taylorswift Thank You!

I usually “hate” Christmas shopping, mostly because of costs and I have a hard time figuring out what my daughters want.

This year I #Lynnlurked the Tumblr pages and got ideals from Santa Swift. I was taking photos of the Santa Swiftmas packages with me when I when shopping.

swifty448 was thrilled with her gifts that were all Taylor related and Jill was so excited reading all the personal messages from me. Much to my surprise, my oldest daughter was very touched by the personal messages, as well.

So glad you were such a big part of our holiday Taylor. You actually made Christmas 2014 one of the best.

Can’t wait to see you at five 1989 Tour Shows in 2015. I pray I get to finally meet you and thank you and tree-paine for all that you did for Jill during release week in NYC.

aspens bio dad made a post on his fb about how he was going into rehab/treatment for three months and how he was trying to get off the streets (mom looks on his page every once in a while i still have him blocked). tbh the whole thing just makes me nervous. i feel like it’s just gunna be another excuse for him to try to pretend like he’s changed, the same thing he’s told me a million other times. he’s just gunna try to worm his way back into mine and aspens life, and im not ready for it.