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How do you like keeping arboreals as opposed to ground living snakes? Is it a lot harder?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily harder; it just has its own set of challenges. Arboreal snakes tend to have different issues come up regarding husbandry and enrichment–for example, when I rescued my Amazon tree boa, the guy who abandoned her said she would never perch and that’s why he didn’t want her (along with the horrible mite infestation she came with).

It turned out she just didn’t like the perches he was providing her and once I gave her something that allowed her more points of contact, she started perching during the day a lot more. Animals seldom do things for no reason and part of being a good keeper is trying to troubleshoot these problems from the animal’s perspective.

Arboreal snakes also tend to behave a little differently in regards to handling. In my experience they tend to be more alert and high strung (this doesn’t necessarily mean aggressive, it might just mean you need to pay more attention to where your fingers are moving around when you handle them to avoid startling them). Treating mites on arboreals can be a bigger ordeal since I’ve found that they’re more susceptible to getting stressed by the bathing process.

I practice what I call “husbandry handling” with my ATB because she’s a slightly nervous animal who prefers not to be handled often–however, I need to be able to do it with as little fuss and stress as possible in case she ever got sick or injured and needed hands-on medical treatment. This basically means I take her out on a regular basis and practice touching gently all over her body in the ways I might need to in order to provide medical assistance, but try to make it as stress-free and short as possible. She prefers to be a hands-off pet, and that’s fine! She’s still pretty chill for an ATB and I’m grateful she’s tolerant of husbandry handling.

Holly, on the other hand, is very laid back and doesn’t mind being handled. I’ve met CBB chondros that were much more nervous and didn’t like handling at all, so this seems to be a matter of individual temperament. She had an infected tooth last year from hitting the tongs and I was able to get in her mouth to treat it with relatively little fuss and stress for her.

This got a lot longer than I meant it to, so I guess the TL;DR version is that keeping arboreals is definitely different, but not necessarily harder if you have the experience and resources to do it properly. I’ve only kept chondros and Amazon tree boas though as far as arboreals go so that’s about all I can speak for.

“Tony and Bucky were still grinning stupidly at each other, although they’d moved enough to link their fingers together.”

And then they moved a little more after the end ;) 

This is my part of the WinterIron Mini Bang, for @rothwen’s fic, And They Don’t Have a Clue, a really adorable “everyone thinks you are a couple except for you? How???” fic and you should absolutely read it! :D The other artist was @neutralchaos915 and you really need to check out her piece of art! Because it really makes you wonder how blind two people in love can actually be.

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Do you have any other Lance headcanons? For instance, in your writing for the AU there's a lot of detail about how Keith experiences their whole "rivalry" thing, but how does it go from Lance's perspective? Do you picture him as being insecure? How does that work out for him? How does he express it? If you have any headcanons along these lines, I'd love to hear about them

I’m gonna be real with you: Lance is a really tricky character for me to write. But I love him dearly because he reminds me a lot of my brother, so I’ll do my best! This is mostly from a Cardboard Castles perspective because you mentioned my AU, but most of it works in canonverse too.

  • He definitely has some insecurities. He’s quick to put the people around him on a pedestal, and then he feels inadequate next to the idolized versions of the people he cares about.
  • Take Shiro for example: He sees him as Keith’s amazing, unflappable brother who can solve all Keith’s problems. How is he supposed to compete with that and be an important part of Keith’s life? It takes him a long time to take Shiro down from the pedestal and realize he’s just as human as everyone else.
  • He’s really embarrassed by his insecurities, so when he’s feeling unsure or bad about himself, he responds by cracking jokes and acting like he’s got a handle on things. Fake it ‘til you make it and all that.
  • Needless to say, some of his confident demeanor is definitely him bluffing to cover up insecurities. But not all of it! He really does have a lot of things he likes about himself, and he’s not afraid to show it!
  • For instance, he’s a good lookin’ guy and he knows it! His beauty routines are second to none, and no one can tell him otherwise.
  • And he knows he’s funny! That’s part of why he defaults to cracking jokes when he’s feeling anxious – he knows he’s funny, so it gives him a confidence boost and puts him back in control of the situation.
  • He doesn’t really like talking about negative things in general, actually. His own or other people’s. So when the going gets rough, Lance’s first instinct is to diffuse things with a joke. You know things are really serious when Lance can’t come up with a wisecrack for the situation.

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ok potatohead, how about a redhead sebastian, with a lot of freckles (i imagine that he's always with the hoodie because he's ashamed of them), and like, nerdy glasses? I think it's gonna be freaking cute, especially in your style. (ps:i love your work) ;*

Thank you!! :’D

Tried doing perspective. Idk how I feel about it… hahah… *cries*

So is it canon? * ^ *

i want to talk about clark kent as a journalist in bvs

i want to talk about how clark became a journalist because lois showed him that it could put him where superman needed to be and how he then came to understand that it could be a way to amplify others’ voices. i want to talk about clark kent, champion of the disenfranchised and marginalized, who notices that the bat targets poor neighborhoods and is wary of why. i want to talk about “perry when you assign a story you’re making a judgement about who matters” and about how clark wants everyone, especially those society cares about the least, to matter. i want to talk about clark kent honoring the power and importance of honest and daring journalism and adamantly refusing to allow the profession to be anything less than it was intended to be. i want to talk about how he never uses his voice for himself (he doesn’t even get to speak at the senate hearing). i want to talk about how clark kent thinks our stories – as well as our lives – are more important than his own.