidence, and some natural persuasiveness, but even then you might not be able to.

How to persuade a Pisces: they have to actually experience something or make something emotionally appeal to them.