personally i really love this suit


This morning’s #lippie

Those who know me know I do not really wear red lipstick, it doesn’t feel like it suits me or my personality/style.

However! I do love dark rose shades and I am thoroughly enjoying the new #nars @narsissist Audacious lipstick in Vivien with the new Velvet Matte lip liner in Belle Marie and a touch of Sweet Dreams lip gloss.

Versus my last lilac lip, I didn’t put the gloss directly in the center of my lips top and bottom but instead just put it in two dots on the bottom lip to create a dip in the center (so my bottom lip can look like it’s made of two puffy parts) and a bit of gloss on my upper lip line just on the cupids bow :) love it!

#lips #lipstick #makeup #beauty

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14/  kim wonsik feat. collarbone tattoo


I became so reliant on (alcohol) to enjoy stuff. There were a few years there when I was just so enamored with the idea of living some sort of famous person’s lifestyle that really isn’t suited to me. As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time - that doesn’t work for me. I do that very unsuccessfully. I’d just rather sit at home and read, or go out to dinner with someone, or talk to someone I love, or talk to somebody that makes me laugh.

Ally's Audition

We never see Ally sad, but something that really upsets her is what X-Factor did to her audition. Most of you don’t know this, but Ally’s audition was nothing like what they showed. The music never shut off, Simon never rolled his eyes, and they let her sing the entire song. Simon even said that he thought she was a  future star and that her voice was virtually suited to sing any style of song. Papa H told us that Ally was really distraught over this because it portrayed her as a self-absorbed person. At one point she even wanted to leave the group because of the hate she was getting from it, but Simon convinced her to stay. I think we should stop making Ally Audition jokes, and instead show more love and support. Thank you.


Oops,I forgot how to draw.

I’ve purchased Clip Studio Paint yesterday and I was trying out some of its features and the result was this.

I may have been listening to a TAS video while testing out stuff. It sucks to be Ryou. You all know he’s always having a worse day than you

Urgh, I hate it when Tony is characterized as this smarmy creep who spends his time leering at women and asserting himself on those who don’t want it.

Like, there is a very marked difference between charming and smarmy. Ok?

Tony, the guy who spent 3 months with no autonomy, the guy who knows what it’s like for people to want one thing from him, the guy who gets that just bc someone acts a certain way doesn’t mean they actually feel that way.





Iron Man 2 makes me so fucking uncomfortable.

Bc that is NOT Tony, and loving Tony after watching him being a shitty human being to women….even tho I KNOW that the characterization is false… really really tough.

The reason you don’t fuck up a beloved character, is bc it makes the readers feel like horrible human beings, ok?

Superior Iron Man, my foot.

Fuck this shit.

Please don’t write Tony as this disrespectful ass-wipe.

It’s not true…and you’re erasing his story by doing so. 


[Acrylics on cardboard]

The lighting in my room is appalling

I needed to bulk out my portfolio but the only thing I really felt like painting at the time was Pharah. Which turned out to be a mistake. But hey I did eventually finish it so just take it.

Defining Poly

Working on developing a brief but relatively thorough definition of polyamory to use when I talk to people that is phrased entirely as positives rather than a list of what poly is not. I’d love feedback, as I’m building up to coming out to family and I really want to be as well prepared as possible. 

Polyamory is living the idea that people can love and develop committed romantic relationships with more than one person at a time. It is always open, honest, and consensual, and works best when we assume the best of all the people involved, choosing trust over fear. Many poly people feel joy at the deep connections that their partners form with other partners. Polyamorous people form the relationships that best suit the needs of those involved rather than relying on cultural scripts.“

1989 Tour | “How You Get the Girl” | [4/11] | Versions 1 + 2

Asher Levine custom

“Bad Blood” music video costumer Asher Levine custom-created Taylor’s light-up top and skirt (as well her dozen back-up dancers suits) for the adorable lite-brite performance of “How You Get the Girl.”

Personally, this track has never been a favourite of mine but I really loved the charming performance for the tour. It made me like the song a little bit more!

During the later tour dates, Taylor switched the original tank version of this light-up top to a bandeau-style one.

Worn with: Stagelight Premiere heels

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So let’s start off by saying that I’m actually in shock I’m even posting this picture right now, but I’m going to do it anyways.

Here we go. My entire life I’ve known that I am not what society considers to be “ideal” in terms of weight and height and myriad other things. So every summer when it came time to buy a bathing suit I stuck to dark colored, one piece, body-hiding bathing suits with board shorts over them just in case I wasn’t covering enough of my ‘unattractive’ figure.

I am 21 years old and for the first time in my life I own a bikini. A bikini that shows some of my midriff. A bikini that makes me feel cute and attractive and comfortable in my own skin. This year I’m working on not hating my body and improving myself and this year is the first time I’ve been brave enough to try something new for summer.

And I am so proud of myself.

By no means am I even close to being completely accepting of myself but I’m taking big steps. I’m working hard to love myself.

Posting this is, I guess, my way of reminding myself that I’m not the only one that feels this way, especially when summer rolls around. Posting this is my stand for body positivity and taking care of myself.

Posting this is my way of saying I’m cute as fuck and if you don’t like it you can exit my life stage left.


» kylo ren & rey | one way or another; TFA SPOILERS

WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN TFA YET! This video contains TFA spoilers. So if you watch this without seeing TFA first, you’ve been warned. So watch at your own risk.

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Rey: “You’re a monster”
Kylo Ren: “It’s just us now”

Now before you jump down my throat saying ‘I’m a horrible person for making a video of them’, I don’t ship them romantically, well, not yet. Maybe in future films if it’s confirmed they aren’t cousins and Kylo makes some serious changing in the right direction. But I really love their dynamic in the movie and I felt this song really suited them. It’s got a dark-y edge to it that I feel works perfect for them. They are both my favorite new characters so far, even though I love the entire cast! ;D So I really wanted to vid something small with them. So please let me know what you think, and if I should make more videos of them, I loveee feedback! ;D I hope you guys enjoy! <3
- Cailey