LIST OF ROMANOV RULERS: #11 - Emperor Peter III of Russia (21 February 1728 - 17 July 1762)

“Nature had made him mean, the smallpox had made him hideous, and his degraded habits made him loathsome. And Peter had all the sentiments of the worst kind of small German prince of the time. He had the conviction that his princeship entitled him to disregard decency and the feelings of others. He planned brutal practical jokes, in which blows had always a share. His most manly taste did not rise above the kind of military interest which has been defined as ‘corporal’s mania,’ the passion for uniforms, pipeclay, buttons, the ‘tricks of parade and the froth of discipline.’ He detested the Russians, and surrounded himself with Holsteiners.” - 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Many contradictory qualities existed in him: keen observation, zeal and sharp wit in his arguments and actions, incaution and lack of perspicuity in conversation, frankness, goodness, sarcasm, a hot temper, and wrathfulness. - Russian historian, A.S. Mylnikov

More so than just perspicuous,
Breathtakingly mellifluous,

Silent to me from hereafter,
Full of love and joyous laughter,

Bright as a summer storms lightning,
Awe inspiringly frightening,

To fall in love was not a choice,
Such was the effect of her voice,

—  Whatifgodisacat 

These are literally names of some of the classes I’ve taken/taking at school:

Technical Prowess

I just realized the titles of these courses might match my personality lol.