March 16, 2017 (part 2) | After our whiskey tour..we had 1 hour waiting time till our bus comes to bring us back to Dublin, so we walked a bit around and saw this cemetery so we randomly decided to take a quick look and it was beautiful…so peaceful and serene. :)

As we got back to Dublin, did some souvenir shopping and looked for something green to wear for tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day. hehe explored the city by night and strolled through the busy streets of Temple Bar.

2017 Goals
  1. Learn how to play the guitar; Practice practice practice
  2. Read at least one book per month
  3. Learn spanish (the basics haha)
  4. Set more time for devotionals
  5. Go to the gym/workout atleast 3x a week
  6. Drink more water
  7. Write in my journal everyday (write atleast 3 things im grateful for each day)
  8. Go for a weekend solo backpack trip..
  9. Lessen the use of my fone while Im with people (give my full attention and presence because being with people and them being distracted and constantly checking their social medias and stuff sucks)
  10. Start saving up for my future lol open a separate bank acct which i will neverever touch haha
  11. Each year make some charity program (maybe on christmas when im home)
  12. Keep my blog alive 
  13. Declutter my stuff every 3 months

March 19, 2017 Day tour to Northern Ireland |

During our bus ride, our tourguide/bus driver kept on saying that we should make a short prayer for the weather to improve and for the rain to stop..cos if not we wouldnt be able to cross the bridge and enjoy the breathtaking sights…of course i prayed. haha and God is so so good for answering, it stopped raining each time we had our bus stops to explore the sights. 

2nd stop: Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. It is connected to the cliffs by a rope bridge across the Atlantic Ocean. Suspended almost 100ft (30m) above sea level!! It was first erected by salmon fishermen 350 years ago, def. felt the adrenaline rush!! :)


March 4-5, 2017 | Girls night out!! But first,  pre-party singing and dancing to throwback songs in the kitchen. haha! Then went out in the city and danced some more till 4am. Decided to buy early morning snacks and steal those two jugs out of the club hahahaha such a crazy night. hahaha snacked on pizza before walking home. my pizza fell twice on the floor but i still ate it. cos duh its pizza and 5sec rule! hahaha i guess its a sign that i drank a bit too much. hahaha but i have to say it was so much fun. love feeling the adrenaline and dancing all night. I guess im a late bloomer for experiencing all those things just now for the first time :)) Dont worry its just occasionally…… :))


February 16, 2017 | Carmen works for a beauty blog/company that delivers the latest beauty trends and products. So she sometimes gets to try different products and has to blog about it. One of their new kikay product was this washable hair coloring tube from L’Oreal that lasts for up to 2 weeks. She chose the pink one and I helped her apply it. I even tried it on myself…and guess what. It didnt work. duh hahaha hindi umubra sa thick black hair ko. :)) It was a fun girls night coloring our hair with pink while watching Germany’s Next Topmodel. ;)


February 27-28, 2017 | I have to say Fastnacht2017 has been the best fasnacht ive experienced so far!!!! I had 7.30-4.30pm duty but went home at around 4pm to get ready. We headed to the city at around 5pm, checked out some food stands and drinking stands hahaha it was so awesome cos there were so many freestanding drinking stands, where you can donate any amount of money and theyll give out drinks haha and sometimes even some free sausages and raclette bread just because. :)) anyway, met some new people, lost some of them haha and found them again, danced all night, sang on top of our lungs, drank a bit too much. Hayyyyy it was one of my coolest nights here in luzern. of course my company was awesome too! thats why ;) 12 hours non stop partying from 5pm to 5am. crazyyy haha  im actually not such a party-goer but im glad i got to experience it. bucketlist yay 


December 24-25, 2016 | Spent Christmas Eve in Silenen with the cousins. Board games, exchange gifts (my fave part haha) good food and movies. :) I received a passed down guitar from Kuya Francis and a fancy watch from Ate Steph. hihi cant wait to learn the guitar!! just need to buy some strings pa. hehe 

The day after christmas, headed back to Luzern and met up with Kuya and had our Star Wars date. just like last year. i wonder if there will be a new star wars movie again on december? anyway i must say Christmas away from home isnt so bad..i actually like celebrating here in Switzerland with my cousins. I guess cos the past christmases in the PH didnt go too well cos of some issues. but yeah we’ll see next year ;)

Merry Christmas everyone! <3