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bastet · goddess of cats, fire and pregnant women

Bastet was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home and pregnant women. According to one myth, she was the personification of the soul of Isis. She was also called the “Lady of the East”. As such, her counterpart as “Lady of the West” was Sekhmet. The goddess Bastet was usually represented as a woman with the head of a domesticated cat. However, up until 1000 BC she was portrayed as a lioness. Bastet was the daughter of Re, the sun god. It may have been through him that she acquired her feline characteristics. When Re destroyed his enemy Apep, he was usually depicted as a cat. As portrayed as a cat, she was connected with the moon

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So flug a demon, what kind of demon is he and does he have powers?

He’s an Eldritch, a young one though and therefore pretty weak, especially in comparison to someone like Blackhat. Mostly he’s immortal, his other powers won’t manifest until later. And fun enough, an Eldritch’s powers is baised on what they surround themselves with for the first 1,000 years of their lives, so Flug’sprobably to end up with tec/machine biased powers. He’d be the first.

There’s honestly no standard for an Eldritch, every single one is different than every other one- appearance, powers, tastes. Though they mostly share a origin story; Take Pure Evil, Manifest it in a Physical Form, and you’ve got an Eldritch. Flugs story is… a bit different. 

A cult, seeking to create one of these Horrors for themselves, attempted to sacrifice a brilliant young man. He died. But the Eldritch they created took on the young mans apprentice and personality. and therefore, his sense of Being Human. 

Flug likes to pretend he’s human.

Flug’s basically the personification of:

Demecia: So what do you wanna eat?
Flugs inner monologue: THE SOULS OF THE INNOCENT
Flug: A bagel

so to the surprise of absolutely no one, i’m writing yet ANOTHER new fic. it’s wacky and ridiculous and i’m just so in love with the dynamics between the main characters that i had to draw a little something for it!!

ft. (left to right) the personification of Death junhui, shady dealer of human souls jihoon, cheerful dead childhood friend soonyoung, and the hero of the story wonwoo!

bonus: check out the speedpaint for it here!

Umineko Ramblings: The Structure of The Umineko Universe

Since there’s a lot of confusion in this regard I’ve tried to come up with a graphic and an explaination on the Umineko universe. Note that there’s no clear explanation about it through all Umineko and that this is a fantasy world so, when Ryukishi created it, he made up its rules.

This is how I understand it. As usual I might be wrong so you’re free to reject my interpretation and make up your own.

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Without a Mask: Oliver Queen and the Arrow

I blame @missmudpie for this. Wholly and unreservedly. 

She has this beautiful speculation theory about the proposal and what the real proposal should entail. It’s right Here

But this sentence stuck out to me 

I’ve always thought that the Arrow/Green Arrow persona doesn’t really take over until the hood is up.  When it’s down, even if the rest of the suit is on, he’s Oliver, perhaps the truest iteration of Oliver ….  This is why the hood is down when he saves Felicity from the Count

I want to go through the seasons and identify the times when Oliver was truly Oliver when interacting with Felicity,  the pure personification of his soul, Oliver Queen and the Arrow combined. 

Or when the suit was on but the hood was down.

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How They Kiss: Nohr Family

So this popped up in my head at like 6 in the morning and I just had to write it down!! I wanted to give some of the ladies some of the love as well.  I might do a Hoshido version but I’m going to prioritize the NSFW headcanon requests first XD. Joker’s NSFW Headcanon will be coming probably tomorrow sooo look forward to that smut <3

For more headcanons, click here! For a status on upcoming works, click here!

❤️ Marx is intense and hard, the way he pulls you into his strong arms, hoping to take you away from prying eyes, away from lustful men, away from the dangerous enemies he had. He wills himself to become your shield against the world. Pressing against you so that all you can sense is the feel of his hard muscles, heavy breathing and his distinct smell of polished leather and metal. Large hands grasp your body tightly almost to the point of bruising–he can’t let you go, what if you were to disappear from his side forever? He wouldn’t allow it.  As a practiced man of war, his kisses were battles that he was advantaged to win, making the first attack by penetrating your mouth with his tongue and slowly breaking down your defenses with how delicious he tasted–like the caramel candies he used to give you when you were a child. Yet you fight back–You are a warrior trained by the Crown Prince of Nohr, you can’t just give in!–pushing back against his lips, returning with your own attack of tongue and biting. Alas, you find yourself melting into his embrace, helpless against his practiced assault as you make sweet moans of mercy that becomes his rallying cry.

❤️ Camilia is dangerous with how her sweet honey gaze ensnares you into her seductive trap. You are her precious husband and you know you would kill to protect each her happiness. Yet when she comes for a kiss, she kills your resistance with her feminine allure. Pressing her generous bosom against your back, her womanly curves, sweet smells and soft touches envelope you in temptation. She never kisses first– oh no, she makes her prey come to her. She pets your hair, caresses your arms and whispers such wondrous filth into your ear that your imagination goes wild. There was no way your resolve could hold. You turn around to grasp her by her waist, pulling her in for a kiss. She purrs in delight as you nuzzle her neck, trailing kisses and bites up her throat before you finally delve deep. You embrace her mouth with eagerness to taste the rich chocolate that was her and she moans in appreciation. However, never mistake her for being a submissive woman. Once she has you by the tongue, she presses you against the wall, holding you there so you can’t escape. She ravages you mercilessly, giving no rest under the assault of her kiss. You can barely breathe or think of anything but of her pleasurable presence and you find that it suites you. She commands you, body and soul and you would not have it any other way. 

❤️ Leon is lethal in his execution of romance. He doesn’t flirt, no– he seduces. It starts off slow with a mischievous smile as he trails his methodical fingers across your waist, over your breasts and around your neck. He learned the weaknesses of your body ages ago, studying and worshiping your body diligently through the many nights in your marriage bed. He doesn’t stop caressing until you whimper, begging him for he pleasure that only he can give and he smirks at your submission. He catches your cheek and forces you to look into his eyes, wanting to see the arousal in your face before pulling you in. And he doesn’t just kiss, no– he devours. You are his–no one else, no one can ever make you feel this way, he won’t let you even try, you can’t escape him. He bites, marks and sucks your lips, neck and breasts, each lovebite is proof that you are his. He is a conquerer, demanding to spoil the riches of your body, marking it as his territory. He doesn’t stop until he reaches his limit, the breakpoint where if he didn’t stop, he might take you right there and then. Pulling back, leaving only a line of spit to connects you to him, he wipes his mouth before he places one last kiss on your forehead. Eyes still clouded with overwhelming desire, he strokes your cheek, “I hope you look forward to tonight, my wife.”

❤️ Elise is the personification of joy and warmth whose sight soothes the soul and body. When she sees you, her entire face lights up with such utter happiness that every hurt and sadness in the world melts away. She runs into you, hugging you tightly in hopes in expressing her feelings. Looking down at her, you see her smile with such joy that you can’t help but to lean down and place a soft kiss on her cheek. When you pull back, she huffs with childish impatience, “Only on the cheek? No, no, no!” She jumps up and pulls you down by the collar, pressing her lips onto yours. Catching you by surprise, you try to pull away but she holds you tightly in her embrace and slowly, you relax into her warm kiss. She tastes like warm sugar cookies and vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. Feeling the warmth of her devotion, you wrap your hands around her, wanting to hold that precious love that only you possess. Whether it’s on the battlefield in the middle of a war or in the palace during peacetime, through her kiss you promise to yourself that you will always protect her innocent smile. As she lets go of your collar, she giggles at your blushing red face, proud that she was able to express her love to you. “I love you so much!” she declares loudly, unaware of the inappropriateness of the time and place but you can’t help but to smile at her adorable charm. 

[Over the Garden Wall Theory] The Unknown and The Beast

Anyone who has not read the TV Tropes page, it is a very good read (I read it after finishing this post).

The Unknown and The Dark Forest

The Unknown is a strange part of the afterlife, where people exist. They “live”, making families and friends. The Dark Forest is a section of the unknown, with a few unique characteristics. 

Finding Things in The Dark Forest:

If you lose your way in The Dark Forest, you will turn into a Edelwood tree.

It seems like The Dark Forest also works in a mysterious way. In The Unknown (Episode 10), Beatrice was able to find Gregory in The Dark Forest. In the same episode, Wirt was also able to find Gregory. Gregory was also able to find spider web on a stick and a golden honey comb. So perhaps, if you search for something in The Dark Forest, you will find it. This becomes an important mechanic in this theory.

The Beast (No way this entire section is complete)

The Beast is a monster whose soul is inside the Dark Lantern, which he keeps lit with the souls of children lost in The Dark Forest.

Further Explanation of The Beast

He lurks out there in The Unknown
seeking those who are far from home
hoping never to let you return
ooooh better beware
ooooh the beast is out there
ooooh better be wise
and don’t believe his lies
for once your will begins to spoil
he’ll turn you to a tree of oil
and use you in his lantern for to burn

Tavern Keeper
Songs of the Dark Lantern, Episode 4

It’s well-known that Edelwood trees used to be souls, everyone in the Tavern probably knows, judging by their reaction to Wirt’s mentioning of The Beast.

The beast knows your presence, ready to claim you! As part as his Dark Forest.
Only if you give up… Keep high in both body and spirit and you shall be safe from him
fall ill or lose hope and your life shall pass into his crooked hands

The Ringing of the Bell, Episode 7

I can’t explain why The Woodsman claims he didn’t know that “this was where the Edelwood trees came from” (The Unknown, Episode 10).

In The Unknown (Episode 10), The Beast says,
You see, Woodsmen? All who perish here will become trees for the lantern

The Beast
The Unknown, Episode 10

Any lost souls who has lost their will, they will become trees. It’s a subject where the songs, the Woodsman, and The Beast all agree. However, with these sources, never does it mention children being the sole source of Edelwood trees. So, anyone can become an Edelwood tree once their “will begins to spoil” in The Dark Forest, not just children.

Who is The Beast?

You just have some weird obsession with keeping this lantern lit. It’s almost like… Your soul is in this lantern

Wirt to The Beast
The Unknown, Episode 10

[Gregory] will burn nicely in the lantern…

The Beast
The Unknown, Episode 10

There’s currently 3 lost humans in The Dark Forest: Wirt, Gregory, and the Woodsman’s Daughter. He needs lost humans to light his lantern. They must perish.

But what of the lost who have kept their will?

You can always find things easily within the forest, but maybe The Beast is the personification of those lost within the forest. Those who don’t have a purpose in life. Those who are weak-willed.

But why does The Beast want the Woodsman to light the lantern? There’s 2 explanations:

  1. The Beast is plotting
  2. The Beast cannot touch the lantern (My friend thought of this, I’ll go into evidence of this at the end)

We’re gonna stick with #1 for now, #2 makes no sense yet.

The Beast’s Plot

What is The Beast’s plot? The Woodsman’s daughter becomes lost in the forest and The Beast gains strength. When The Beast fights the Woodsman, he loses (I think he loses legitimately). But he tricks the Woodsman into thinking his daughter’s soul is in The Dark Lantern (Technically true if The Beast personifies the lost in The Dark Forest). The Woodsman thinks he has found his daughter. He stops looking for her and keeps The Dark Lantern lit.

Woodsman: Begone, Beast! I fought you for the lantern before and I’ll fight you again.
The Beast: No need for violence, Woodsman, but be sure to keep [The Dark Lantern] lit or your daughter’s flame will go out.. Forever.

Dialogue between the Woodsman to The Beast
Songs of the Dark Lantern, Episode 4

The Beast needs to keep the Woodsman busy to stop him from looking for his daughter. So he can gain strength and take The Dark Lantern.

This day comes when Wirt and Gregory enter The Dark Forest. Is The Beast strong enough to defeat the Woodsman through the series? Probably yes. The Beast’s power has just grown 3-fold.

In The Unknown (Episode 10), The Beast fights the Woodsman. The Beast defeats the Woodsman as a result of more lost humans. Then he offers Wirt the opportunity to bear The Dark Lantern. Why? (Again, 1. Plotting and 2. The Beast cannot touch the lantern)

But what if Wirt takes The Dark Lantern? The Beast gains strength from Wirt as a lost child and Wirt keeps The Dark Lantern lit. Gregory is also a lost child, so The Beast gains enormous strength, while keeping The Dark Lantern lit.

It’s in The Beast’s best interest for Wirt to keep The Dark Lantern lit.

But what actually happened?

This is the strongest evidence of The Beast being the personification of lost souls…

The Woodsman: Stop! You’ll never see your daughter again, Woodsman! Are you ready to go back to that empty house? No! Woodsman!
Wirt: Goodbye, Beatrice…
Beatrice: Goodbye, Wirt…

Last moments of the brothers in The Unknown
The Unknown, Episode 10

When he died, those lost were returned. The Woodsman’s daughter has returned, then Wirt and Gregory were sent back.

Here’s a counter theories:

1. I read a theory where the Woodsman’s daughter returned, but the Woodsman did not. In effect, the Woodsman was lost in the forest, keeping the lantern lit, and his daughter was home safe! But, the chimney of the house was not lit and it appears she had just recently returned.
2. Wouldn’t his daughter want to “Find” home, so she wouldn’t be lost anymore?

This is a bit of a stretch, but the Woodsman stopped The Beast from claiming the brothers. Without the Woodsman stopping him, The Beast may have quickly claimed the lost Woodsman’s daughter. Otherwise, maybe you can only find people and things, not places in The Dark Forest. It’s a bit farfetched and it’s one of the only things I can’t explain.

Now what?
The Beast is the personification of lost souls and the souls have been returned, what does it mean? It means that with another passing lost soul, The Dark Lantern may become relit. I mean, someone needs to chop the Edelwood Trees in The Dark Forest, right?

Other Theories:

The Beast is not tangible:
There’s a lot of evidence to support this.

The Beast is the result of the forest’s night air. Throughout the series, we rarely see The Beast touch anything. It’s entirely possible that The Beast is The Dark Lantern corrupting those who see its light. Through the show, we see The Beast reaching for The Dark Lantern, but never touching it. Even in the hands of the Woodsman, about to blow it out, he tries to corrupt the Woodsman instead of taking it away.

During the fight with the Woodsman, we never see The Beast attacking the Woodsman. We merely see The Beast avoiding the Woodsman’s every strike. In fact, he mostly sings in an operatic voice while getting others to do his deeds.

I do as he commands, the voice of the night, the beast of eternal darkness

Lullaby in Frogland, Episode 6

Even to Adelaide, The Beast is merely a voice of the night.

What are you doing? Ahh, the night air is poisonous!

Lullaby in Frogland, Episode 6

So if this is true, he likely cannot fill his lantern and he needs the Woodsman to fill his lantern for him since Adelaide (his servant) cannot go outside. 

So yes, this theory is this: The Beast is a spirit of the night’s air of whom Adelaide is sensitive to sensing. In this theory, The Beast is truly evil. Don’t believe his lies and Adelaide cannot be trusted.

In fact, The Beast doesn’t touch anything until he gives Gregory a cup at the end. Even then, he doesn’t hand the China Cup to Gregory. He drops it on the floor. Curious.

That’s all for now. I also have theories about Death and Gregory, next time!

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i was thinking of voice actors for my dæmon (aka animal personifications of your soul) characters for my fic and it dawned on me: will beck. Will beck as a snarky, sarcastic fucking bird of prey. Boom. (Also the character's brother's dæmon is voiced by Charlotte Salt. Amazing.)

nice. how can you tell what your dæmon is? id like to find out mine. xx

if you met the personification of your mind, would you be friends with them? if they spoke to you the way you speak to yourself, would you ever talk to them again? would you let them offer you advice? how far would you trust them?

if you met the personification of your soul, of who you are on your best days, would you want them to stay? would you forgive them for being flawed because you know they are trying? would you try and help them be whole or would you tell them to get it over? would you love them, even broken?

Hellenistic Gold, Garnet and Emerald Butterfly Necklace, 2nd Century BC

The butterfly is by no means simply a decorative motif, but a symbol of eternal love. It represents Psyche, the personification of the soul, with whose beauty Eros himself fell in love. Psyche is usually represented as a young girl with small butterfly wings. This subject is known in late Hellenistic jewelry, and there are several necklaces that refer to it. The closest parallel is a butterfly necklace from the Olbia Treasure, now in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore. There are also other butterfly necklaces, one in the Kofler-Truninger Collection, allegedly from southern Russia; another from Chersonesus, in southern Russia; and a third in the British Museum, London, reportedly from Italy. Similar in composition and style are a necklace from Palaiocastro, Thessaly, in the National Museum, Athens and another from the Artjukhov Barrow in southern Russia.


Charon, the ferryman of Hades,

he was the son of Nyx (the personification of night) alone, sometimes of Nyx and her brother Erebos (the personification of darkness). It was Charon’s duty to ship the souls of the newly deceased over the rivers Stxy (and Acheron), that divide the world of the living and the world of the dead. His wage was an obolus, a coin, that was placed in the mouth or on the eyes of the deceased. Souls, who could not pay the fee, or those whose bodies were left unburied, had to wander the shores for one hundred years

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so since you're on the whole 'defend chara' boat, how about that time they pretty much commited genocide, you know, after the genocide run?

Except that at every moment in the no mercy ending besides the last five minutes, you are the one who is doing everything. You, the player. Frisk. It’s not Chara controlling your actions when you kill the populace of Snowdin, when you cut down Papyrus, when you meet Sans. That’s all your doing, for the entirety of the no mercy run.

Yes, during the no mercy run, Frisk influences Chara. Chara influences Frisk. You know when else Chara influences Frisk? During the entirety of the pacifist run. During the entirety of the neutral run. Chara is there, with you, and is heavily implied to be the writer/narrator of all the white flavour text in the game, guiding Frisk, helping them with puzzles, helping them to understand how the underground works and helping them to understand the goals and fears of the main characters, helping YOU understand. With love and compassion and trust. Never violent, never malovent. Even in a neutral run, should you kill every encounter and every main character you can without being in no mercy mode, Chara STILL has absolutely no influence on your violence.

You being violent in the game and killing is, in no ending, the cause of Chara. Chara may end the no mercy ending, but you started it. You completed it.

I’m assuming you haven’t read what I’ve written on this before numerous times now. But:

Flowey and Chara have almost the exact same parallel story arcs. Both are lost, sad, dead children without souls who died together in a moment of horrific violence, with that being their last memory of being alive. Flowey lacks emotional capacity and empathy because he has no soul and takes to butchering the entire underground for fun, trying to find new ways to cause harm and chaos. Flowey has completed MULTIPLE ‘no mercy’ runs before reseting to do it all over again.

How come Flowey is redeemed? How come Asriel is redeemed in the eyes of the fandom and the eyes of Frisk, even after all the horrible evil things that he did? Is it excusable because he lacked a soul? Is it forgivable? That’s up to the player of the game.

The only difference between Flowey’s indiscriminate killing, and Frisk/Chara’s, is that Chara has a soul now. Chara has the soul of YOU. Of Frisk. Chara is able to feel the hate and violence and curiosity for pain that YOU AS THE PLAYER give them. To wake up after being dead for so many years and feel nothing but determination to kill. The only reason why Chara becomes the ‘demon that comes when you call their name’ is because of you tempering their loss and anger and misfortune into a tool for you to use, and vice versa. It’s only because of your/Frisk’s overwhelming determination that they’re able to destroy the timeline utterly and do what Flowey couldn’t do.

How come Chara isn’t redeemable to you? How come Chara isn’t redeemable, even though Chara guides you and loves you and loves their family and your friends during the entirety of the pacifist ending? Chara, who sewed a ‘Mr Dad Guy’ sweater for Asgore, who loves chocolate and flowers and Asriel, who owns a heart shaped locket with their family inside, who ‘had hope in their eyes.’ And when they’re finally satisfied with the outcome, when you save Asriel’s soul and give him some fragment of peace, they’re ready to leave you. When you show them that no, they’re wrong, because there can be humans out there that don’t deserve hate and don’t seek to inflict pain. Chara is a lot more redeemable than Flowey in that regard, especially since Flowey acts out of his own maliciousness where as Chara is completely influenced by your soul.

What Chara is a lost, dead, confused and traumatized child who is influenced entirely by your actions as the player. They gambled everything on the plan to free monsters, and lost it all, completely. Whether they turn into a demon hellbent on destruction or a child finally at peace knowing their best friend has had a moment of redemption and love, knowing that their family is safe and sound and free, is up to you as the player. Obviously Chara takes advantage of you to complete what you started in the no mercy ending and take your soul; obviously that’s inexcusable. Chara becomes a personification of evil and revenge because they are a lost spirit, now with a soul (and personally, I feel that perhaps because they are a ghost now with a soul that that changes what they are and what powers they have, just how a monster with a human soul changes).

But I think to treat Chara as some kind of mindless malevolence in the game disregards the entire message and aesop of the game and COMPLETELY disregards the blame the player/Frisk has to take and Chara’s story and influence through, yknow, the other 80% of the game besides a no mercy playthrough. What Chara becomes is totally and utterly up to what you do in the game. Should you choose love, so does Chara. Should you choose hate, so does Chara. And it’s not like they have any choice in the matter since they are completely tied to you and your influence. The game is all about characters who seek redemption, all about characters who seek to hurt you initially but have hidden depths and traumas that change them.

The game is all about how evil is just a construct and how antagonists act out from a place of trauma and pain, like Toriel, like Undyne, like Sans, like Asgore, like Asriel, and like Chara.

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I lovelovelove your writing, and if you have time and inspiration do you think you might write something for bellarke + "•we’re partners in divination, and i’m reading your tea leaves, and i don’t know what i’m doing, so i just am guessing on images, but somehow every image i guess ends up having a romantic connotation, i swear i’m not doing this on purpose" Hogwarts prompt?

A|N: I’m so sorry, I know this has been lying around in my inbox for FOREVER. Finally got inspired to write it, so here you go!



They eye each other warily, eyes narrowed and teeth clenched, her fingernails sharp and his grin feral.

And this is how it always goes: she curses his ears to twitch all day, and he hexes her so bats fly out of her nose. She turns his morning porridge into concrete and he turns her eyebrows pink. They have Transfiguration together, and Mcgonagall makes them sit at different ends of the room, the only students to have been assigned seats.

She eyes them furtively even after, left eye twitching, and suffice to say she hasn’t forgotten the last time they got into a brawl, with Bellamy suspended from his ankles in his underwear and Clarke’s toenails tearing through the sole of her shoes as they grew.

(Honestly, there’s no point separating them because she looks for him anyway, raring for a fight, and he’ll cast a jelly legs jinx the same time she sends a tongue tying curse his way, and well.)

Their rivalry is a thing of legends- Slytherin’s head girl and Gryffindor’s golden boy, ripping into each other at every opportunity- and the first years scatter when they see them approaching in corridors, squealing; their professors exasperated when they disrupt class yet again to conduct a shouting match on wand holding techniques.

Everyone knows of them. Everyone, except Professor Trelawney.

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billdip week: days 1,2,3, and 4

alright you nerds, i decided to take a crack at this billdip week because one, i don’t write enough for this fave pairing of mine, and two, that’s pretty sad considering i’ve been a fan of this pairing for, what, two years now? (i remember when this tag was a vacant, empty spot. ah memories)

i did all four days at once because i missed the first three.

day 1 is based off my bill is a smol demon guardian au

day 2 and 3 is based off lifeisanimation‘s protector au

and day 4 is based off me and mabuhaylyn‘s blip au

okay enjoy


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I refuse to believe Kishimoto would have wanted Naruto to ACTUALLY end like this.

15 years.

Kishimoto created the only series that I have ever truly loved, and have loved for 10 years.

He created an entire series revolving around two males who were the personification of soul mates. Their bond was so un breakable and pure, and he built the entire series up to show that two people of the same gender CAN be soul mates.

Naruto was literally ABOUT the love/friendship/bond between two males. There is no one else on the planet that can make them feel anywhere near as close to what they feel for each other.

And even in the THIRD AND SECOND LAST CHAPTER, he had the two of them lying next to each other, almost dead, confirming their love and bond for each other, while their blood from their injuries formed the shape of a heart.

Yet the world is still so goddamn homophobic that he was probably FORCED or PRESSURED to stay away from ending the series with a CONFIRMED HOMOSEXUAL LOVE STORY that he put Naruto with a girl that stalked him her whole life, and Sasuke with the annoying fangirl who had a shallow crush on him for years.

I REFUSE to believe that this is what Kishi actually wanted to end his 15 year long masterpiece as.
I’m going to forever believe that he was pressured and even threatened to end it off with shallow hetero pairings.

He wouldn’t have wasted the last 15 years of his life creating such a beautiful story just to end it off with complete and utter contradictions.

So who will join me in believing Kishi was forced into this ending.
Because I absolutely refuse believe that the man that created a 15 year long MASTERPIECE would end it all off like this.