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Allen & Tim | The cute friendship |
Dedicated to my awesome Pri bby! @allenswalkers ♥ (๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

Imagine Lestat stuffing his shirt with pillows, then going up to Louis saying that he was ‘Pregnant’
Louis would be so done

BONUS!: Lestat would be all over him, joking about cravings and saying how bad it feels, as Louis is poker-faced

Then Lestat rubs his pillow stomach and says 'touch the baby, Louis, it is yours~’ and it results in a hard punch to the stomach from Louis.

gente. GENTE eu morri de rir com isso. sim, esse é o meu senso de humor. eu rio de gargalhar dessas coisas, é ridículo.

Isso foi um request e eu vou marcar a pessoa na versão em inglês c:


Translation under the cut and english version (with a different pickup line) here

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pcrtytime  asked:

"Do robots fart?"

                                                         good question. in short, no.
     in a more detailed explanation: negative. however, if robotics were in fact enabled to expel pockets of gas from their internal builds from the anal district, we are certain that they would indeed smell like roses. from this robot, in particular. but as far as we are scientifically aware, it is false. robots do not fart. but they do – at times – relieve toxic clouds of smoke. do not inhale. if inhaled, please contact your doctor / a poison doctor  immediately and seek professional treatment. 

                                                                                      thank you.


                                ❝ —  why, if it isn’t my ol’ pal,    L  U  I  G  I   !  !
                                                      or is it…  
BABY luigi?

                                                                                     …i can’t tell the difference. —  ❞