“In my opinion, when people are young, birthdays are maybe just a day in which others throw you a birthday dinner. However, I think one’s birthday as an adult is a day in which people should do something for those who have helped them in their life. Everyone complains when it’s their birthday, ‘why aren’t people doing things for me?’ But, don’t think like that. There are a lot of people around us who have helped us to be who we are now. We should help people like our parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, coworkers or even orphans or the underprivileged. That is much more the true meaning of birthdays. I think the word birthday (生日) means the day you live. It’s not the day you’re born, but it’s the day you live.”

“전 미성년자일 때 생일은 남이 해주는 생일상을 먹는 날일지라도 성인일 때의 생일은 나를 지금까지 있게 해준 사람들을 위해 뭔가를 하는 날이 되어야한다고 생각해요. 다들 자기 생일 때 뭐 안 해주냐고 하는데, 그러지 말고 지금까지 본인을 있게 해준 주위에 많은 사람이 있잖아요. 부모 형제들이나 친구들이나 이웃, 동료들, 혹은 고아나 불우한 사람들까지 도와주는 날…그렇게 해야지 생일의 의미가 더 크지 않나 싶어요. 생일(生日), ‘살아 있는 날’이라고 생각해요. 태어난 날이 아니라 살아있는 날이요.”