characters evolution & who I think could be A ? part 1

Aria : I was a true beliver of Aria is A theories. I think her character became really messed up mentaly speaking. Her anger increased through seasons, and I think like it’s been said that she clearly have a personality disorder. 
It became so clear through season 3, 4 and 5.. remember her halucinations with Holbrock. 

And I think in a way she’s a Key to the uber plot because of her tense relationship with Mona and all the clues going around. Even if she’s not uber A, we don’t really know why she is attached to the girls, she seems always to know what’s going to happen, where the people are, what they want to do. She never has the time to study like the other girls, and I dont’ think it’s ezras’ fault, we never know her schedule REALLY…I mean her timeline is always weird (here’s a great video of best TVvideos I think Lucy Hale put some mystery in her character and her eyes makes the rest. If she is uber A I think it would be awsome and twisted and I really dont know what would be her motive. here’s a great theory : (

I also love the idea of EZRIA couple as a bonnie and clyde mad couple. Forever together in crime. this storyline would be awsome. I always thought that they had the weirdest scenes together.

Ezra : so shady with his book, hislair… I think he could be A but the thing that bothers me is why showing him beeing A then goes back to the nice-Ezra? for me the shooting NY storyline was set up to get ezra out of this shady position easily. (I think both Ezra and Alison set this up i will explain it in another post ).

Beeing a victim to hide his true dedication to A/ or beeing A is genius. He could have set up Aria killing shana to gether back. it’s mad but think about this… Aria hated him because he was a bad guy, If she would become a bad person too by killing someone : It kind of rebalance thesituation. (it’s crack doubletwisted and evil I know) but it could explain why the forgiveness happened so fast.

whythe hell he needs cameras to writte a book ? It’s beyond a book and we all know that.