Celebrating Person of Interest Coming to WGN and Netflix

Most of you have probably heard by now that Person of Interest is coming to WGN and Netflix US starting September 1st with the first 3 seasons, followed by Season 4 on September 22nd.
This is a great opportunity to both reconnect with each other and relive the show from the beginning, as well as drawing new viewers in.

First, we’d like to do a 3 day Twitter event starting Saturday, August 29 lasting to Monday, August 31.
Use the official Twitter hashtag (#PersonOfInterest) and tell the people out there what makes the show great. Focus on qualities you admire about the show and what you love the most about it rather than posting big plot points (also try not to spoil new people watching).
As part of our fight to get POI another season, drawing new viewers in to strengthen numbers is a very important thing to do. Also, think about how many people you always wanted to drag in - isn’t this a good time to remind them about it?

This event leads up to the second phase, where we’d like to re-watch the show together, from the beginning. As mentioned, POI arrives on Netflix US on September 1st, which is a great opportunity to review the archived footage, just like The Machine, and make good numbers for Netflix (if we want them to even consider picking it up).

If you do have the ability to re-watch on Netflix, PLEASE use it (remember, we want to get POI superb numbers). If you don’t have Netflix US, you can use a VPN called Zenmate to watch (it’s really easy to use!). And if you can only watch on Blu-ray/DVD or any other way, that is absolutely fine too. Make sure to join us on the Twitter tag, though. :)

Also, please leave POI reviews on Netflix highlighting why you love the show and why people should watch it. We really want to show them that we want a S6 of POI and this is our best chance.

So, how does it work? From September 1st we’ll watch one episode a day at whatever time suits you. We will bring the experience to the #PersonOfInterest tag in form of quotes, screencaps, live tweets, whatever you have in mind.

We would love it if you could join in and share your experience with us! :)
Keep Person of Interest Alive!
With a huge fan-base we feel that the season 5 of Person of Interest has been robbed of a decent amount of episodes. Where other shows who have worse ratings have a larger amount of episodes in the fall. We feel that Person of Interest deserve more then 15 episodes for season 5. But also that we don't want to see this series end. If it is on it's last leg we'd like to see another network or even Netflix pick it up. Just don't let it die.

​Some people have asked me when I’d close my petition and send it to WB, CBS, and Netflix. So I did close it and then opened it up after I got an email telling me that every time someone signs the petition an email is sent to these three networks. So the petition will remain open until we get an answer. So spread the word and keep Person of Interest alive!!! #PersonOfInterest


ALL-NEW #Shoot video is up! Hope y'all enjoy it :) #PersonOfInterest