Persepolis, Iran

The ancient city of Persepolis in modern-day Iran was one of four capitals of the sprawling Persian Empire. Built beginning around 520 B.C., the city was a showcase for the empire’s staggering wealth, with grand architecture, extravagant works of silver and gold, and extensive relief sculptures such as this one portraying envoys with offerings for the king.

The height of Persian rule lasted from about 550 B.C. until 330 B.C., when Alexander the Great overthrew the ruling Archaemenid dynasty and burned Persepolis to the ground.

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My trip to Shiraz in Iran (⌒▽⌒) 2013, the ruins are so fascinating if you see the third picture it’s like the wall with the numerous fragments were sticked together showing the soldiers walking sideways and at the fifth picture, you can actually see a broken…ugh.. I forgot how you say it in English but anyway in persian it’s “sotoon” and it’s in pieces…