The signs sleeping positions
  • Aries: will lay on their back arms spread out and likely mouth open, they like to spread out but also enjoy having something to hold or keep them from flying off the bed, so a cuddle partner is good for them.
  • Taurus: They sleep on their side either with a lot of blankets or one light blanket, no in between, when they close their eyes they are out and sleep like a log, they are a great cuddle partner and will hold you the whole night if you let them.
  • Gemini: They change positions as they are sleeping, rolling over this way and then that way, sleep isn't their favorite activity so they have a hard time falling asleep, they don't like sharing a bed and don't do much sleep cuddling.
  • Cancer: They will curl up in a ball and sometimes rock themselves to sleep, they are prone to nightmares so they love lots of blankets and pillows around them while they sleep, they love to have someone next to them keeping them warm when they go to bed.
  • Leo: Sleeps on their side, conks out after a long day and is so incredibly hard to wake up, doesn't do well sleeping with others, they are likely to kick in their sleep.
  • Virgo: The quiet sign who gets super loud when they sleep, likely to snore and move around a lot, doesn't have one position they like best, maybe on their back more, they get hot easily when they sleep so they aren't much for cuddling.
  • Libra: Sleeping on their side and drools everywhere, they move around a lot and if they get cold they curl up into the tiniest ball, they love to be held while they sleep or holding someone or something.
  • Scorpio: Sleeps on their back or stomach to start out with but turns to their side and their arms are typically pulled in very close to their bodies, they are quiet and don't move much, they don't mind sleeping with someone but probably won't cuddle you through the night.
  • Sagittarius: Sleep on their side with their arms fully out away from them and their legs all over the place, they kick a lot and do not do well with someone else in their bed.
  • Capricorn: Probably sleeps on their back, they likely snore but in a really cute way, they sometimes spread their entire body out in a stretch while they sleep, they like having someone next to them but it isn't necessary.
  • Aquarius: Snores the loudest of them all. They move around a lot while they sleep and have vivid dreams, they like soft and squishy things in their bed but not people particularly.
  • Pisces: Sleeps with their legs curled up but their arms all over the place, they sleep well and fully and wake up bright and rested, they don't need a lot of sleep during the night because they tend to nap during the day, so night sleeping is just playtime for them, for they have the most beautiful dreams, they like cuddles while they fall asleep but then they want you to move when they are sound asleep and likely will kick you off the bed by accident (Or secretly on purpose)
  • Requested by contrailing