7 dollars for an EMOTE???? *aggressively pulls my wallet out of my backpack* IT ISNT EVEN A FUCKING *violently unfolds my wallet* EVENT EMOTE???? THIS HAS NEVER *slips my debit card out of my wallet* BEEN IN THE GAME??? I DONT *angrily types in my debit card info into mogstation* UNDERSTAND?????


After School Club(Ep.253) K.A.R.D(카드) _ Full Episode _ 280217

(NASA)  Galaxy of Horror - 55 Cancri e

Strange things transpire in the twilight zone, and stranger still is the two-faced planet with a molten, lava-filled dayside and a nightside plunged into permanent darkness. You might think you’d survive in the twilight or “terminator” zone, where the day and night sides meet…but it’s more likely you’ll be toast.

PLANET TYPE: Super-earth                DISCOVERY DATE: October 2004
MASS: 8.08 x Earth                              PLANET RADIUS: 1.91 x Earth
ORBITAL RADIUS: 0.01544 AU            ORBITAL PERIOD: 0.74 days
ECCENTRICITY: Unknown                   DETECTION METHOD: Radial Velocity