So last night...(7/31/2013)

I tripped on acid for the first time & I saw the world from a whole different perspective. It was dope. I may have had a couple of freak out moments, but hey…that comes along when you’re on a hallucinogen for your first time, right? You don’t exactly know what to expect. My love was with me all night to protect me from all the demons that acid can bring you, which was comforting. I felt safe. Mother Nature took me me for a wild ride, but welcomed me with new and crazy insights about herself that I have never seen. She made the trees and grass breathe and hug me while I laid down and watched the crazy clouds change above me. Then my love took me to the river where I could look at the water and literally slow it down and see all of the ripples move sloooowwwlllly down stream then it would go crashing and start moving fast again. It also looked like the water was just vibrating in some spots, like someone put a bass speaker under water and turned it on. Soon after that, I put my feet in this little creek of water and rocks and boy…was that a crazy feeling. Nice and cold…kissing my feet and ankles as it runs into the river. My love drove me up to the mountains later that night to see all the city lights and stars which were more clear up there than in the city. I could see the colors of each, orange, white, red, and yellow. It was like they were popping out at me, very 3-D like. I also saw the coolest shooting star I’ve ever seen in my life, maybe it was cause I was tripping – I caught it right out of the corner of my eye and when I looked over it was like it exploded in our atmosphere. I was unable to make a wish because I was in such “Aww”. Oh, and the lightning in the distance was wiiild, so beautiful. Everything was so…alive. I felt euphoric. So many emotions to where sometimes I didn’t know how to express anything but laugh hysterically and cry. It kept giving me goose bumps all over my legs, my arms, my head, chills kept going down my back. It was one of the craziest feelings I have ever felt. My love looked at me when we were sitting on city park hill watching the sun go down and he saw I got the goose bumps and he said, “Look! I’m wiping all these little bumps off your arm, they’re just rolling right off of you.” and sure enough, that’s what they were doing. After about 6-7 hours of completely loosing my mind, feeling crazy, scared, schizophrenic, in “aww”, and absolutely euphoric, my trip started to come to and end, even though I still felt a little weird and like I was never going to come out of it at times and my mind kept racing, it was time to come back to reality and keep everything Mother Nature showed me on the back burner in my head. As weird as it may sound, she made my head clear again, I feel sane. Every single thought I thought before I tripped and after I tripped, I am no longer ‘foggy in the brain’, that may be a good thing or it might not. Acid is definitely something not to mess around with very much at all. Until next time Mother Nature, you are beautiful & scary all at the same time.