Hey prolifers and Personhood USA -

I think it’s worth mentioning Queenie (the woman who responsible for the set of images involving her young, sleeping son) is going to be contacting you shortly for your copyright infringement. Her representative got back to me 2 hours ago, as you can see from the email. Using her images without her consent on your “Did you know fetuses 17 weeks and beyond dream” nonsense was probably a super ignorant move. ;) 

I am looking forward to what happens if she is not forgiving about this. 

Is this what the prolife movement wants to convey to people it’s trying to convert? The blatant lies, propaganda, theft, laziness? Really? 

I’m sitting over here laughing my ass off. I can’t even at this point. 

anonymous asked:

Funny how most of personhoodusa's posts are pictures of fetuses with "dialogue" over them when real fetuses don't have a conscious or the ability to have thoughts or speak. They seem to be missing some information about the biology of pregnancy.

Specifically the part where there are people carrying those pregnancies. It’s hard to even remember a time when I’ve seen personhoodusa acknowledge the pregnant person. 

Has anyone else noticed that PersonhoodUSA cannot back up a single argument they put out? Like some of their stuff links to pages that don’t exist and when someone reblogs and corrects them saying ‘No, that’s wrong, this is what we actually think’ they never, ever defend their posts oor address rebuttals?

Like… if you don’t want to address rebuttals fine, but at least stop repeating yourself after you’ve been explained something and then claim it’s pro choicers that don’t listen.
Baby Moses, Human–Jellyfish Hybrids, and Transhumanism: The GOP Candidates Weigh In | Tim Murphy

Tales from the bizarre world of the not-so-fringe-anymore “Personhood” people…

Also, another example of rightwing extremism from Ron Paul (and another reason I always stop short of endorsement even though I agree with his stances on civil liberties and imperialism):

When anti-Planned Parenthood activist Lila Rose asked Paul what steps he might take to curtail abortions, he offered a nuclear option: “Well, one very important thing to do would be to stop all the funding,” Paul said, explaining that the current prohibition on funds for abortion doesn’t cut it because “all these funds are fungible. So I would deny all funding for birth control and abortion.”

The moderators probed his views until he touted his authorship of a constitutional amendment defining life as beginning at conception, and, when asked yet again about how he might crack down on abortion as president, noted that he had supported a similiar proposal from the late Sen. Jess Helms (R-N.C.). “This is very clearly a Biblical viewpoint,” he said, explaining the basis of his pro-life views.

Jesus Christ. Read the whole piece. Warning: your head may explode.