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I hope one day, you will find sunshine in the darkness of your void. By then, you will realize that the sun was always right behind your back. You just need to shift your focus.
—  Lukas W. // Perspectives

I just stumbled on an article complaining about how much the Mystic Messenger DLC “cost” for what you get and honestly I have to sit down and do some deep breathing. I seriously cannot beliiiiiiiiiieve how entitled people have become. It’s a 2-day DLC with five stories and eight endings. Its cost? $3. If you want to pay for it, because oh that’s right you can also get it for free if you’re patient and have a few weeks. 

I swear to god. People are terrible sometimes. Three friggin dollars, THREE. And you can even get it for free. Considering otome games normally cost $20-30, never go on sale, and never release DLC or patches?? We’re being fucking spoiled by how nice Cheritz is to us, without so much as demanding money in exchange. Which would be fair. Cause, you know, they have to pay money to artists, writers, voice actors and programmers to produce the game.

Be patient with someone who’s been hurt multiple times. Just because you haven’t completely melted their cold heart doesn’t mean there aren’t any cracks in the ice.
—  Words-and-Feelings
I used to be ashamed by how deeply I feel everything, I thought of it as a punishment but when I put it into perspective I’m a writer, I feel my pain and everyone else’s and I analyse it, digest it, make it beautiful. So honestly I’m glad I am the way I am, I wouldn’t have it any other way
—  B.L letters I never sent
we all find our stories boring sometimes

@may-shepard in reply to this post:

I always feel sad when I see a writer claim that their story isn’t worth writing because they find it boring–or, as you eloquently put it, “there’s no point in writing something that doesn’t excite you, because why bore someone to death?”

I think we all find our stories boring sometimes, and there are good reasons for that, and those reasons probably have nothing to do with your story being actually boring.

As writers, our perspective is not the reader’s. We know what’s going to happen. Some of the things that pull a reader through won’t pull a writer through the process of writing. In cooking up the story, we spoil the plot for ourselves, essentially.

The pacing is off, too. Writing is tedious. It takes hardly any time at all to read a chapter, compared to the time it takes to write it.

Most importantly, I think, is to remember you are a human person with your own stuff going on, so may indeed feel all kinds of things while writing that are not matchy matchy with your story. Cut yourself some slack and know that what you’re putting down on the page is probably not reflecting your doldrums, any more than it showcases your need for a sandwich or the phone call that disrupted you while you were writing that fight sequence.

Good luck with the writing, and keep going!

I like to imagine there are two kinds of people in the world. The people who look up at the stars and think they’re beautiful, and the people who look up and the stars and can’t wait to get there
—  You decide which is better

No, you don’t get it. A woman, in my society, is raised hearing one thing all their lives - by her father, her mother, her brother, all adult extended family, random strangers she will never see again - that she should not step out of the house alone at night because some man will rape her. So unless she knows the man, she will presume that a man she doesn’t know will in all probability be capable of raping her. Of course the tragedy now is she’s getting raped by people she knows also, but who gives a fuck about that right?

So really now tell me, when I’ve been warned by all of society that I can be easily violated; that I should hide inside and that I should be weary of men, don’t you think it’s a little misleading to accuse me of misandry when actually it’s patriarchy that is anti-men?

—  the-cat / you as a man will tell your daughter, your girlfriend, your sister that every man is an asshole. But you wont tell your son, your brother or your friend that every woman is not obliged to satisfy your pleasures.
new fic meme;

send me a scene with multiple characters from one of my fics , pick a character who isn’t the pov character, and i’ll rewrite the scene from their pov!

anonymous asked:

I swear this is probably one of my favorite fanfics of all time! It´s so good! <3 Also I´m simultaneously excited for the companion fic and dreading it because the level of angst from Victor´s perspective is going to kill me (in a good way ofc), especially after the end of this chapter. He must have been devastated :(

There’s a scene that takes place immediately after Yuuri leaves in the companion fic that is probably going to be, from a writer’s perspective trying to do deep emotions justice, the hardest thing I have ever written 

and you’re on my mind
and i’d like to talk things through
i can’t quite name the taste
on my tongue
nor the sigh that escapes 
my tired and frail lungs.
but i do know that
this song
is what i feel
it’s what i pray
it’s what i write on my arms
and whistle in my clogged shower
where the waves of soapy water lap
against my ankles.

you’re on my mind
and i’d like to talk things through.
Dead Enemies - InsertImaginativeNameHere - A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Olaf considers what he learnt about Snicket being ‘dead’ and how this could be advantageous to him. Even if it is a little annoying.

Framing Melissa; Cece is the Queen of Hearts, Mona Knew

This is primarily taking from the season 3 Halloween special, 4x01, early season 5 where Mona is read herring and the current five year forward timeline. Consider this further evidence to theories that Mona is A.D.

There are two Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train, Wilden and a woman, Wilden wanted to kill Garret but the woman wanted to kill Aria while Wilden protested to this (dialogue in 3xSpecial, and video in 4x01).

In 4x01 Mona tells us the other is Melissa but the video cuts before she can prove it furthering the liars’ distrust in Mona. From a writer perspective this could be to add fire to the flames that a few weeks later Melissa is a red herring. However if Cece is still working with Mona than this may have just been a way to throw them off the scent that this might have been her.

There’s much reason to believe Cece and Mona always worked together, as Mona meets with a mysterious blonde in S5 who is never confirmed and the mystery person at the picnic table in 5x05. We could be leaving these strings to pick up for the reveal that Mona is A.D, and Charlotte’s friend in the finale. Keep in mind that Mona did call her the night she died, and fought for her freedom, they might have been real friends.