i love my boyfriend. if you’re going to disagree, and tell me i dont love him, then im probably going to punch you in the face, or scream at you, or hurt you. because theres nothing i hate more than people who tell me that i dont love my boyfriend. okay. i made mistakes, so has he. SO. HAS. HE. everyone knows about BOTH our mistakes. they dont weigh each other out, depending on how you look at them. some say my mistakes are worse, while others think his are. but at least, for my mistakes, there were REASONS for them and why they happened. well i do love mark. alot actually. just because i made mistakes doesnt mean i dont love him. weve been through so much for four years now. four years. thats a pretty fucking long time.  do not judge me or my relationship until you stepped in my shoes and what i have dealt with. no i havent been happy the whole time, weve had alot of ups and downs. but were still here, and still together, so that has to mean something. i have chosen him over everything. yes i do miss alot of things that i have lost because of him, but hes still here. which makes me happier. i want to be with him and thats my decision, not yours. and i dont care about your opinion either, because its my relationship and i will choose what iwant to do. no matter how stupid it is.