This ladies and gentlemen, this is Coco. Coco is my boyfriend’s dog. He’s a Pitbull, he was well trained by my boyfriend Michael. He’s the sweetest dog and he knows how so say “ I love you”. But that’s not the point. Miami-Dade County has a law where you cannot own a Pitbull without a permit. It’s ridiculous on how people use this poor breed to fight and change the mind of the whole country. I had a Pitbull before, but he was killed by my neighbor because he thought my dog would attack his children. I got fined, but my neighbor for killing my dog didn’t.

Miami-Dade, Listen. From August 4th - 11th. There will be voting for law #550 on innocent dogs. Here are some locations.

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Please vote yes for these dogs. I would love to have a Pitbull again since I left the neighborhood that the killer of my old dog was in. Vote yes because these dogs deserve this, and I would love to have Coco here than in Georgia. <3 Please vote!! If you have any questions inbox me! I will be voting ! And I will vote YES!