Sasuke has always/only experienced new things with Sakura...For example?...For Example:

First time Sasuke blushed at someone flirting with him:

First time Sasuke worries about someone in his team despite telling himself that he wouldn't bother with/about them because it was going to waste his time:

First time Sasuke blushed at someone hugging him because they were worried about him:

hehe its your fault sasuke for waiting to make sure she was alright lol even tho you knew you were wasteing time in doing so

First time Sasuke “shields” someone from his team:

and then it was naruto ;)

First time he is concerned on how one of his teammates is feeling/acting:

First time he feels like cheering up one of his teammates and smiled while/after doing so:

First time he relies on one of his teammates abilities(aka Sakura’s intelligence) to “improve” his own skills and is too shy to ask about it:

First time someone else’s “fear” made him act&react:

First time sasuke gets really pissed/furious at one of his teammates/precious people getting beat up to the point where he wants to “avenge” them:


First time someone’s love for him rescues him from darkness:

First time he still wants to beat the shit out somebody for hurting his precious person

First time  only someone can convince Sasuke of anything except revenge

because he saw her sad he just had to explain himself

even Shikamaru knew:

First time Sasuke refers to someone as one of his precious/dear people

-bruh?  Sasuke, i thought sakura wasnt an excpetion for giving up your revenge why you wanna die for her tho?Oh she’s dear to you?. nvm.

also first time sasuke actually thinks about someone to die for…with naruto he did shield… but as  he said..he wasn't thinking… he just moved to protect him and that happened before sasuke wasnt even thinking about his revenge …but this happened after he told sakura that revenge was his top prority and that was his only reason to live..yet look at him already deciding to die for Sakura…”if i end up dying here that means i was at the end of my limits” 

First time sasuke orders someone to take care of “someone dear” to him:

First time Sasuke realizes how “strongly” someone “in specific” cares about him/And first time his expression shows his true feelings for somebody:

and first time naruto became a ss shipper lol…nah he’s just shocked cause he realized Sasuke felt something for Sakura too…thats why he left the room because he realized that Sasuke shared Sakura’s feelings…he’s shocked expression when looking at Sasuke’s soft expression towards sakura says it all.

First Time Sasuke feels jealous because “a smile” is not directed at him; but instead at his rival:

First time Sasuke is scared because he doesn’t want to “accidentally” hurt another person:

he was about to kill naruto to supposedly enter true darkness just like itachi told him 

First time  it pained him to look someone in the eye and leave everything behind:

First time sasuke “ever” says thank you to someone who loves him and for loving him:

he was thanking the person for feeling his lonely existence with emotion called love *crys forever*

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dk as a boyfriend woohoo

Originally posted by minpoong

i’m writing this because i am self indulgent and a terrible person

  • first off, you’re going to have to be really really understanding and give off good vibes if you’re going to date him
  • i can see him with someone who’s independent yet relies on him?? like is completely their own person, but also depends on him 
  • a lot of jokes!! this boy is hilarious
  • holding hands and swinging them super super high until they do a 360 and both your arms are twisted
  • he needs someone he can goof off with!! like sing and dance to maroon 5 at like 3 in the morning
  • cue a pissed off jihoon
  • the cutest selfies!! like they’re so natural and not……… fake at all, just the both of you beaming into the camera?? LIKE WOW SO BRIGHT
  • super casual like shorts and shirts and walking around town in slippers and his arm slung around your shoulders
  • walking dates!! boundless energy and racing in parks and next to the han river and eating ramen after running up and down
  • sitting on railings and talking about everything; his fears, your fears and just opening up to each other YAY
  • would sit on your bed with you, the both of you just using your phones and chillin
  • would be so enthralled by his s/o’s candid poses and faces 
  • like just casually wearing one of his old shirts to sleep and !!!!!! LEE SEOKMIN IS DEAD HE’S GONE 
  • leans on your shoulder while using his phone and you just take a snapchat video and he looks up and EYE SMILE BOOM 
  • you’re also automatic friends with the whole of seventeen btw
  • fights would be bad. like real bad.
  • he would be so affected and sad and not even angry about it?? just so sad and droopy and it gets so bad that the whole of seventeen practically begs you two to make up
  • loves waking up and seeing your half awake face buried in blankets
  • hugging??? more like hanging himself off you every moment of the daY
  • WHEN HE GOES ON TOURS HE BUYS YOU SOUVENIRS AND THINGS AND TRINKETS and you also get all the concert merch he wore?? like the shirts and the jackets and things
  •  a lot of lame ass jokes
  • if you send him memes in the middle of the night he wouldn’t get them but he’d laugh so fucking hard everyone else wakes up

OVERALL just a super sweet, chill boyf who smiles alot and loves you to pieces!!! 

requests are open!

celibacy and what not (and this font is really ugly @staff)

i’m a person who likes to do research and gather experience before i speak on a topic

the more i learn about celibacy, the more i realize just how unfortunate it is that arguments for not having sex are boiled down to

1- don’t do it. because God said so

2- if you have sex, no man/person will want you. you have to be pure

3- if you don’t have sex, no one will stick around for that

the more i learn about sex, the more i see it as a blessing. the more i respect it. the more i don’t want to cheapen my experience. i don’t see not having sex as some kind of metric for measuring your dedication to God, or measure your worth as a person

first, because not having sex doesn’t mean you are free of sin. it just means one less thing that you have to work on and more time to work on other things

second, having sex is not a bartering tool. it should not be used as a tool for manipulation  of people (i.e. if i do/don’t have sex, that’s how i’ll keep them!) or of God (if i don’t have sex, God will bless me more/love me more/bring me a man/woman!)

third, there is nothing you could do to make God stop loving you. so not having sex is not just about fear that God won’t love a person any more. we show God we love Him by trying to get closer to Him and by trying to please Him.

we have become so used to how the world talks about sex, that we sometimes don’t stop and talk to ourselves, or to God, about it. yea, to some people it’s just sex, it’s not a big deal. and that’s wonderful, because we all should have the power and control of our own spirits and bodies. but if you know it’s a big deal for you, then act like it. stop. think. pray. prepare. decide. be accountable. be responsible. be active in your choices.