July 9, 2017 ~ Part 2 | There was also this area in the city center with a sign which says “ the Area with Ljubljana’s own weather”. Experienced refreshing rain on a beautifully hot day. haha Walked some more, chilled by the park. oh and another friend from eva joined us, Katarina :) We three had a great time. Its always nice to make new friends :) ahhh Slovenia it makes sense now why your name has the word “love” in it. 3 days was too short. Im def gonna come back!! I must say this trip has been one of my favorites from all my “vacations” ive done :) i fell in love with the places abd the people as well


July 8, 2017 ~ Part 1 | Today was perfect to explore the seaside. Eva’s two slovenian friends joined us. The blond short hair is Klara, a geography student who almost visited every country in europe lol and the long red haired one is Mateja whos such a free spirit and is i think moving for good to Madrid. 

We met up at 8am and drove to our first stop which was Strunjan with a hidden gem called the moon bay cos of its shape. Another hike for a picture perfect viewpoint haha. It was so hot 30 something degrees. We couldnt wait to get down to the beach and swim to cool down. haha I loved that it wasnt crowded, and the water was once again crystal clear. You can also leave your things unattended without worrying that someone might steal your stuff. :)


June 5, 2017 Day 3 ~ Part 1 |

  • Our last day today and its a public holiday which means most of the stores are closed :( 
  • The Royal Library was closed too :( but at least we saw it from the outside haha and it was already stunning..imagine being inside surrounded by books and awesome architecture huhu sayang maybe next time haha
  • Walked around the city to recreate some pictures because of the nice weather :)) 

June 5, 2017 Day 3 ~ Part 2 |

  • Grabbed something to eat in Paper Island or also known as Papirøen; a large hall full of food stands from all around the world before heading to the airport.
  • Wrote down a wish on a piece of paper and tied it to a tree. An art project by Yoko Ono. I wonder if anybody read mine. kinda embarrassing haha 
  • Bye Kym!! Till our next adventure!!!! see you in 2018…spain?;)

June 4, 2017 Day 2 ~ Part 3 | 

  • The sun came finally out! yayyy went to the second oldest operating amusement park in the world; TIVOLI :) located in the city center just a few minutes walk from our hostel. We had to check it out since we also love to ride roller coasters. haha tho i had to force Kym to try out some of the rides..(she hated me sa last ride HAHAHA sorry kym! but it was fun naman diba hahahahah)