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When was that moment where you realized "Okay, oh man, I love this character" for Blackhand?

Honestly it started when my fiance and I were RPing an AU where Jackson ended up in Draenor and joined the Iron Horde

she was actually assigned to Blackhand’s fleet and the way my fiance wrote him and made him believable and such while being in character… that was it p much

My fiance and I are tired of the “orc is a one dimensional mean tyrant who preaches honor but doesn’t practice it very much” trope. He gave all the warlords distinct personalities in his writing and such and Blackhand just happened to be my favorite and then it just went uphill from there with more ideas and AUs



sincere apologies for using this blog as a platform, but just as a comment on what’s been happening in kyungsoo’s tag. idols are real people. real people who exist beyond any and all fantasies, ships, or interpretations that fans will have. no amount of “evidence” is actually indicative of reality. 

there’s no point in presuming to know a celebrity. out of his interviews, i personally believe the most honest thing kyungsoo has said yet is that, as a public figure, he keeps multiple personas. (which is nothing disingenuous, as an aside. for a person like him, i imagine they’re meant more to protect himself (especially following 2013) and his faith in his career, rather than to deceive. many others in the entertainment industry have done and said things to the same effect. but in the end this is just an interpretation too lol) 

nobody works their ass off for years for an uncertain future to (as a nonspecific example) have their personal achievements get reduced to fap material. believe what you will if you have to, but please be self-aware about it. be healthy.

I’m done apologising Aaron. This is who I am. When something matters to me I lie I cheat I do whatever it takes and you matter to me so as much as I’m trying to change for ya I can’t swear that something like that won’t happen again. What I can swear is I’ll keep fighting it and I’m trying to change for you, for the better but is that enough?

Robert Jacob Sugden

I can’t believe that actually happened not only is Robert moving into the pub but he actually told Aaron he’s not sorry and I am so glad. Yes he lied but like he said he’s trying to change that but he did it for the person he loves and that’s Aaron! Yes loving Aaron has changed him a lot no one can deny that but this little speech tonight was so perfect! And not we get domestic Robron! I cannot wait!

I had a dream that one day the entire world finally came to their senses and stopped believing every shitty article written about Taylor Swift and actually considered her side of the story and took into account how all those caring and selfless acts she does outweigh any mistakes she made and then #SorryTaylorSwift started trending and people started apologising for sending her so much hate and ngl it was such a beautiful dream i hope it becomes reality at some point

so I recently hit 1k (h o w) and decided to do a follow forever to celebrate! I can’t believe this actually happened so thank you all so so much. It’s a bit short and I probably forgot some people but do check out some of the lovely blogs below♡

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the saga of the Elf That’s Too Pretty to Be Played™ continues

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Hey, I was wondering what you thought of the impromptu musical number of The Dawn Will Come? I've seen so many people say it was the most emotional moment of the series for them, but to me it was so awkward and out of place, it's embarrassing for me to even watch every time it happens. One of the few times I'm grateful for Solas since he's the only other person who doesn't seem into it.

Yeah I feel the same as you, actually. I believe my first playthrough words were, “Wait, what?” Mostly because yet again I had to insist that my elf didn’t believe in the Maker, was yet again ignored, and Mother Giselle’s spontaneously like, “Let me sing you this song surely this will change your mind lol.” *Sings* *Everyone awkwardly bows* “Look now everyone’s faith is restored yours should be to, even though you just said your faith was not broken because you never believed in the Maker in the first place.” 

I get what they were trying to go for with Mother Giselle, a wise older woman archtype that can offer support to your character. And if your character is Andrastian than it works out okay. But if not, it’s just a little awkward and a little preachy/frustrating. 

I think maybe if there was a better transition between scenes, it wouldn’t feel so odd? As it is it just kind of feels like a musical play wedged in there.

But there is one thing. One thing that always made me laugh until they changed it because they couldn’t stand to see so many people making fun of it.

Cullen’s original facial animation.

It looks like he’s in pain or something I don’t even know but it got me every time. 

And the fact that BioWare changed it in a patch. The fact that BioWare said ‘hey, we’ve got lots of bugs that we should fix but you know what? Making sure our golden templar isn’t laughed at is a higher priority.’ That fact. Is even more hilarious.

tbh the writers have done everything to build a romantic relationship between riley and maya except have them canonically dating which is frustrating but it also leads me to believe that the writers might support rilaya actually happening and it’s just that the network won’t let them, despite the fact that disney NEEDS to get their act together and have lgbt+ main characters

I can’t believe Reese and Finch actually adopt a dog together, the people writing the show must have been like “how can we make it clear to the audience that these two are totally a couple” and someone was like “I know, they should get a dog”

like how can they make two such ruthlessly competent men also such adorable nerds why are they trying to ruin me

(also I need someone to come assure me that nothing bad happens to the dog because I am the world’s biggest baby kthxbye)

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About a year ago I came out as bisexual, but I've had some experiences and I've realized I'm completely gay. I don't know what I should do and I don't want it to seem like I was lying when I came out the first time. I know this hasn't happened to you, but do you have any tips or ideas? I just really need help and you are a really good person 💛💛💛

They won’t think you were lying. In a heteronormative society it can be difficult to figure out one’s sexuality so this transition is super common. It’s actually a little bit of a bummer because that’s part of what leads people to believe nonsense like “bisexual people aren’t real”– but it’s not your fault at all! Again, heteronormativity– you’ve been brought up in a society in which the standard is “Adam and Eve.” Your friends will understand that you’re just figuring things out 😊

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With what you said about Piper and Annabeths friendship being undeveloped I totally agree with you but at the same time I've had people who I've been friends with for years but could never really get that close with while meanwhile the people I'm close with it took me just weeks to get this way. Sometimes there's just something about a person that makes it easy to just instantly open up to them if they're right for you idk I like to believe that's what it was for them

No I get exactly what you’re talking about - but the problem I was more or less referring to was that we never got to actually read that happen. Is it perfectly understandable that they could become best friends in that time span? Absolutely. But from a reader’s standpoint, it was extremely weird transition because Annabeth and Piper went from being friendly acquaintances to ‘you’re my bestie 5ver’ and we saw absolutely none of that development. 

And like I mentioned before - Annabeth’s an extremely closed of person. She doesn’t go out of her way to make new friends or let people get easily close to her. So it just felt really odd when they suddenly showed up as really really close friends. 

I totally get how their friendship could have happened - but since everything happened behind the scenes I never really got into their friendship which sucks because they had some really wonderful interactions with each other.

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Didn't mean to offend you, just sharing my personal beliefs. I'm sure you're an awesome person and will make a great husband to some guy one day.

Now see that started off great…. Then you just had to be a rude, since I’m make the best husband to a man or woman one day. Hell maybe both at the same time!

I’d love if you came off anon and we could have an actual conversation about this, but we both know that won’t happen. So you hide there for a moment.

So you don’t believe in bisexuality in men…. You believe men can like men and be gay and that’s cool, and men can like women and be straight also cool. Liking both though, oh hell we have crossed a line and they will just end up being gay.

Some people like peanut butter some people like jelly and some people like them both at the same time.

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Now I am picturing Xanatos and Feemor's First Meeting post resurrection, and the Lifebond just *snapping* into place between them. (Xanatos is shocked. Everyone watching can't believe what's going on. Feemor is - unsurprised. He thought that something like this might happen; he's also the only person not panicking - probably because he's the only one who actually *knew* that he and Xanatos were Compatible.)

Ehehehehe, yes!

Feemor, the ultimate Master of Chill. I can just imagine everyone all around him freaking out, probably fighting… and then he just *boop* gently prods the bond between him and Xanatos.

Next thing you know, Xanatos is lowering his lightsaber and everyone around them is like “tf?” looking back and forth between each other. A lot of confused shrugging is happening.

And then Xanatos gets captured, the moment breaks, but luckily we get more while he’s in captivity before “accidentally escaping”. It’s not Feemor’s fault the the particle barrier was left down, he knows plants not machines. Oh, and Xanatos grabbed a speeder? And spare clone armor to sneak out in? *patented Feemor head tilt shoulder shrug* He just knows plants. Who would suspect Feemor, the innocent gentle giant made of cinnamon sunlight?

(Obi-Wan would know he’s seen the looks Xanatos started to give Feemor. He knows looks like that, and you’d have to be an Force-blind idiot not to see the way the Force dances between them.)

(Plus, after hearing Xanatos’ side of things. How he was brought back. How he’d sooner die a second time than end up in the hands of the Sith – which brings a real fun line about how the Jedi would treat him well and Xanatos would laugh, “You think the Sith don’t have Coruscant under their control? I’d be dead in under a week, or worse.”)

(Basically it would just turn into Jinn Padawan Bros helping each other out without outright *saying* they’re helping each other out. Classic Jinn communication technique – they learned well.)

I’m so sorry for the tangent, Ham. You just got my brain gears to start grinding. Thank you.

The U.K. went backwards in history when we voted out of the EU, we as a country ruined so much progress we made. I personally voted but too many of my peers didn’t and that’s the problem.

America has Trump who will fuck up so bad, more than we know. He will ruin your country and send you backwards in history.

Enough will the attitude people have just believing it’s not going to happen. No one actually believed the U.K. Would vote out and look what happened.

What I’m trying to say Brexit was our Trump.

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jajdhhfhf i cant believe taeyong invented everything good thats ever existed

omg i have another ask about my thoughts abt taeyong so i’ll just put it here ok


the thing abt this whole ‘scandal’ or wtv is that he’s the one apologising and talking about it himself he’s not being shielded by sm or trying to act like it never happened… he’s actually bowing his head and saying sorry and that he wants to, and is trying to be better… 

to me that’s one of the hardest and bravest things a person could do which is why i feel so strongly abt him and i just want him to be happy like he really deserves it i love lee taeyong so much everybody love him

taeyong invented being inspiring and responsible have a good evening everyone pls reblog my yuta gifset love u all

I have my money for top surgery. I haven’t booked it yet but I’m getting my private referral letter early next month and then hopefully if the waiting lists are okay I should get my surgery before the end of the year (I’m aiming for October tbh). I can’t believe this is actually going to happen for me. It doesn’t feel real