When you want something the world cannot give you, go within. It does not matter how spiritual you are, whether you meditate daily or eat green. There is a power in the seas and skies that is interested in YOU. Within your mind, call upon this energy to show itself to you. And watch as every situation and emotion gradually changes for the better. When your day starts to go right, when conversations flow, when your needs are met, when your mood is better… you know the great energy of the world has heard you.
—  Soul Fulfilled 



awash with melancholy

i ponder words like:



when a mockingbird starts singing

from not very far away


it is a cold and drizzly day

especially for the month of May


my focus shifts so suddenly

so subtly

i cannot help but wonder

how anything in this world

can sound so goddamned joyful

in the midst of all this gray


i shake my head

with the slightest of smiles


is this not a marvel?


such a tiny thing

to lift such a heavy weight


Copyright 2018 Julie L. Jones

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