Fallen hard for Ariana

You punched him in the arm. “Jack don’t” you laughed as he tickled you on his couch as you laughed so hard it hurt. He laughed sticking his tongue out at you before removing his hands from tickling your waist and checking his phone. “Hey Finn’s coming over – do you mind?” you shook your head. Despite being Jack’s best friend, you had never met Finn. You smiled and turned on the television while waiting for Jack to get off his phone. Jack smiled, slipping the phone in his pocket and jumping on the sofa with you.

About a half hour later you heard a knock on the door – it was Finn. Jack had his eyes glued to the television you sighed and hopped up to get it yourself. You casually strolled to the door before opening it and WHAM. Something hit you. You didn’t know what it was. The boy was attractive, but as was his twin – you didn’t know what it was, maybe it was the whole sense about him. You stood at the door for a couple of seconds just standing there. He did too. You both just stared at each other until you heard Jack yell from the kitchen “Oi, Ariana, Finn – you guys coming in?” You broke from your trance and yelled back “Of course we are wanker” and smiled at Finn before inviting him in and closing the door behind you. Walking into the lounge. Jack smiled at Finn and you before turning back to the television. You sighed at Jack’s laziness and turned to face his sticking out your hand. “Ariana” he smiled and shook it “Finn.” You smiled as you two stood there shaking your hands a second too long before you both blushed and looked down. “Do you want a soda?” you asked him smiling slightly, he nodded and followed you into the kitchen. You pulled a couple out from the fridge and turned around and looked into his deep greeny eyes. “H-Here you go” said, catching your breath – as you passed him your soda your fingers touched, sending what felt like electric shocks around your body. As you both walked back down to the sofa, you sat down next to each other. Slightly too close you’re your hands occasionally touched. You knew at this moment you had fallen for him. Hard. 

There you are lovey - hope you liked it xx Sorry it took a while.

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Nylon-Nyloff (Does that work? Let’s say it works)

Real talk? Real talk. You walk into the same room as me wearing tights/stockings/nylons/whatever you want to call them, you straight-up done. I cannot convey how serious I am in that statement. The time it takes me to tickle you at that point will be so small it’ll take physicists decades to measure it accurately. And I won’t just give you a playful stroke here or there. It’ll be rampant. It’ll be slow. It’ll be fast. It’ll be beyond torturous and meticulous. I’ll make sure every single of your lower body gets so much attention it’ll feel like your nerves are being stimulated for eons. I’ll be sure to get every single possible reaction I can out of you in an order I feel like. Giggles. Full blown laughs. Chuckles. Sniggers. Silent laughter. Moans. Bloody. Everything.

I’m on a mission to explore the hills and valleys of every inch of your body in those dark, silky garments, and I will do it like it’s as natural and as necessary as breathing to me. And in the parts where you can recover your mind from begging that the torment to end but burningly wanting it to keep going, you’ll look at me and see the smile of a man obsessed. Obsessed with making sure you know that anytime you wear these, anytime you pull them to rest on your waist or slide them on your legs gently to encase your feet, that you’re essentially sending up a signal flare that’ll catch my eye from the other side of the planet. And the signal is begging to be tickled past your limits. Into a quivering mass of stimulated putty, hot and heavy and not sure what to even make of it all. Except that you adored it.

So yeah. Real talk.

'So Thought Besties' for Tyara

You were laying down on the bed next to Joe Sugg, your Best Friend, laughing over the movie you were watching, and being total slobs wearing sweatpants and stuffing your faces with handfuls of buttered popcorn and chocolate. You were both resting your backs on the head board and your head was on his shoulder and the mountain of food in your lap. You heard the door close to your apartment and figured it must be your boyfriend Jack. “Hey Jack” you yelled “Come join us we’re in our room.” You heard Jack’s muffled steps over the television as he walked past he popped his head into the room. “Nah, I’m fine.” He said quietly and walked away. You looked at Joe “Hold a sec, I’ll be back.” You jumped off the bed and followed Jack to the Kitchen where you found his head buried in the fridge. “You okay Jack? You seem a little moody” you asked him, his head still in the fridge. “I’m fine” he replied angrily emerging with some cheese and a slicer. You knew he was jealous. “Jack there’s no need to be jealous – we’re just friends” you said poking him in the back. “I’m. Not. Jealous.” replied Jack, anger still hinting in his voice. “Come on” you said “I would have never have met you if it wasn’t for Joe, he’s our FRIEND.” You placed a hand on his and he turned to face you. “Okay, maybe I was a little jealous” he mumbled. You poked him on the nose and he gave you a cute half smile. “It’s just you’re always with him, Tyara and sometimes I want to hang with you and I couldn’t help think that…” “Shhh” you said, cutting him off and kissed him sweetly. “I’ve never done that with Joe” you said looking at him accusingly. “I guess” he said sheepishly “Sorry.” It’s okay you laughed “Wanna come and join us?” Jack shook his head. “I have a whole lot of editing to do babe, maybe later though?” You nodded and walked back to your room, back to Joe and shut the door behind you. Laughing you jumped back on the bed and explained to Joe what just happened. “He thought we were together or something” you said smiling. You noticed Joe was kind-of quiet. “You okay?” you asked him quietly. “Tyara,” he said quietly “there has been something I’ve been meaning to tell you.” You looked at him and frowned. “There’s no easy way to tell you this, I mean we’ve been friends for so long, I wasn’t going to tell you, I mean it’s just now –“ You cut him off. “Joe, get to the point.” He looked at you “Tyara, I think I’ve fallen for you.” You look at him astounded. “Joe – I, I, um.” Joe rambled on about how sorry he was and he didn’t mean for it to happen. “Joe, It’s fine” you said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t, I love Jack – and you know that.” He nodded, eyes sad. “I think I better go” he said and grabbed his coat before you had a chance to stop him.  

There you go love! I really hope you enjoy it xx :)

Ouch For Ally

You and Finn were going through your Netflix skimming through all of the scary movies. You came across Insidious and Finn was explaining how insane it was “I’ve never seen it.” you said “What?! You have to.” he demanded as he pressed play. The scary parts would come so randomly you would jump and scream every time, as Finn laughed at your fear. “Stop laughing at me you jerk, this is scary!” you said playfully hitting him. “Shh, just watch.” he instructed “Why, is a scary part coming up?” you asked “No, this is an important part of the movie though.” he claimed. Just as you were intently starring at the screen, this devilish man pops out of nowhere. You jumped up on the couch and screamed “TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!”  you begged. At this point he felt some sympathy for you and turned off the movie. You sat down and punched him as hard as you could right in the arm. “Ouch - Ally!” he said while giggling and holding his arm. “That wasn’t very nice of you.” you said with a pout. “I hate you a lot right now.” you added. He passionately kissed you “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.” he said with a puppy dog face. He accidentally hit the resume button with his knee and a scary part instantly popped up. “Finny!” you shouted and covered your eyes. “I’m sorry it was my knee I didn’t mean to!” he explained. You made a mad face and slapped his knee as he continued to laugh at you.

There you are Ally love, hope you like it! x

Big Blonde Baby for Katie

“Caspar,” you whined as you wriggled around, trying to get free from his grasp. He had fallen asleep on top of you again, his legs intwined with your ones and his head resting on your cheek. You tried wriggling around and blowing on his face and slowly he woke up. With his eyes still pressed firmly together he asked sleepily in his hoarse morning voice ‘what’s wrong Katie?’ before snuggling his head further into your shoulder. You groaned, even though you couldn’t help but admit it was very cute – he looked like a rather large blonde baby as he sleepy. ‘I can’t feel my arm,’ you said as you feebly tried to wiggle your fingers, which were currently wedged between your stomach and his chest. ‘Oh sorry,’ he mumbled as he rolled off you, only to grab you by the waist and pull you towards him, so this time face was next to his and his arms were around you. “Better?” he asked, kissing your cheek softly, already falling back to sleep, his steady breathing fanning your neck. You nodded before closing your eyes.

Sorry it’s short love, I thought it was quite cute though. Hope you like it sweet x

Cheater! for Claire

“Stop cheating.” Alfie laughed. He had taken you mini-golfing for your first date, and since you couldn’t play to save yourself, you were cheating. You smiled, dragging the club around the course and then hitting it into the hole. You just gave him an innocent smile and replied “what cheating?” and he shook his head, playfully glaring at you. You removed your golf ball from the hole as Alfie hit his golf ball in the whole in one shot. Even with you cheating the score had a massive difference. He sat his club and ball down beside the course and came over to where you were waiting. “Let me help you.” He said, taking your hand and leading you towards the starting bit. You dropped your ball on the spot and let him wrap his arms around you. He was so warm and you took a slight step back to your body was pressing against his. You put his big hands over your smaller ones and guided them in hitting the ball. He lightly hit the ball, sending it halfway down the stretch of green ground and then led you down, getting back into position behind you he hit the ball a second time, and a third before it went in. “Thank you.” You said, as you both moved onto the second hole. “No problem, but let me help you instead of you being a little cheater.” He smirked. You laughed “Okay.” You agreed, smiling as you watched him get a hole-in-one.

Later in the car he held up the score sheet waving it “I win you lose” you laughed. “Ever heard of a good sportsman?” He smiled. “I just want a prize thanks” you smiled at him “I guess I could shout you a coffee if you wanted..” You turned to face him, to find he was staring at you. He whispered “That’s not what I had in mind.” He moved in closer to you and held your hand, “What do you want then?” you whispered, him moving in closer yet again. “I just want a kiss from a beautiful girl named Claire” you smiled and leaned in, sealing the gap with a sweet kiss. 

Hope you liked it duckie xx

'Infinity' for Kyndal

You were lying on the couch with your boyfriend Finn, it had been a long day and you were drifting in and out of sleep on his lap. Finn stared at you and laughed. “You’re so cute Kyndal.” You laughed, still half asleep. You continued to lay there in silence. “Babe” Finn suddenly said “what would you think about getting a tattoo with me?” You lay there pondering it for a bit as he stroked his fingers through your hair. You smiled and looked up at him “I’d love to.”

The next day you were in London with Finn, wandering around the tattoo parlours trying to find a suitable tattoo design. You walked around a bend into a little street that had a flashing sign reading ‘tattoos’ so you walked inside. You and Finn hadn’t had much luck finding a design you both liked – you wanted to get something on your wrists but nothing had caught your attention yet. You walked over to the little shop and went inside, the door chiming as you walked in. A middle-aged man came over to you two. He took one look at your clasped hands and said “couples tattoo? – we have a lot of requests for them, these are our most popular though.” He took you over to a little book where several designs were laid out. One immediately caught your eye. You pointed and looked at Finn “how about that one” you said at the same time he pointed at it. You laughed – it looked like you had decided. It was a little infinity sign, not too tacky and not something that would be regrettable if you did break up. You picked up the book and handed it to the man. “This one please” Finn said pointing to the infinity sign. He smiled, had a feeling you might say that, come through the back now and we’ll get you ready. He took you through the back and cleansed your wrists before laying you in the chair. The needle hurt when it penetrated your skin but it was okay because Finn was there, holding your hand, it took about five minutes before it was over.

After he was done and you paid and was bandaged up you walked out of the shop hand and hand your infinity signs facing each other as you walked.

Hope you liked it love! Sorry I took so long x

Life is short for Jamie

You flipped through the photo album of the summer you and her had spent together. It was painful still raw and bitter. She had died two weeks ago and it still felt as if the world had crumbled. You hadn’t eaten, or socialized or anything in two weeks, just staying in your room sobbing. You stared at the pictures of your birthday last year, you hugging, smiling, blowing out candles – looking so happy. You threw the album across the room as tears streamed down your face. How dare she leave you!  It was selfish and horrible, you couldn’t survive by yourself knowing you would never see her face again, knowing you would never see her smile, knowing you would never hear her laugh. You pulled the covers over your face and sobbed yourself to sleep – yet again.

You woke up a couple of hours later with a strong arm wrapped around you and the other stroking your hair. “Jamie” said the male’s voice “shhhh.” You rubbed your eyes and looked up – it was Caspar. You smiled and buried your face into his chest. It was the first time you had seen him in a couple of days. You knew he had been worried about you – he had left miss phone call texts on your phone and several voice mails. Even so, you hadn’t felt like calling anybody. He beinf there numbed the raw pain slightly. “Jamie” he said again, kissing your forehead. “It’s going to be okay.” You looked at his blue eyes staring down at you. “It is?” you asked. Caspar always made you feel safe and secure, like nothing bad could happen when you were with him. He went over and retrieved the photo album, sitting back down beside you. “Of course it is” he said smiling at you. He opened the album to a page where your best-friend was smiling, happy and full of life – it stung seeing her like that, knowing she would never be the same. He turned to you “She wouldn’t want you like this” said Caspar looking at you “Jamie, she would want you making the most of your life, out there enjoying it.” He pointed to the picture of the smiling girl “I know she would’ve wanted you too.”

There you are sweetie. Sorry it took so long xx

Cinnamon Flavoured for Brittany

“Why are we doing this?” you cringe at the spoonful of cinnamon in your hand and watch as he pours one for himself. “Because, I promised when I hit one million followers I’d do the Cinnamon Challenge,” he laughs, holding up his spoonful towards the camera with a mischievous grin. You look at the camera rolling your eyes “And me, being the fabulous girlfriend I am, offered to do it with you.” You roll your eyes and let out a sigh. “All right, Alfie let’s do this. Fingers crossed we both don’t choke on cinnamon and die,” you mumble, sticking your tongue out at the screen. “Ready? 1..2..” You fake him out, pretending to eat the cinnamon, but watch him do it instead. He automatically starts gagging and coughing, puffs of cinnamon going everywhere. You start laughing hysterically, glad this is all being recorded on camera. You totally have to re-watch this. “You…little…sneak!” he chokes, spitting out cinnamon into a napkin. You laugh harder and he grabs you from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist. “You tricked me! I could have died Brittany!” he exclaims, giving you a cinnamon-flavoured kiss. “I’m too fabulous for cinnamon,” you tease, flipping your hair. He lets out a laugh and shakes his head. “Next time you offer to do something crazy with me, I’m not doing it with you!” he admonishes. “Well, actually, no, I probably will.”

There you are duckie, hope you like it! x

Choices Chapter 2

You just stood and stared. You couldn’t. You just didn’t know anymore. You looked at Finn’s face. Our first love. Then Jack’s face. You felt something inside you. Standing there you knew you couldn’t as hard as it was for you, you had to leave. “I’m sorry” you mumbled, before running out the door. For the second time that night you found yourself running. The argument was still ringing in your ears – ‘Choose – me or him.’  You kept running, you just needed to get away and stay away. The Harries twins weren’t good for you. They messed with your emotions too much. From love to anger to sorrow to emptiness – something you were feeling now. You stopped running and looked around for a park bench – it was now in the early hours of the morning and you were tired, lost and needed to get away, you just didn’t care anymore. You found a space under the balcony of some office area and huddled in the corner. They say there are 7 stages of getting over a broken heart. Right now it felt like you going through all 7. Memories flooded your brain, playing with your damaged heart – The first time Finn had kissed you, when you met Jack, how you and Finn had danced into the early hours of the morning one night, the fun you used to have with Jack just pigging out. Curling up into a ball you huddled in the corner and just cried ‘till you could no more. “Emily?” you looked up to find one of your best-friends staring down at you. “What happened!?” you just looked up at her and whispered “Jack and Finn” she sighed and beckoned you to her car.

In the morning you woke up on your friends couch feeling tired and groggy and still damaged. “Hey” said your friend looking into your eyes. “I have work in 10 but your fine to stay here.” You smiled and accepted the cup of tea that was in her hands and nodded. Later that day you were scanning emails where you found one addressed to you from the ‘Jacksgap’ email address. You sighed, heart panging yet again. It was a single link and even though your heart was tender and broken, curiosity overtook you and you clicked the link. It was a video titled ‘Emily.’ “We’re sorry.” They said through the speakers “I was a dick” said Finn “but people make mistakes – would you give me a second chance?” and then Jacks voice filled your ears “I always liked you Emily, but I couldn’t, didn’t have the courage to ask you out and Finn got there first.” The end bit their voices filled your ears. “Take as much time as you need but please. Choose.”

'Interruptions' for Lauren

You sat down with Dan. So far so good. It was your first date with him, you had been friends for a while, but you had always felt something ‘more.’ Dan smiled awkwardly across the table at you – he had barely spoken at all on the way to the restaurant – you could tell he was nervous, it was kind of cute actually. You smiled back at him. “Um, what would you like?” he asked you. You smiled glanced at the menu and told him your order and before you knew it you were back to talking like old friends.

About halfway through your date you saw Phil walk in. You had never met Phil, you watched his videos, but that was about it. He went up to the counter and grabbed a paper bag – presumably takeaways. Dan smiled and waved before going back to eating. Phil smiled and waved – looking like he was going to go and walk out, but he caught your eye. He just stopped for a second and just stared for a couple of seconds. Then he walked to where the two of you were sitting “Hey Dan” he said briefly glancing at Dan before turning to you. “I’m Phil, Dan’s roommate” he said almost breathlessly. You smiled – Phil seemed really sweet. “I’m Lauren” you said sticking out your hand for him to shake. He shook it vigorously, noticing how soft his hands were. You blushed slightly and pulled your hand away, going back to eating, and the warmth of his hands still lingering on your fingertips. Phil started to chat with the two of you, feeling his eyes flic back to you every now and again. Dan was starting to become visibly annoyed – Phil had butted in on your first date.  “Um – Lauren” he said interrupting Phil “do you want to go now?” you smiled and nodded. “If you go wait outside I’ll get the cheque” he said. You thanked him and went outside, Phil following you. It was cold outside and you stuck your hands into your pockets, for more than one reason, you could feel Phil’s eyes on you. He looked at you, his eyes big and round. “Lauren – I need to tell you something…” he swallowed, looked around and said quietly so only you could hear. “Lauren, I think I love you.” You just stared at him. Mouth open, shocked. Just then the door opened and Dan walked out, he glanced at Phil before grabbing your hand and walking you back to your home. On the way back you and Dan were talking, but you could still hear Phil’s footsteps behind you. You reached your flat and Dan turned to face you “I had a really good time tonight” he said smiling sweetly before leaning in and kissing you. It felt sweet, soft and perfect. “Me too” you whispered. He pulled away and headed back to the path. You waved, but couldn’t help seeing Phil’s sad face behind him.

There you are lovely – hope you liked it!! Xx