In a twist of events I purchased two Book of Shadows! This is the one I claimed for myself, the other my boyfriend has claimed as his own.

This beautiful Practical Magic style BOS was custom made for me by Star Douglass. It has 500 pgs in the front and 100 pgs in the back. Binding allows pages to be added or removed. The book markers are colored Crystal, Aquamarine, and Garnet; birthstone colors of myself and my two older sisters. This personal touch wins all the awards!!

Thank you, Starr!!


Winter Solstice Celebration 2013

I hosted my very first sabbat this year and the turn out was amazing! I anticipated having no more than about 15 people arrive but, by the time we were ready to preform the ritual, we barely had enough room in our den to circle up! It’s really exciting to see that every sabbat more and more people are showing up to celebrate! 

Happy Winter Solstice Y'all!


I started my Book of Shadows about a year ago and learned a few things here and there.. One huge help I found is designing pages in Word Documents.. After creating the page, I print it out and use it as a template which to trace from.. The one tricky part is finding a flat light source which to put beneath the printed page and the page in my BOS..

This method is a great way to layout what you want your page to look like and customize it to your preferences.. I enjoy using photoshop to edit pictures and designs but that’s a whole other league of design..

Here is a template I created a few months back!


  • Customize document page size to fit BOS page size. Mine is 8.5x5.1
  • Use flashy fonts for titles and readable script for the bulk of the information.
  • When inserting pictures; have them in background, or set them so that words wrap around the image (use contour!)
  • Don’t stress color when designing! Once traced into your BOS, you can choose color then.
  • Always trace into BOS lightly!! It’s easier to erase light mark lines then dark mark lines!!

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PHOTO STORY: All things connected, All things divine

In one of Rene Ramirez’s most vivid childhood memories, he sits in his maternal grandmother’s lap with cards spread out in front of them. Unlike your average grandmother, though, she isn’t playing bridge or poker - she’s using the cards to tell someone’s fortune.

Today, I was featured in my local newspaper The Victoria Advocate. I was very fortunate to have an insightful and open minded photojournalist, Sarah Ganzhorn, tell my story! It’s a really short article with great photos. Check it out y'all!

A few months ago I had the brilliant idea to add a spirit board to my BOS. I’m not sure where I got the idea (something tells me it isn’t all that original) but here is the template. Keep in mind this is just a layout. The elaboration comes in when I finally write it into my book.

When designing pages, I tend to change my mind from week to week. I find it helpful to wait months before finally deciding on a final draft. Looking at this now I’m thinking of changing the number’s font and size. Also, I’m thinking of erasing the Ophiuchus symbol in the middle. I like the idea of a thirteenth Zodiac but can not justify its the practicality. In general, not sure why I even added to Zodiac.

Any who, open to suggestions and whatnot!!

Guadalupe Rivera Servantez (1925-2010)

My grandmother Lupe Rivera Servantez was born April 25, 1925, lived 85 wonderful years and passed away Sept. 4, 2010. 

I attribute the spiritual path I walk today to my grandmother. As a young child I use to sit on her lap while she would give card readings to her visitors. She always had people coming to see her for advice. Growing up she was always loving toward me and gave insightful advice, that now looking back, I realize has shaped who I am today. Too late in life I realized she could have taught me so much more about Mexican folk magick. She suffered from Alzheimer’s, sadly she had not been with us for a long time before she finally passed.

This weekend I learned that my grandmother was taught her craft by a gypsy woman which was news to me. Growing up I knew she read cards but I was unaware that she used personal items and needles in pendulum work. My mother told me of other practices I never knew about. I made her promise to tell me more about her the next time we get together. 

Word of advice to my followers. Cherish the time you have with your elders. For a long time, my mother wanted me to visit my grandparents and I lacked the interest. I would give almost anything to go back and just spend a day learning as much as possible from my grandmother. The one thing I’ll always remember about my grandmother is that she once told me I had an old soul. I never gave this a second thought but looking back we were more alike than I’ll have the chance to know.

Even when I was little...

I was catching up with my mom today and we somehow go on to the subject of my early childhood. She was remembering how I was always see the “cucuy” in closets, windows, at back doors and distant rooms! I was forever scaring her with my sudden outburst of fright at a supposed boogeyman figure. These stories were not new to me, I had heard them many times over many years

After awhile she added, “..and everything you said would come true!” This was something she had never mentioned before but apparently I would say things here and there that would be confirmed after while. I kinda smiled a little at this new insight to my natural abilities. At the sight of my grin, mother chimed in with a reminder that it runs in the family. Both my grandmother and aunts made a living by helping other by card reading.

She’s said before that people she use to visit for card readings and advice would tell her that I had “the gift”. She told me I didn’t have the patience to focus at such a young age.

As I’ve gotten older I feel this ability has diminished some. Deja vu use to occur a lot more then it has in the past few years. Needless to say I need to practice and focus. Maybe even talk to my aunt, she owns her own shop and performs wax and card readings. She’ Catholic though, myself not so much.. hmmm…