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You’ve maxed out your bedtime story limit, but feel free to have a complimentary kiss, though.

Adrinette Month Day 5: Coffee Shop Au 

Back to working loosely haha I enjoy it far too much 8]

He didn’t know when she started sitting there, every morning at eight, with a cup of coffee in her hands. He only knew when he started remembering her. 

Sometimes she was with someone–a friend, he hoped–but most times, she was alone, sitting contentedly with her beverage, enjoying her own company. 

He never could quite muster up the courage to go up to her–what was he going to say? “Hey, I’ve been watching you drink coffee every morning as I walk to work, how’s it going?” Yeah, that’s not a bit creepy.

So one day, when it was down-pouring, and he went his way to work, believing fully that perhaps today, he might not get to see her, he was surprised to find he was wrong. There she was, wearing a bright red raincoat–but no umbrella.

And he finally found his chance.


sooo here’s my voltron secret santa​ gift for @mkairi! Hope you like it, I tried to go for a subtle college au since it was in your top three tropes!
Also the biggest thank you to @voltron-ss for organizing this event!

A few headcanons because why not
- keith doesn’t really have a fashion sense? Like, he wears black a lot but also likes bright colors so he kind of puts everything together and doesnt bother to match anything
- his hat is a gift from lance - before receiving it he used to cover his ears with his gloved hands since they were always freezing
- lance loves musicals and yes, for anyone who noticed, the badges on their bags are a reference from be more chill because he is a nerd 
- keith is always super tired after class but when lance asked him to go for a walk in the park he couldn’t say no
- needless to say as soon as they sat on that bench keith fell asleep - but it’s okay because lance loves the way keith is able to take a nap almost everywhere 

That’s it! Wish everyone good holidays and a happy new year! 🍂



for a project where we had to recreate a piece by an inspirational artist ( ‘ 7 ‘ )b //and for @yoiauweek-2017!

more merman stuff - dragon au

“Love at first sight.”
You might need to do Right click > Open image in new tab to see details.
How Killua met Gon, and how Ladybug met Chat Noir from my Miraculous AU, which I’ve decided to call Miraculous X Hunter. :P

(Killua and Gon met real young, like in elementary school, Ladybug and Chat started working together in middle school. Killua and Gon are juniors in high school currently.)

“The first time I saw him, he was sleeping. But even still, he was the sun.”

It was the first evening Gaster had been aboard the pirate ship, reading his codex and praying he could navigate them to safety. His life depended on it now, in much more than the usual way. The quartermaster had barked an order for lights to be doused, and Gaster mentally prepared himself for the ordeal of stumbling through the darkened crew’s quarters in search of a new source of light.

But when the grumbling of his new bunkmates settled, and the hissing of doused lamps silenced, he noticed the cabin remained lit. Gaster was thankful, and nervous for whatever soul would thwart the Quartermaster’s orders… and was surprised to see a fire monster.

A fire monster, aboard a pirate ship.

The monster slept soundly, so soundly in fact that he must have been there for quite some time - perhaps before Gaster himself had descended into the quarters. He had to wonder how he’d missed seeing the monster when he’d first entered the room, let alone remaining ignorant for the time he’d spent pouring over his charts. But there the monster was.

And Gaster had to wonder, for the first time of many, why this out-of-place monster was here. Why a being so dependent on staying dry would live his life on the water.

Gaster resolved to ask one day, if he got the chance.


Guess who just walked by.

 (a smaller warm up today because my time for another piece is running out. Also I stole the outfit from @godspuppet and the teacher!AU is by @scribblrhob)


sheithy inktobers from twitter ✒️✨

The Arrangement (Part 3)

Summary: Dean reflects on your first date, and makes plans. The second date goes a little better, though Dean finds out how good your acting skills really are.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, angst, sexual implications/references (shocking, Dean’s mind is in the gutter)

A/N: Part 3! Hope you guys like it! (not my image, but this is was my Dean inspiration for this part)

Need to catch up? Part 1 - Part 2

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Kinda a WIP.

After Old Xian’s rockstar pics from the four, I couldn’t resist….
Boyband, with He Tian as the frontman…? I bet his voice is deep, raspy, smokey, sexy as fuck. (I absolutely don’t know how to draw drums or guitars or a stage, so don’t mind the mistakes, pls *laughs*)