personally idgaf who he is dating

BTS reaction to their gf having a darker style and listening to metal/rock

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I think he is more of a cute style on girl type dude but I don’t think it really matters when it comes down to who you fall in love. If he loves you which he does considering he is dating you it wouldn’t affect him at all. He would probably occasionally ask you to show him some music you listen to though.

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Even though is all like “idgaf what you wear, personality is what matters blablabla” I just know that he would adore it. I think he would prefer a darker style on a girl tbh and as for music that man listens to everything from classical music to hiphop I think that would be the least thing to bother him.

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I think he would be really into the style cause I can see him with someone who wears darker colors and has a darker style y’know? I heard this way back so idk how relieble it is but I think he recommended judas priest once which is like metal or maybe I’m horribly wrong but there’s that im the shittiest blog ever nice fucking sources lexii good job

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I was suprised asf when I heard this but he actually already listens to rock so I’m not gonna say I’m shook but like I’m shook ?? Boi you listen to cheer up 24/7 ?? Wdym rock??? I think the style of clothing would be really cool to him though. Like I’m pretty sure he would probably ask you to put together an outfit for him at one point.

He looks so bloody good

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I feel like he could be a bit like Jin in the sense he says he would prefer a cute type of girl but here’s life you motherfucker you can’t control who you fall in love with so let’s keep going for the sake of this reaction. I feel like he would ask you to talk about a band you liked just because he likes seeing you get passionate about it and thinks you’re cute as shit and not really cause he cares about the band cause he is cute like that

i love my bias yall i’ve been swerving cause taehyung has been delicious lately but im too whipped to swerve for too long

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I don’t think he would really care tbh. I don’t think he would even notice if you weren’t talking about the bands for awhile in your relationship cause he wouldn’t find it that imporant how you dressed or what yiu listened to. I think he would ask you to give him one of your earphone when he would be ineterested.

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Jeon Jungkook lives for it. We all know he listens to linkin park (lmao remember that bangtan bomb where he lip synced to one of their songs and cursed and nobody noticed cause its in english im dead) and if you haven’t seen his ideal outfit on a girl you better google that shit cause this boy loves some serious black on black action. Emo jungkook is rising and I’m here for it.

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