The Wish [Chapter Two] | Naruto

prompt: See Chapter One.

pairing:Naruto ◊ Hinata

notes: Sooo, this is the second chapter. I have a margarita in my hand (second one), and I’m a bit tipsy, so we’ll see how this goes.

notess: Naruhina shippers, I’m just going to let you know now, this chapter has narusaku in it just because I want to make you all cry because I’m a bad person. Also, I don’t believe this would actually happen, it just makes for some juicy shenanigans. Btw, I am sorry, truly. #naruhina5eva

notesss: If you decide not to read it because I put a little bit of narusaku in it, please keep reading anyway because this is about Naruto wanting to take the wish back, but he can’t until Hinata falls in love with him again, so there is no emotional attachment to Sakura for Naruto, it’s just..idk, just read please. One more thing, because this is an au, character are going to be OOC, please don’t hurt me (this whole thing is OOC and it hurts me to write it like this..). 

So who was he looking at? Were his eyes playing terrible games on him again or maybe this really was genjutsu, he didn’t know anymore nor did he care because the being in front of him walked just the way he remembered, with their back straight, with their head held high and had an arrogance about them that he remembered. This was who he thought it was, and all the memories and emotions pooled into his thoughts. 

Before speaking, before any movement, before he could even breathe, tears started pouring from his eyes. This was a sick nightmare. 

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