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House of Reps. rejects attempt to ban gender confirmation surgery for trans troops
The Republican-led House narrowly rejected a measure on Thursday that sought to strike an Obama-era practice of requiring the Pentagon to pay for gender transition surgeries and hormone therapy.

Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives rejected a measure that would have undone an Obama-era policy requiring coverage of hormone therapy and gender confirmation surgery for transgender members of the military. 

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, the Republican legislator who authored the bill, claimed that covering transition-related healthcare would cost too much money, as well as resources in the form of troops unable to serve while recovering from surgery. 

Her awful quote: “It makes no sense to create soldiers who are unable to fight and win our nation’s wars.”

Since Oct. 1, transgender troops have been able to receive medical care and start formally changing their gender identifications in the Pentagon’s personnel system. A Rand Corp. study found that there are between 2,500 and 7,000 transgender service members in the active-duty military, and another 1,500 to 4,000 in the reserves.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis decided late last month to give the military chiefs another six months to conduct a review to determine if letting transgender people enlist in the armed services will affect the “readiness or lethality” of the force. However, the delay doesn’t affect transgender troops who already are serving openly in the military.

Hartzler, a four-term congresswoman who has been mentioned as a possible 2018 challenger to Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., has suggested forcing transgender service members out of the military services. But she backed away from her plan last month, saying she would give Mattis and other senior military leaders the room to settle personnel matters internally.

Pentagon Says Transgender Troops Can Now Serve Openly
U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter says the military is lifting a ban on transgender service members.

“Effective immediately, transgender Americans may serve openly, and they can no longer be discharged or otherwise separated from the military just for being transgender,” he told reporters today at the Pentagon. 

 As NPR’s David Greene said on Morning Edition before the policy change was announced, trans troops have been “caught in limbo.” He noted that trans troops haven’t been eligible for promotion and their colleagues were required to refer to them by their gender assigned at birth. People who transitioned before trying to enlist were considered unfit for service.“

Before this change, trans troops had to seek medical care outside the military system and pay for it themselves.

He also called this "a matter of principle. Americans who want to serve and can meet our standards should be afforded the opportunity to compete to do so.”

  • Immediately: “Starting today: Otherwise qualified servicemembers can no longer be involuntarily separated, discharged, or denied reenlistment or continuation of service just for being transgender.”
  • In no more than 90 days: “The Department will complete and issue both a commanders’ guidebook for leading currently-serving transgender servicemembers, and medical guidance to doctors for providing transition-related care if required to currently-serving transgender servicemembers. Our military treatment facilities will begin providing transgender servicemembers with all medically necessary care based on that medical guidance. Also starting on that date, servicemembers will be able to initiate the process to officially change their gender in our personnel management systems.”
  • Over the following 9 months: “[B]ased on detailed guidance and training materials that will be prepared, the services will conduct training of the force – from commanders, to medical personnel, to the operating force and recruiters.”
  • In no more than one year: “[T]he military services will begin accessing transgender individuals who meet all standards – holding them to the same physical and mental fitness standards as everyone else who wants to join the military.”

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Trump receives a medal from the king of Saudia Arabia after making an arms deal: $110 billion worth of tanks, artillery, radar systems, armored personnel carriers, Blackhawk helicopters, ships, patrol boats, Patriot missiles, and THAAD missile defense systems.

The American weapons will be used in the Saudi fight against its neighbor Yemen, where more than 10,000 people have been killed over more than two years of heavy airstrikes and fighting.


A directed-energy weapon (DEW) emits highly focused energy, transferring that energy to a target to damage it. Potential applications of this technology include anti-personnel weapon systems, potential missile defense system, and the disabling of lightly armored vehicles such as cars, drones, jet skis, and electronic devices such as mobile phones.

The energy can come in various forms:

- Electromagnetic radiation, including radio frequency, microwave, lasers and masers
- Particles with mass, in particle-beam weapons (technically a form of micro-projectile weapon)
- Sound, in sonic weapons 

I salute you weapons of mass Destruction..Interesting Documentary Enjoy ! 

This Day in Evangelion: December 27th, 2015

The Eighteenth Angel, Humanity’s attack on NERV HQ.

And, Third Impact.

At the start of the day, Misato sits tucked away in crevice in a computer room in NERV HQ, hacking into the classified files. She reads what she finds, and says aloud that she now knows the truth about Second Impact.

The files Misato is reading suddenly start to delete themselves while an alarm sounds. Misato stands up, thinking she’s been caught, but after a few seconds, realizes that the attack on NERV HQ has begun. The terminals around her go dark.

In the command center, alarms begin going off. While technicians announce the severing of their communication abilities, Fuyutsuki yells over the phone to switch into emergency conditions for the left side, and to use satellites if necessary. He asks about the right side and he is told that all outgoing data lines are inoperative. He hangs up, and wonders if the attackers are after the Magi.

Aoba reports that data entry is coming in through all nodes and that the Magi are being hacked into. Fuyutsuki says that its as he thought, and asks if its coming from Magi-2 in Matsushiro. Aoba tells him its coming from at least 5 Magi type units, verified from Germany, China and the U.S.

Fuyutsuki notes that Seele is mustering all of their forces and that 5 to 1 odds are not good. While Aoba notes the breach of more firewalls, Hyuga reports that they are unable to stop the invasion, and Maya adds that even the backup circuits cannot stop it. Fuyutsuki muses silently that if they capture the Magi, they will be able to occupy NERV HQ. He looks back at Gendo, sitting in the distance quietly.

The door to Ritsuko’s cell opens. Without being told anything, Ritsuko says she already knows why she’s being summoned, saying that its for the Magi’s self defense system. The staff member at the door confirms this and tells her to report to Maya for more details. She gets up, saying that even the woman Gendo abandoned still has some uses, and calls him egotistical.

Misato unties her hair as she walks to the command center, and calls Hyuga. She asks him for a status report, and he tells her that Tokyo-2 has issued Special Order A-801. Misato asks what that means, and her tells her that it means the abolishing of all special legal protection of NERV, and transfer of all command to the Japanese government. As he says this, Misato enters an elevator platform to the command center.

In the command center, Hyuga tells her that its an ultimatum, and that the Magi are being hacked as well. Maya gets on the phone and tells her that Ritsuko has been installing protective countermeasures. Misato ascends into the command center, and stares at them, dumbfounded that Ritsuko is the one handling it.

Deep inside of Casper, Ritsuko sets up the new firewalls. She pauses to wonder silently if she’s doing something foolish, noting that the interaction between men and women is so illogical. She looks up and asks if that’s correct, stroking the plate housing the cyber brain for Casper, calling it mother. While in there, she also alters the Magi’s programming to allow her to trigger a self-destruct sequence.

Up above, Misato asks how its going, and Hyuga tells her that they’ll just barely make it. While he continues to marvel over Ritsuko’s speedy handiwork, Misato notes silently that its not likely that they’ll let them off so easily by just trying to hack into the Magi.

Above that, Fuyutsuki leans in over Gendo and says that the Magi was only the beginning and that Seele’s main objective is a takeover over HQ and seizure of the two remaining EVAs. Gendo agrees, adding that they have both Lilith and Adam in their possession now, and Fuyutsuki straightens up, saying its no wonder the old men are so worried.

The Magi are blocked off from the hacking completely, and Maya confirms this, saying that external access is now impossible for the next 62 hours. Below, Ritsuko crawls out of Casper, and says with a smile to her mother that she’ll be seeing her soon.

Seele convenes, the members noting that a Type-666 protection has been run on the Magi, which is very difficult to breach, so they will have to forego acquisition of the Magi. Keel says that he wished that they could have resolved this peacefully, but now has no choice but to order a full scale invasion of NERV HQ.

In the woods outside of Tokyo-3, a JSSDF commander is told via phone to begin the invasion, and announces that they are to proceed with the operation as planned.

As the soldiers begin to stand from their crouched positions, VTOLs fly in from overhead while tanks and troop transports roll in on the roads. The tanks and a few missile turrets fire, destroying the surface level surveillance systems for NERV HQ.

In the command center, the technicians announce the loss of surveillance, while Aoba and Hyuga report the approach of JSSDF battalions from several directions. Above, Fuyutsuki quips that man’s final enemy is man, and Gendo orders them to go to first level battle stations. Maya is surprised by this, whispering disdainfully that the enemy isn’t an Angel, but humans like them. Hyuga points out that the enemy probably doesn’t think of it that way though.

An outside defense turret attempts to strike the JSSDF forces, but a VTOL shoots it down. Below, an armed guard stands at an entrance gate, glancing around nervously at the sounds of destruction above. A JSSDF soldier silently rises behind him, and in a quick motion, covers the guard’s mouth an stabs him in the back. As the guard bleeds out, the gates open to reveal a whole hoard of JSSDF soldiers waiting to infiltrate.

At an entry gate, a NERV soldier attempts to radio for an update. A lieutenant in a truck parked next to him asks what’s going on, and the soldier reports that communication with the southern hub station has been lost. The engine of the truck is then shot twice by high-caliber ammunition, before exploding.

The JSSDF soldiers begin pouring into NERV HQ, and in the command center, the technicians report the advance of the troops. Misato shouts that the forces on the west side are a decoy, and if their real targets are the EVAs, they’ll go after the pilots first. She tells Hyuga to have Shinji stand by in Unit-01. She then asks where Asuka is, and Aoba tells her that she’s in sickroom 303.

Misato says to put her in Unit-02 anyway. Maya says that Asuka’s sync rate hasn’t recovered yet, and Misato says that she’ll be killed if she stays there, so the safest place for her is in the EVA. Maya agrees, and orders Asuka’s sedation drip to be stopped, while Misato tells Hyuga that once Asuka is loaded into Unit-02, to have it launched in the lake. She says that it will be found quickly, but its better than leaving the EVA in its cage. She asks where Rei is, and Aoba says he’s unable to locate her. Misato says that she will be killed if they don’t find her quickly.

Rei meanwhile has removed her clothes, and floats naked in a pool filled with some kind of liquid, among several similar pools in the shape of the Kabbalistic tree of life.

Unit-02 is launched, and Misato orders them to launch Unit-01 next and position it in the GeoFront. Aoba tells her that the pilot hasn’t arrived yet, to Misato’s surprise. An image is pulled up showing Shinji’s location, curled up beneath a set of stairs, and Misato looks on in deep concern.

Partitions around Central Dogma are closed in an attempt to seal off the invaders, but the JSSDF forces blast through them, invading deeper into NERV HQ. As Aoba reports the destruction and continued invasion, Fuyutsuki marvels over the fact that they’ve committed over an entire division, and says that its only a matter of time before they take over headquarters completely. Gendo stands, and tells Fuyutsuki to take care of things up here, calling him Professor. As Gendo walks away, Fuyutsuki says he understands and tells him to give his regards to Yui.

The JSSDF blast their way further into NERV HQ and the main shaft, gunning down any NERV personnel they see on their way. In the command center, Misato looks on sternly as the technicians report on the death and destruction. Hyuga says that he prefers the Angels to this, and Misato notes silently that its no surprise, as they’re not used to killing other humans.

A female NERV staff member attempts to drag the body of a slain staff member to safety, before being gunned down by a passing JSSDF soldier. More staff members are shot down, cables are severed, and a flamethrower is utilized to kill even more NERV personnel, as the forces invade deeper and deeper.

In the command center, the worsening situation is reported, and Misato orders levels 1 and 3 to be abandoned and for combat teams to retreat. She orders  bakelite to be released in all the pipes and passages up to Section 803. Bakelite floods the passages, entombing the corpses of various NERV staff members.

Misato says that she hopes this will slow them down a bit, and Hyuga reports that Route 47 has been cut off and Group 3 is unable to advance, meaning they’re cut off from Shinji. Misato’s eye twitches at this.

Shinji sits alone beneath the stairwell, despondent.

Misato decides to retrieve Shinji herself, and preps her gun. While she does this, she says that non-combat personnel should avoid close combat, as the enemy are professionals. She says that if they are unable to fall back to Dogma, they should surrender. She leans in over Hyuga, and apologizes, asking for him to take care of things up here. He agrees, and she heads out to retrieve Shinji.

As the aerial forces continue the assault above, a JSSDF commander surveying the lake notes that this is more difficult than expected, and a sub-commander laments that they never get the easy jobs.

In the command center, Hyuga retrieves a gun from his drawer, and notes that the situation is bad, as they were never equipped with full-scale anti-personnel defense systems. Preparing his own semi-automatic weaponry, Aoba says they were only ever equipped for counter-terrorist measures at best, and Hyuga says if the JSSDF mounts a serious attack, they’re done for. Aoba notes glumly that they’ve had constant reductions in funding for anti-personnel defense measures, which means this may have been planned from the beginning, and Hyuga says its possible.

Below, there is an explosion, and the JSSDF forces burst into the command center, guns blazing. Hyuga ducks for cover, while Maya cowers under her desk. Aoba slides over and hands her a gun, reminding her to release the safety. Maya looks down at the gun, and says she can’t fire it. Aoba tells her she can, saying for her to pretend that this is training. Maya protests, saying that in her training, she wasn’t shooting at real people. A shot ricochets above them, and Aoba calls her an idiot, telling her to shoot or else they’ll die, while she looks on in fear.

Rei, still naked, stands in front of the tanks containing her destroyed clones, staring at the floating remains. Gendo approaches and calls her name. She turns, and Gendo says that he knew he would find her here. Walking up to her, he says that the promised time has come, and tells her to come with him.

Members of the JSSDF radio each other to discuss the current situation. One soldier mentions that level 2 is secure while another mentions that in the command center, they are still unable to secure the original Magi system, and that they are engaging the enemy on the lower floor. In a hallway, a NERV staff member raises his arms in surrender, but is shot in the head by a JSSDF soldier, and then shot again several additional times.

Over the JSSDF radio wavelength, it is announced that EVA pilots are to be terminated on sight, and that the unconditional execution of non-combat personnel has been authorized. Shinji remains sitting under the set of stairs. He flinches as a bullet ricochets nearby. Three JSSDF soldiers close in, and announce over radio that they’ve found the 3rd pilot and will proceed with execution. One of the soldiers puts his gun to Shinji’s head, apologizes, and tells him its nothing personal.

The soldier is shot in the head and collapses. The other two turn to see Misato running down the hallway towards them, firing her gun. They return fire, but miss in their shots. Another one of the soldiers is shot and collapses, while Misato rushes into the last one, kicking him and then pinning him against the wall and holding her gun under his chin. She says there’s nothing personal here either, and pulls the trigger, while Shinji covers his head. Standing over the slain soldier, she tells him to come with her, to Unit-01.

They relocate to a parking lot, and Misato uses a radio taken from another slain JSSDF member to listen in on their frequency. The team at the EVA launch cage reports, saying that they have the purple unit secured, and that there was no problem with the bakelite infusion. They say they are unable to locate the red one and are trying to find its launch route. Misato curses, noting that they’re trying to prevent physical contact between Unit-01 and Shinji, and that they have no time to lose.

She turns to Shinji and tells him to quickly choose between piloting the EVA or running away. Shinji does not respond. She tells him if they stay here they’ll die for nothing. Shinji quietly asks for Asuka to help him. Standing up, she asks if he’s really going to resort to hiding behind a girl at a time like this, and exasperated, tells him that running from reality, lying to himself, and doing things half-assed is the worst thing he can do. She walks over and grabs him by the arm, starting to lift him up and telling him to come on, but he simply goes limp.

She pulls harder, yelling at him to get up, but he quietly refuses, saying for her to let him die, that he doesn’t want to do anything. She tells him to stop talking like a spoiled brat and crouching down next to him, says that he’s still alive, so he should do all he can to keep himself alive now, then die afterwards.

In the command center, as the technicians in the upper level have a frantic shootout with the JSSDF forces below, Fuyutsuki frantically tells someone on a phone to forget about the command center and to give top priority to isolating Terminal Dogma. While Maya simply cowers beneath her desk, with her face buried in a pillow, Hyuga ducks down long enough to say that everything else has been destroyed, and asks why they don’t just blow up the command center too.

Reloading, Aoba notes that they’d probably like to destroy them in a single blow, if they weren’t right on top of the original Magi system. Hyuga asks if they want the Magi intact then, and Aoba notes that even in that case, they’re defenseless against biological and chemical weapons, so if the JSSDF uses those, they’re in trouble. Hyuga notes it would be bad if they used N^2 weapons, and Maya flinches.

At that moment, an N^2 warhead is dropped from above onto the lake that was once Tokyo-3. It detonates, obliterating the lake, as well as all of the armored layers covering the GeoFront, exposing it to the surface. The explosion rocks NERV HQ, and the technicians brace against the impact. As it subsides, Aoba quips about the timing, and Hyuga asks if they aren’t being a bit too extreme. Fuyutsuki smirks, noting that they’re playing too rough.

As water from the lake streams down into the newly-made opening, numerous missiles stream down into the exposed GeoFront and make direct hits.

In the command center, Maya grabs her head as the explosions rock HQ, and asks why they want the EVAs so badly.

By this point, Misato has made it to her car, and with Shinji in the passenger seat, she drives across a bridge that is located in a room with several heads and spinal columns of prototype EVA Units suspended from above, dipping down into a pool of LCL below.

Misato explains to Shinji that Seele plans to initiate Third Impact, not with the Angels, but with the EVA series. She explains that 15 years ago, Second Impact was initiated by humans on purpose, in order to minimize the damage in returning Adam to an embryonic state before the other Angels awoke. She tells him that humans were born from a being called Lilith, who is a source of life, just like Adam. She calls mankind the Eighteenth Angel, and says that the other Angels are possibilities of what humans may have become, calling them humans that rejected human form. She laments that in the end, humans and Angels had to reject each other, even though they’re all human.

Misato concludes by telling Shinji that he has to destroy the EVA series, as its the only way to stay alive. Shinji says nothing, remaining in the fetal position.

In his office in Tokyo-2, the prime minister of Japan holds a phone and says that all lines to Tokyo-3 are dead. His secretary tells him that a ballistic warhead impact was confirmed three minutes ago. He muses over the version of events he was given, that NERV was secretly researching the Instrumentality Project on its own, in a plan to annihilate mankind, and says it sends shivers down his spine. His secretary says that humans are the only species capable of hating its own kind. The prime minister says that all that is left is to take care of NERV HQ, and his secretary asks if they want China or Germany to undertake the redevelopment. He says that they won’t be taken advantage of, and says to seal it up, just like old Tokyo.

JSSDF soldiers radio to each other that surface level heat for the crater over the GeoFront has dissipated, and that initial location of all EVA units has been completed. Surveying the crater from a distance, the JSSDF commander is told by his sub-commander that Dogma level three and the purple unit have been secured. He asks about the red one, and an intelligence officer tells him that its been found in the underground lake at a depth of 70 meters, and that the pilot’s status is unknown.

In Unit-02, Asuka, curled into a fetal position, wakes up, and after a few seconds of silence, quietly marvels over the fact that she’s alive.

Depth charges are fired into the lake and explode around Unit-02. Asuka flinches against the explosions. One detonates right next to Unit-02′s head, and Asuka screams and recoils, clutching her head. Remaining in this position, she repeats over and over to herself that she doesn’t want to die, gradually getting louder and louder with each repetition. As she says this, the voice of her mother tells her that she is alive, that she mustn’t die yet, that she must live, and that she won’t let her die yet, while another voice of her mother asks for her not to kill her, and for her to die with her.

Asuka screams that she doesn’t want to die, envisioning herself as a corpse riddled with maggots, along with imagery of herself crying as a child, the stuffed monkey being ripped apart, and blood.

She sees an image of the seashore, and a remembered image of her mother smiling with her arms held out openly and lovingly. Asuka as a young child, holding the stuffed monkey, asks if this is where her mama has been the whole time. She holds out her hand to the light in the distance, and the hand of her mother reaches out from the light. She takes her daughter’s hand, which transforms into Asuka’s hand presently. Asuka lifts her head, smiling, and speaks the word “mama.”

Unit-02 activates, and a cross-shaped explosion erupts from beneath the lake.

In the distance one solider asks what’s going on, while another wonders if this means they got it. Unit-02 rises from the lake, lifting the NERV battleship on the lake over its head, causing it to crack in two places. The JSSDF fires missiles, but Unit-02 uses the ship as a shield. Asuka lets out a yell and has Unit-02 fling the ship at the turrets and tanks firing on her, which explode shortly after impact.

Inside the entry plug, Asuka smiles confidently, silently realizing now that she understands, and while dodging a barrage of missiles, addresses her mother, saying she now knows the meaning of the A.T. Field, that her mother was always protecting her, always watching over her. Above, a jet fires a missile directly at Unit-02, which catches the missile in the face. Unharmed, the EVA punches a second missile fired at it, which explodes, before the one on its face finally explodes. Aloud, Asuka says her and her mother have always been together.

Hurrying to Unit-01, Misato runs over a slain JSSDF soldier, and receives word from Maya that Unit-02 has activated and that Asuka is okay. Misato is surprised to hear this, and Shinji reacts slightly to this.

Unit-02 approaches the JSSDF forces, all of their shots bouncing off of it. A JSSDF officer yells at them to concentrate all of their firepower on the umbilical cable. The cable is severed and Asuka swears. Ejecting the severed cable, she says that even without the cable, she still has 12,000 plates of special armor, and her A.T. Field. As she says this, she deploys the Field, blocking even more shots.

She shouts that there’s no way she can lose, not against them, and has Unit-02 swat one of the VTOLs firing on her. She then has Unit-02 grab it by the tail and smash it into another VTOL. One behind her starts firing, and she has Unit-02 turn and bring a downward kick onto it, while throwing the remains of the first VTOL into the remaining one. An additional VTOL closes in and fires, but it is destroyed with a roundhouse kick from Unit-02. Unit-02 stands among the wreckage, unharmed.

Seele convenes, and Keel curses the EVA Unit, and that it stands in their way again. He says that it seems they must fight fire with fire.

Above the GeoFront, 9 numbered fighter jets close in. Beneath each is a Mass-Produced EVA Unit. The upper half of each one emerges, and then each one is loaded with a Dummy Plug that bears the name “Kaworu” on the side.

The EVA Units are deployed, and in midair, release hang-glider-like wings. They swoop in over the crater, and Asuka stares up in astonishment that the EVA series has been completed, as the nine units circle overhead.

In the command center, Fuyutsuki is taken aback that Seele has deployed nine EVA Units equipped with S^2 Engines, saying that its a bit excessive. He then realizes that this means that Seele intends to initiate Third Impact here and now.

The EVA Units land, one of them crushing two injured JSSDF soldiers in the process, and their wings recede into their backs. They straighten up, leering at Unit-02.

Meanwhile, Misato calls Asuka, leaning against her car, which has been damaged beyond the point of being operable any longer. She tells Asuka to destroy the EVA series, and that she’ll be sending Shinji up to help as soon as possible. She tells Asuka to do her best, before ending the call. She then switches the call to Hyuga, asking if they can get to Unit-01 through emergency route 20, and Hyuga tells her that they can, and that they’ve secured three separate power sources just in case. He says that as long as they arrive in the next three minutes, they can reach the cage directly.

Misato stands over Shinji, who is as despondent as ever, and foregoing words, simply grabs Shinji’s hand and drags him. Shinji stumbles for a few steps before actually walking to keep up.

Surrounded by the EVA series, Asuka coyly asks if she has to destroy them all herself, wondering if Misato remembers that she was only just recently in the hospital. She says that nine units in her three and a half minutes of remaining power equals roughly 20 seconds for each. She rushes forward then leaps into the air, coming back down with a blow that destroys the head of one of the EVA Units. Unit-02 lands, and the Mass-Produced EVA Unit falls backwards onto the red EVA. Asuka then has Unit-02 grab the unit and lift it overhead. Unit-02 breaks the other EVA’s spine, sending a shower of blood down. Asuka marks this by saying “first” in German.

Misato drags Shinji to an emergency elevator. She stops in front of the entrance, saying that this is the place, and then suddenly they are fired upon. Misato pushes Shinji forward, shielding him with her body, and runs to the elevator room. As she runs, a bullet hits her on her side.

She yelps, but only stops for a second before continuing to run. The two of them enter the room and the door closes, right before an RPG slams into the wall. The soldier who fired it says that they got away, and another soldier radios that they were unable to destroy the target and are standing by for orders to pursue. An officer radios back for them to pull back, as that area is scheduled for imminent demolition.

Inside the elevator room, Shinji stares as Misato leans against the wall, her breathing labored, blood streaming between her fingers where she clutches her side, and says that that should hold them off for a while. She turns to Shinji, smiling, and says that she’s okay, and its not as serious as it looks.

She slowly stumbles to her feet, and presses the panel for the elevator, which opens. She says that there’s still power, so they can still use it. She braces one hand on the elevator gate, then pins Shinji against the gate by putting her other hand on the other side of him. He stares at her bloody hand, and bows his head.

Looking down at him, Misato says that he’s on his own from here on, and that he’ll have to make decisions on his own, without anyone’s help. Shinji denies this, saying he can’t pilot the EVA, if it means he’s going to hurt or kill more people, as he has no right. He says that he thought piloting the EVA was his only choice, but he was only fooling himself. He says that he doesn’t understand anything and that he’s not worthy to pilot the EVA, as there’s nothing he can do for other people. He says that he did something terrible to Asuka, and that he killed Kaworu, so there isn’t any kindness in him, only dishonesty and cowardice. He says that if he can only hurt others, he’d rather not do anything at all.

Misato tells him that she won’t feel sorry for him, and that if he doesn’t want to be hurt, he should die without doing anything at all. Shinji starts to cry and Misato yells at him that crying won’t help him now. Adopting a gentler tone, Misato asks Shinji if she’s correct in saying that he hates himself, and that’s why he hurts others, because hurting others causes more pain for him than hurting himself. Misato tells him that no matter what, to remember that it was his decision, and that makes it worthwhile, because he decided that on his own. She tells him to stop lying to himself, think about what he can do, and then live with his decisions.

Shinji protests that Misato isn’t him and doesn’t understand anything about him. Angrily, Misato grabs him by the collar and asks him why that even matters, and asks if he’s going to just give up here. She places her hands on either side of his face, forcing him to look at her, and says that if he stays here and does nothing, she will never forgive him.

Her tone bordering on desperate, she tells him that no one is perfect, and that all she’s ever known is realizing a mistake after its been made and regretting it, feeling nothing but empty happiness and hating herself. She says that despite this, she felt like she grew from the experience each time. Her tone softening once again, she tells Shinji to pilot the EVA once more, to find himself, and to face the questions of why he came here and why he is still here now. She tells him to find his own answers, and once he’s found them, to come back to her. She takes the cross from her neck and places it in his hand, telling him that its a promise.

She tells him to go now, then leans down and gives him a deep kiss. She breaks away and with a smile, tells him that that was an adult kiss, promising him that they’ll do the rest when he gets back.

She opens the elevator gate and Shinji, stunned, reels backward into the open elevator. The last thing he sees before the elevator doors close is Misato smiling at him, clutching her side.

As the elevator descends, Misato slumps against the doors and collapses to the ground, leaving her blood smeared on the doors. She says that if she knew that things were going to end up like this, she would have changed the carpet like Asuka said, asking PenPen for approval on this. As her blood pools around her, she looks up and asks Kaji if she did the right thing.

A ghostly apparition of Rei stands over her, right before the very floor beneath her erupts in an explosion.

In the elevator, Shinji wipes away his tears. He looks down at his hand, seeing the blood on it transferred from the blood Misato left on his face when she grabbed it. Looking at her cross, he bursts into tears again, and slumps against the wall, sliding down to the floor while the explosion reverberates above him.

Outside, Asuka lets out a yell, and has Unit-02 dive into one of the Mass-Produced EVAs, plunging it into the water. She pins it to the ground underwater, and deploys her Progressive Knife. She has Unit-02 stab it in the head, which causes the knife to shatter as it punctures the EVA Unit’s head.

She emerges from the water, letting out another yell, and deploying a second blade from the other end of her knife. She slices another unit’s arm clean off, and pins it to the ground. The knife shatters in the process, much to Asuka’s annoyance. She yelps as the EVA Unit grabs Unit-02′s face and pushes it back. She pushes against this, pulling the other EVA into a headlock and subsequently breaking its neck.

She sees another EVA attempt to attack her from above, but she rolls out of the way, grabbing the weapon of the EVA she just dismembered. She swings it at the other EVA, blocking a blow from it, which sends the two of them reeling back. Asuka recovers, and swings again, letting out another yell.

Shinji arrives at Unit-01′s cage only to find the EVA mostly submerged in bakelite that has already dried, cutting off his access to it. He stares at this while Asuka radios in her annoyance at the EVA series and how unrelenting they are, and saying that she can’t even count on Shinji for backup right now.

She clashes blades with the Mass-Produced EVA Unit a few more times, before managing to slice into its back, disabling it.

Deep below, Gendo and Rei stand before Lilith. Sitting on the edge of the platform, waiting for them, is Ritsuko. She says that she’s been waiting for him, and stands, drawing a gun.

Up above, the severed torso of one of the Mass-Produced EVAs sails through the air, and Asuka turns from the bloody stump of the lower half to slice the leg of another unit out from under it. Another EVA leaps on top of her, pinning Unit-02 to the ground. Asuka pushes the drooling EVA away from her, positioning its head above Unit-02′s shoulder pylon, which opens and fires spikes into the other EVA’s head. Asuka grins bestially as the EVA flies backwards and collapses.

Below, Ritsuko smiles serenely, and apologizes, saying she secretly altered the Magi’s programming earlier. While Rei hides behind Gendo, Ritsuko looks up, saying that this is a daughter’s final request, and asks her mother to die with her. She closes her eyes and presses a button in her pocket.

Nothing happens. After a few seconds, she opens her eyes, and asks why it didn’t activate. She pulls out the tablet-like device in her pocket, to find that the self-destruct sequence was blocked by Casper. She gasps at the betrayal, asking how her mother could choose her man over her daughter.

Drawing a gun, Gendo begins to say to Ritsuko that he truly… yet the rest is inaudible to all but Ritsuko. Tears welling in her eyes, she smiles, and calls him a liar.

He fires, and as she falls backwards into the LCL, she gasps at the sight of a ghostly apparition of Rei floating beside her.

In the command center, Hyuga ducks below a desk and asks Maya what the situation outside is. Reading off of her laptop, Maya reports that Unit-02 will run out of power in less than a minute, and worries that Asuka won’t make it.

Outside, Asuka slams one of the EVA Units into a missile turret and snaps its neck. She shouts that she can’t lose, not with her mama watching.

Below, Shinji hears this. Once again curled into a fetal position, he muses over the words mama and mother.

Asuka rips the EVA Unit from the turret and flings it at another unit. She rushes in and shouting that this is the last one, punches through the one EVA and grabs the core of the EVA behind it. She squeezes the core as hard as she can, yelling in a feral manner, as Unit-02 counts down its last 15 seconds of operation.

She turns to see one of the Mass-Produced EVA’s weapons flying right towards her. She has Unit-02 slide its arm out of the Mass-Produced EVAs and deploys its A.T. Field to block the weapon. The weapon hovers at the edge of the A.T. Field before turning into a replica Lance of Longinus.

Asuka is bewildered by this, and then the replica lance breaks through the A.T. Field. Asuka is caught off guard and is unable to block in time. The lance plunges into Unit-02′s head. Asuka screams in pain.

Unit-02 reaches its operational limit, and collapses backwards. Asuka frantically shakes the controls and screams, as blood pours from her eye.

In the command center, Maya reports grimly that Unit-02 has powered down, as Hyuga and Aoba stare at her silently. Astonished, Maya reports a reaction being monitored inside the slain EVA Units.

One by one, the mutilated EVA Units begin to stand back up, grins on all of their faces.

Maya reports that the EVA series is reactivating, and above, the EVA Units unfurl their wings. Aoba asks if they’re going to finish her off, and the EVA series take to the air. They descend upon Unit-02, and start ripping it apart, tearing through armor and organs alike.

In the command center, Maya turns away and retches, as Hyuga asks whats happening. She says she can’t watch anymore, and Hyuga looks at her laptop. He gasps as sections of Unit-02 are shown to be torn up, and asks if that’s really Unit-02.

The EVA series grasp Unit-02′s entrails, lifting them up into the air, stretching them to their capacity, before letting them rupture. Inside the entry plug, Asuka arches her back, clutching her bleeding abdomen and gagging in pain.

She looks up, filled with hate, and says that she’ll kill them. Unit-02 awakens, entering berserk mode.

Asuka lifts her arm up, repeating over and over that she’ll kill them. Unit-02 attempts to lift its arm as well, doing so only with great difficulty. As the EVA series circles over head, Asuka watches as Unit-02′s arm raises skyward.

Hyuga asks if Unit-02 has gone berserk, and Maya pleads with Asuka to stop. Above, Asuka continues to say that she’ll kill them lifting her arm and Unit-02′s arm in tandem, until her arm splits in half.

A lance has plunged through Unit-02′s arm, splitting it down the middle. The rest of the EVA series throws their lances down into into Unit-02′s exposed organs.

Maya screams over the radio about the fate of Unit-02 and Asuka, calling desperately for Shinji. Sitting curled up still, Shinji says that he can’t pilot the EVA, and there’s nothing he can do. There is a rumble, and then Unit-01′s arm emerges from beneath the bakelite, slamming into the catwalk where Shinji is. Shinji recoils, then addresses Unit-01 as mother, surprised.

Down below, Gendo hears a rumble, and asks if Unit-01 has awakened at last. Unit-01′s eyes light up, and the NERV pyramid is consumed in a miles-high cross-shaped explosion.

The explosion separates into two massive wings. In the distance, the JSSDF commander braces against the sheer force. The sub-commander asks if its Unit-01, which the commander calls a demon.

Inside the entry plug, Shinji looks up, speaking Asuka’s name, and sees the EVA series carrying dismembered pieces of Unit-02. Shinji takes in the sight of the carnage and screams.

Below, Gendo tells Rei that he has become one with Adam, and the only way for him to be with Yui again is the forbidden joining of Adam and Lilith. Rei’s arm falls off.

Removing his glove from the hand with Adam embedded in it, Gendo says they have no time, and that her A.T. Field can no longer hold her shape. He tells her to let down her A.T. Field, the barrier of her heart, and to complement her heart, leave behind her meaningless body, and merge all souls as one. He says for her to then take him to Yui’s side. Rei closes her eyes, and Gendo reaches out his hand, placing it on her breast. Rei shudders, and then Gendo plunges his hand through her breast, and into her body. As he brings his hand lower, Rei shudders and winces more at the violation.

Rei somehow hears or feels Shinji’s screams from above, and opens her eyes, thinking of his name.

As Shinji continues to scream, Unit-01′s restraints burst off, and the wings expand into a cross shape.

On the moon’s surface, the Lance of Longinus pulls itself out and flies back down to the earth.

The JSSDF sub-commander reports the approach of an unidentified object at a high speed from the outer atmosphere, much to the commander’s confusion. He observes the Lance’s approach, as down below, Fuyutsuki expresses his great concern over the return of the Lance of Longinus.

The Lance stops just short of hitting Unit-01, its tip hovering just in front of the EVA’s neck, while Shinji does nothing.

Seele convenes, and Keel says that at last their hopes are being realized. Another member says that the original Lance of Longinus has returned as well, and another notes that they have fewer EVAs than planned, but it will have to do. In unison, the members of Seele chant for the EVA series to be returned to its rightful form, for humanity to be Evangelized and restored to its true form, and with indiscriminate death and prayers, for them to return to their original state. Keel prays for all souls to be one, and tells them to commence the sacrament.

One of the Mass-Produced EVAs drops the piece of Unit-02 it was snacking on and extends its replica lance to stab through Unit-01′s hand. Another lance stabs through the other hand, putting Unit-01 into a crucifixion pose. The EVA series clamp onto Unit-01′s wings with their mouths, and lift the EVA further into the air.

In the command center, the JSSDF forces having been neutralized, Aoba and Hyuga resume their stations. Hyuga reports that Unit-01 has been captured, and Aoba adds that it is rising past an altitude of 12,000 meters. Fuyutsuki slowly walks forward, calling Seele bastards and asking if they intend to use Unit-01 as a medium.

The EVA series rise above the clouds, then release Unit-01 and remove the Lances from its hands. Unit-01′s eyes go dark, and Shinji stares down at his own hands, his breathing heavy.

A member of Seele announces that Unit-01 has been marked with the sacred stigmata, and they chant together that it is to restore the Tree of Life. Keel says the the EVA series, their servants, have existed for this moment. As he says this, he dismisses his sound-only monolith, appearing physically before the other members.

The Mass-Produced EVAs take up a formation around Unit-01 and begin to glow, circles of light forming around them. In the command center, Aoba reports that the EVA series have activated their S^2 Engines, and Hyuga adds that dimensional values are inverting towards negative and that measurement and numerical values are impossible. Fuyutsuki says grimly that it’s an Anti-A.T. Field. The EVA series form an impression of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in midair around Unit-01′s cross.

Still beneath her desk, Maya reads off of her laptop that this data matches 15 years ago exactly, and that this is the beginning of Third Impact. Outside, the JSSDF soldiers frantically attempt to issue a retreat as the force of the Anti-A.T. Field begins to slowly overtake them, while the commander simply looks up with smile, saying that their mission has failed.

The GeoFront, and much of the surrounding area of Japan are caught in a massive explosion. Aoba reports a direct hit and the melting of the surface layers, while Hyuga adds that a second wave is excavating the periphery of the GeoFront, exposing the other hull.

While an announcement is made that the JSSDF forces have been annihilated, Fuyutsuki tells them that these are just physical shock waves, and if they set absorbers to maximum, it should hold. Above, the Tree of Life formed by the EVA series glows again.

The explosion spreads across Japan, becoming clearly visible from space, and making a formation akin to a gigantic eye.

The members of Seele say that with the purification of the red earth, bespeaking a time eternal, they must first return the GeoFront to its true form, with Keel finishing this thought. The explosion clears, and in the massive crater, the black moon of Lilith, in which the GeoFront is located, is now fully exposed.

In the command center, Fuyutsuki describes the black moon as the egg of Lilith and the genesis of human life. He says that they have no desire to return to that empty shell, but that is all up to the will of Lilith.

Down below, Gendo says that it seems to have begun, and tells Rei to take him to Yui. Rei’s abdomen begins to close around Gendo’s hand, much to his shock. Rei looks up at him, and tells him that she is not his doll.

Rei sucks in the Adam embryo, Adam’s salvaged soul, and Gendo’s entire right forearm into herself, severing it at the elbow. Gendo stumbles backwards, falls to his knees, clutches his arm and asks her why. Rei tells him it is because she is not him, and regrows her arm.

Gendo calls out to Rei, but she looks at him coldly, then turns and begins floating up to Lilith. Gendo tries to call her back, telling her to wait, but Rei tells him she cannot, as Shinji is calling. Gendo calls out again but she ignores him. Ascending to Lilith’s chest, Rei says that she’s home. A silent voice welcomes her home.

Rei approaches, and an opening appears in Lilith’s chest, sucking her in. A pulse rings throughout Lilith, and the tiny legs growing off of her recede. Gendo stares up in horror as Lilith’s hands remove themselves from the nails attaching them to the cross.

Lilith descends into the LCL below, and hunches over. Gendo continues to stare as the mask slowly falls off of Lilith, sending ripples past Ritsuko’s floating corpse.

As Lilith straightens up, her form begins to shift to a more human-looking one. As she does, Gendo says Rei’s name quietly.

In the command center, Aoba reports an unidentified high-energy source approaching rapidly from Terminal Dogma. Hyuga reports that an A.T. Field has been confirmed and that it is pattern blue. Shocked, Maya asks if its an Angel, and Hyuga says that it isn’t, that the reading is human.

Lilith phases up through the floor, having grown much larger and having assumed Rei’s form. She continues to rise, growing still, and her hand phases through Maya, who gasps, then clutches her head, shrieking in terror.

Above the clouds, Unit-01 hangs its head, and Shinji stares at Misato’s cross. He claps his hands over his face, crying and cursing. Lilith, even more gigantic now, breaks through the clouds and slumps forward.

She raises her head, her eyes merely empty sockets, and begins to reach out towards Unit-01. With his hands still clutched to his face, Shinji recognizes her form as Rei. He speaks her name aloud, and Lilith blinks, her eyes forming into Rei’s.

Shinji gasps, and screams in terror. The members of Seele chant in unison for Unit-01′s pilot to complement humankind with his imperfect ego. Keel announces that the time for the third retribution has come. Eyes appear on the wings of the EVA series, and they form a pattern behind Lilith.

Aoba reports that the A.T. Fields of the EVA series are resonating, and Hyuga adds that they’re amplifying further. Fuyutsuki wonders if they’ve begun assimilating with Rei. Grotesque forms of Rei begin to erupt from the mouths of the Mass-Produced EVAs.

Shinji reacts in silent horror at first, but as the giggling Rei faces stare at him, he is flooded with memories of Rei, and he screams again. Unit-01 screams as well, and the armor around its core bursts open.

Shinji shakes the controls frantically, screaming his head off. Aoba reports that Shinji’s psychograph reading is going down, and that destrudo is manifesting. Fuyutsuki says that Shinji’s ego probably won’t hold out much longer.

The glow on Unit-01′s core dims, and Shinji curls into a ball, chanting “no” to himself over and over, Misato’s cross dangling from his fingers. A comforting voice asks if he wants it to stop. Recognizing the voice, Shinji looks up with a smile.

Outside, the warm smiling face of Kaworu looks in on him.

Tears welling, and his form beginning to melt away, Shinji asks if that’s where Kaworu has been. The newly formed Kaworu torso on Lilith’s body reaches up towards Unit-01, while the Rei torso dangles backwards behind.

As the hands close in around Unit-01, Shinji closes his eyes, and Unit-01′s cross wings fade. The Lance of Longinus slowly approaches Unit-01′s core. Aoba reports that the solenoid graph is inverting and the pilot’s ego barrier is weakening. Hyuga adds that the A.T. Field is shifting to pattern red. Unit-01′s core opens, absorbs the Lance of Longinus and is overcome by it.

Fuyutsuki explains that the Fruit of Life is possessed by the Angels, the Fruit of Wisdom by humans, and now that Unit-01 has obtained both, it has become like a god. The merged Unit-01 and Lance of Longinus shift into a tree-like form, and Fuyutsuki says that it has been restored to the origin of souls, the Tree of Life.

Fuyutsuki wonders if it will become an ark to save mankind from the nothingness of Third Impact, or a demon that will destroy them all. He says that either way, their future lies in Shinji’s hands. Tugging on Aoba’s sleeve, Maya asks if they’ve done the right thing, and Aoba tells her dismissively he has no idea.

Several eyes open around the juncture of the Tree of Life, and Rei’s torso on Lilith switches places with Kaworu’s. Yui’s voice tells a smiling Shinji that this Rei is his heart, his very hopes and dreams. Seeing an image of breasts as his form melts away, Shinji hears Rei ask him what he wishes for.

Inside Shinji’s mind, he sees a sound stage made to look like a playground. In the distance, a swing gently sways, and Shinji says that its like back when he started playing the cello, and that he thought if he came here, he might find something.

Shinji’s younger self sits in a sandbox. Two other kids, represented by dolls, suggest that they build a sand castle. Little Shinji agrees, smiling. He builds happily, until the other kids spot their mother, a mannequin resembling Misato, and say its time to go. The kids skip off with their mother, leaving Shinji alone.

He goes to where they left, but finds a deep gap between there and the side he is on, one he cannot possibly hope to cross. Returning to the sandbox in tears, Shinji finishes building the sandcastle alone. The sun sets and the streetlights turn on, and Shinji finishes building a pyramid. Shinji stands over the pyramid, then stomps on it, and continues stomping on it, as the swing slows to a stop. Once it has been completely destroyed, Shinji sits back down and starts to rebuild it, crying the whole time.

Asuka’s voice cuts in, saying she gets so pissed off when she looks at him. Shinji envisions her laying atop him, both of them naked, as she says this, and asks if that’s because he’s like her.

Shinji sees an image of young Asuka crying for her mother, and the memory of her saying the word mama in her sleep. Shinji then remembers himself saying the same words not too long ago in Unit-01′s cage. He remembers himself looking down at Misato’s cross, and hears Misato’s voice say that she wasn’t able to be a mother for Shinji after all.

Shinji sees a view of Misato and Kaji when they were in college, both lying naked on the floor. Misato propositions Kaji, who is surprised that she wants to do it again. He reminds her that she was supposed to meet one of her college friends today, Misato slowly remembers her planned meeting with Ritsuko. She says they still have time, and Kaji says they’ve been cooped up here for a week. Misato insists that she’s starting to get good at it, and the initiate an intimate act.

Over this, Misato’s voice says that she probably did this just to prove that she existed. Shinji appears in the background, holding Misato’s cross, staring at the lovemaking with disdain. Asuka’s voice interjects that its idiotic, as its just two lonely adults comforting each other. Ritsuko’s voice notes that everyone wants to feel needed, even if its just physical. Misato’s voice says that she felt wanted and it made her happy. Asuka’s voice dismisses this, saying its an easy way to feel like you’re worth something.

Shinji, disgusted, asks if Misato really does this kind of thing, and Misato’s voice says that this is also her, melting into someone else’s heart, this is the version of herself that Shinji doesn’t know. She says that reality involves pain, but you have to accept it.

The view shifting to Misato’s apartment, Asuka wonders mockingly if she’ll be like Misato when she grows up. The view briefly returns to Misato and Kaji’s lovemaking, before Shinji remembers when Asuka asked him if he wanted to kiss. However, his reply is replaced with another memory of Misato from the day before that, saying that they mustn’t. The memory of Asuka asks if he’s afraid, and the memory of Misato says that stuff isn’t for kids. The memory of Asuka approaches, saying she’s ready, but this time, when she reaches Shinji, she says that he doesn’t understand anything, and tells him to stay away from her.

He tells her he does understand, she calls him an idiot, saying he doesn’t understand, and kicks his leg. She asks if he really thinks he can understand her or help her, and calls him arrogant for that, saying he couldn’t possibly understand her. Shinji asks how he could understand her if she doesn’t say anything. Remembering all the times she turned away and shut herself away from him, he says that she doesn’t say anything, doesn’t talk to him, so its impossible to understand her.

The view shifting to the train car at sunset, Rei asks Shinji if he ever tried to understand. Shinji insists that he tried. Asuka calls Shinji an idiot, and he relives the moment when he masturbated over Asuka the day before. She tells him that she knows all about his jerk-off fantasies, and implores him snidely to do it again like usual, and that she’ll even watch. Back on the train car, Asuka stands over Shinji, her chest thrust in his face.

She tells him that if he can’t be hers completely, then she doesn’t need him. Shinji pleads with her to just be nice to him then. Misato, Asuka and Rei, superimposed over each other leaning in intimately, insist in unison that they are nice to him. Shinji calls them liars, shattering that image.

As images of the three women, naked and smiling, appear around him, Shinji insists that they just hide behind smiles and keep things ambiguous. Rei says its because the truth hurts them all, because it is distressing. Shinji says that ambiguity makes him insecure, and Rei says that’s just an excuse.

Shinji stumbles forward and insists that it makes him afraid he won’t be needed someday, that it makes him uneasy and worried. He pleads with them to let him hear their voices, to interact with him, to care about him. Shinji turns to see Misato, Asuka and Rei simply staring at him from a distance.

Recalling the morning he told Asuka that Kaji had died, Shinji approaches a downcast Asuka sitting at the table in Misato’s apartment. He says he wants to help her in some way and stay with her. Without looking up, she says for him then to not do anything, to not come near her anymore, as all he does is hurt her. He leans in next to her, asking her to help him, as she she’s the only one who can. She looks up at him, and calls him a liar. Shinji gasps at the look of absolute, cold hatred in her eyes.

He backs up as she stands up, insisting that to him, anyone will do. She backs him against a wall, saying he’s afraid of Misato and Rei, as well as his mother and father, and that he’s only using her as an escape because its the easiest way not to get hurt. Shinji pleads with her to help him, and she says that he never really liked anyone.

Shoving him hard, she says he’s all he has, and he never even learned how to like himself. PenPen watches from a distance, as Shinji knocks the coffee pot over as he falls, spilling coffee on the floor, and landing in the puddle. Asuka looks down at him with disgust, and calls him pathetic.

Shinji lies there for a few seconds, then slowly gets to his feet, pleading over and over for someone to help him. He approaches Asuka, and stumbles. He catches himself on the table, then angrily knocks it over, making PenPen flinch. Working himself into hysterics, Shinji picks up a chair, knocks away another chair, then throws it at Asuka’s feet, all while pleading not to be left alone, abandoned, or killed. Asuka simply looks down at him and says no.

Shinji pauses for a second or two, then his hands dart forward, seizing Asuka around her neck, to her surprise. He lifts her off her feet as he strangles her.

Images appear of Naoko Akagi strangling Rei I, and Unit-01 strangling Unit-03 appear alongside him as he does so.

Over a series of disturbing children’s drawings, the titles of every episode, and blurry memories overlaid atop each other, Shinji says that no one understands him. Rei tells him that he didn’t understand anything. Shinji says that he thought it was supposed to be a world without unpleasantness or uncertainty, and Rei tells him that was only because he thought everyone else was like him. Shinji insists angrily that his feelings were betrayed, and Rei tells him that he misunderstood from the start, that he assumed without asking.

Seeing ranks of red humanoid figures marching, Shinji says that nobody wants him, so everyone should just die.

Over images of hands, Rei asks him if that’s so, then what are his hands for.

Seeing the red humanoid figures suspended around a dark shape, he says that no one cares whether or not he exists, and that nothing will change, so everyone should just die.

Over images of hands touching something, for both loving and violent purposes, Rei asks him then what the heart is for.

Seeing an ocean of the red humanoid figures, Shinji says it would be better if he wasn’t here either, so he should die too.

Over images of his arrival in Tokyo-3, Rei then asks why he is here.

Shinji sees an image of his younger self when he was abandoned by Gendo, and asks if its okay for him to be here.

The only answer he receives in silence.

Shinji screams, seeing a series of blurry images of himself frantically scribbled over in black, his ego breaking down to nothing.

In the command center, Hyuga announces that the Shinji’s response has infinitely approached zero, and Aoba adds that the EVA series and the GeoFront have passed through the E layer and are still rising. As the black moon rises over the surface of the earth, Hyuga reports that the EVA series is still active, and Aoba reports that Lilith’s Anti-A.T. Field is expanding further and materializing. Fuyutsuki simply stares at the visual output of the view from the GeoFront.

Beneath the black moon, the Anti-A.T. Field spreads over the entirety of Japan, and from it, Lilith manifests in a much, much larger form, rising up from the earth’s surface.

She cups her hand around the black moon, and begins to straighten up. Hyuga reports that the Anti-A.T. Field has exceeded critical limits, and Aoba adds that if it continues, individual life-forms will no longer be able to maintain their separate entities. Meanwhile, Maya has gone back to cowering with the pillow over her face. Outside, Lilith unfolds 12 wings from her back, as the Anti-A.T. Field spreads across the globe.

Fuyutsuki says that the Chamber of Guf has been unsealed, and asks if it means that the door to the world’s beginning and end has finally been opened. Openings appear on the palms of Lilith’s hands, and the souls of the recently deceased in the GeoFront begin to gather around the black moon.

Several ghostly apparitions of Rei stand over the corpses of all the NERV personnel and JSSDF soldiers slain in the GeoFront, and their corpses begin to melt into LCL.

Rei says that this world is overflowing with sadness, that people are surrounded by loneliness and that emptiness fills their hearts. As she says this, she turns Ritsuko’s corpse and the remains of Misato’s body into LCL.

Hyuga backs away, frightened at the sudden appearance of Rei crouched gingerly on his desk, giggling. He seems about to scream as her hands gently clasp either side of his face, but his expression softens as Rei takes the form of Misato, leaning in to embrace him. She leaps onto him, and he begins to wrap his arms around her.

He then dissolves into LCL.

Aoba cowers under his desk, crying and hyperventilating as an army of Rei clones lean in behind him. One places a hand on his shoulder, and he lets out a cry.

He then dissolves into LCL.

Looking up and smiling, Fuyutsuki wonders if Gendo was finally able to meet Yui again too. Rei descends from above, and takes the form of Yui. She cups her hands around his head tenderly.

He then dissolves into LCL.

Maya sits at her laptop, her hands shaking, seeing that all of the A.T. Fields are disappearing. She wonders if this is the answer, what she was searching for. A pair of hands appear from behind her, and gently rest upon her’s, calming them.

Maya gasps, and the hands quickly type on her keyboard. Maya turns, smiling, to see Ritsuko. She happily cries out her joy over seeing her sempai, and Ritsuko pulls her into a hug, which kicks her laptop away, and says her name softly.

Tears welling in her eyes, Maya hugs Ritsuko back, calling out sempai euphorically, before turning into LCL. Her severed hand rolls over the screen, onto which, “I need you” has been typed.

One by one, the Seele monoliths disappear. Keel looks up, smiling, saying that the beginning and the end are as one. He says that all is as it should be, before dissolving into LCL, leaving behind the many cybernetic parts that constituted much of his body.

Gendo lies on the floor of Lilith’s chamber, saying that he waited so long for this moment, to be with Yui again. She stands over him, smiling, as he says that when he was with Shinji, he would only hurt him, so it was better for him to do nothing at all. Yui concludes that he was afraid of Shinji, and Gendo admits that he didn’t believe he could be loved by others, or that he is worthy of love.

Kaworu appears, standing over him, and says that he was just running away, that he simply rejected the world before he could get hurt. Yui says that he was afraid of the invisible, shapeless barriers that separate people, and Rei appears, saying that because of this, he just closed his heart to others.

Seeing himself grasped by a demonic version of Unit-01, Gendo says that this is his retribution, and asks Shinji to forgive him. At that, Unit-01 leans in and bites off Gendo’s head.

As Gendo’s headless body stand in the distance, Rei II picks up Gendo’s glasses, and Reis I, II and II stand side by side.

Above the earth, the Mass-Produced EVAs plunge their lances deep into their cores, piercing themselves all the way through, letting out cries of ecstasy at their demise.

Across the globe, humanity lets out a cry in unison as the A.T. Fields of all humans break down, and all souls are released. The earth turns red and becomes littered with cross-shaped explosions.

The EVA series hang limp in the air, as the souls all race towards the black moon, to be gathered around it before travelling into the openings in Lilith’s hands, while Lilith looms over all, gravity pulling her head back.

The Tree of Life containing Unit-01 and Shinji descends. A third eye appears in a vagina-like opening on Lilith’s forehead, and the Tree of Life plunges into it, subsequently sinking into Lilith.

Inside Lilith, Shinji looks up with a gasp and sees several streams of glowing white Reis swimming around. Unnerved, he says Rei’s name softly. He recalls the image of the tank of Rei clones looking at him, but their faces quickly shift to Shinji’s face.

With the impression of being slapped, Shinji sees a series of memories overlaid with an increasingly violent filter. Amidst this, he hears a variety of everyday sounds, a female voice moaning in ecstasy, derisive laughter, and several voices he knows saying many of the hurtful things humans say to each other (I hate you. I wouldn’t be caught dead with you! Don’t get me wrong… Do you really think I could ever like you? You have nothing to do with my life anymore. Get away from me! … and don’t call me anymore! Stubborn bastard… Don’t follow me around anymore. Your type makes me sick! I’m sorry… We’re nothing more than friends. Annoying bastard… Why don’t you learn to give up? There’s no way I’d ever go back to you. I HATE YOU! Go away! It’d be better if you’d never been born. Dammit, get away from me! I hate you! You’re a pain in the ass! Wimp… )

This fades away and Shinji sees himself lying on his back, amidst water, with a silhouette of a swing overlaid. The moaning continues, and Misato leans over him, smiling and says that if its painful, he can stop. The image of Misato changes to one of Rei, who tells him that if he doesn’t like it, he can run away.

Over a series of superimposed sexual imagery, Misato asks if he wants to be at ease, to feel at peace, to become one with her and have their body and souls become one. Asuka interjects that she’s rather die than be with him.

(Events depicted in episodes 25′ and 26′. A full timeline of the events depicted in Evangelion can be found here.)