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On Writing “Better”

Anonymous asked: “Can I ask you for tips to improve my narration? I don’t like the way I’m writing and I think I need a little help.”

I don’t think there’s any one way to do it. When I’m not in love with my writing, I turn to a book of writing that I really admire and try to experiment with style. To some degree, a lot of writers will “hate” their own writing. 

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I don’t understand how people can ship Bakugou and Izuku. It makes absolutely no sense and it seems like Izuku would get more harm than good out of a relationship like that. I personally find Todoroki and Izuku to be a better fit, as they seem to be very important to one another and thrive to see each other grow.

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I can't even believe that person that said other people have it worse so don't beg for money and go get a job as a cleaner?! I can't stand people who are like this! It's like the people who say "what are you depressed for? other people have it worse." Ugh! I'm fuming.

Exactly. People’s pain and hardships isn’t a competition, so don’t treat it like one. “There’s people who have it worse than you.” And? There’s people who have it better than me too and you don’t see me telling them they shouldn’t be happy. This is the exact reason why I never ask for this kind of help. But whatever, I expected it to an extent.

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Do you think KJ and Camila are good actors? I honestly dont understand why so many bugheda and/or sprousehart shippers give them so much hate. I am not saying that they're amazing and like Cole and Lili are much better (imo at least), but I dont understand the hate? its so unnecessary?

i think kj and cami are decent actors. i’ve only ever thought one person on the show was kind of bad, and it wasn’t either of them. from what i understand, kj might be kind of a shitty person, so i guess maybe that’s why some people don’t like him. i have no clue what cami did to warrant so much hate. i definitely don’t think she deserves it. most of the hate she gets seems to be in regards to cole, which annoys me. could you be any more obvious? the more i see of it, the more edits i want to make of their friendship 

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Hey, may I please have a list of xreaders (doesn't matter who) where the reader feel lost or hopeless and the person let's them know how much they are loved....if not that's okay. I'm sorry to bother you but you have some of the best stories I have ever read and always find the best so anything you like or think would e good to read will do actually. Thank you for your time

You are not a bother at all. It is not all the fluff I have but I picked some of the ones I like the best. I hope you feel better soon - I am sorry about you going through a rough time. I picked one shots and series. But there are a lot of fluff if you search my drabbles too.

I put it under a cut cause it got a bit long.

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oh shit did i not even get robert’s good end is there more??? i just saw someone in the tags saying you have to have dated a certain one of the other dads??? i thought i got the good end because it was like, robert’s daughter came to my graduation party and told me that i’ve been really good for him and then robert told me that he’s been better lately because of me and he hasn’t felt this way about anyone in a long time but he wants to work through his personal shit before we get into a romantic relationship and i said sure and when you feel ready you know where to find me and then we kissed and watched the sunset BUT is there more

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hey, i have a super weird question. why do you ship lucisev? they can't support and i don't think they talked otherwise in-game. i'm really sorry to ask such a rude question but i'm super uninformed about this and i'd really like to be in the loop. sorry to be a bother!

theyre both my favorite gen 2 characters from awakening and severa is the gayest character in the game. yeah. kjelle is pretty gay. but severa is the one who says


their personalities mesh really well together and if they weren’t dating i’d think they’d at least be really close. severa’s constant self doubt and lucina’s encouraging and supportive personality just work imo. lucina’s canon terrible fashion sense & severa’s love of shopping (and probably a better fashion sense) is also super cute! 

severa’s lowkey hatred for chrom because of cordelia’s infatuation with him also plays a role? like, i imagine her just being so in denial over having a crush on lucina, haha. 

also the future past dlc is like


i feel like theres a lot more i could say more concisely but like.

theyre gay, linda

also i feel like my lucisev playlist gives a better idea of how i interpret it. very one sided from severa’s side but mostly just because lucina is pretty dense, but also just too focused on her goal in game. that being said any interpretation is fine really lmao!

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I LOVE he took the sunglasses right back off when someone started talking to him. Show respect of looking the person in the eye properly. Shows the guy is still very much who he was and grounded. Love it!

I like this angle better than the “Psssh, Hollywood got him!” one.

Uhm quick question help me out guys:

Is the Robert ending where he says he likes you but needs to work out his personal stuff first before you get serious the best one you can get?

Like. I couldnt think of a better ending for him. It’s sweet and realistic and him being head over heals for your character in the end when he went through so much doesn’t seem quite right but I only got S on the first two dates and A on the third. Is there a better ending?

I personally loved Star and Tom’s dance scene. It was beautifully animated and I just felt like it had a profound meaning/ representation like Star and Marco’s in Blood Moon Ball (not saying that one is better than the other). Either way, both are equally beautiful to me and I appreciate both.

 I’m just glad that Tom has some more screen time and that we might get to know how Star and Tom met and started their relationship if it is an actual flashback ! ~^_^~ but specially, we get more of Tom <3!

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hi u seem to be a rly positive influence on eli and im rly glad he knows u!

Thank you, I appreciate that. To be serious and perfectly honest, Eli is a really positive influence on me and he’s one of the people I’ve met through Tumblr who gives me a lot of hope and insight. We actually discussed at the Sufjan show how when I was his age, we weren’t very good at a lot of the stuff kids now are and I’ve learned so much about being a better person through people like Eli. He is the Miss Sufjan to my Nico.

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to answer the question about "if jenelle dated someone who pushed her to be nice to babs" gary did. Gary would push jenelle to spend more time with Jace and to try and work things out with Babs. he never was like "oh you'll get him back" she would call him and freak out and he'd say things like "just stay with jace you need to" and "work it out with your mom to stop the fighting" personally I think Gary got a bad edit what we saw from him he was actually one of her better boyfriends.

Gary was not this all around good guy like you think. He may have been a “better” one per-say but that doesn’t mean anything since everyone Jenelle has dated is pretty crappy. It seems to be her type.

Help me represent my characters properly!

I’m actually motivated, and I need help with writing some of my characters! 

The focus of these characters is so much more than these aspects, but I want to know how you would like to be represented, and also gain a better understanding of what it’s like to have/ to be one of the descriptors. 

If you experience the following, and would like to help me accurately represent a character who is a/ has it, please send me a message!

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • PTSD
  • ADHD (inattentive) 
  • Dyslexia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Holt-Oram Syndrome
  • Little Person
  • Paraplegic
  • Intersex (I know this is super broad)
  • Genderfluid
  • Trans Woman
  • Agender
  • Aro Ace

Also, stick around for future posts like this! My story has 53 characters, and this list only pertains to a small group of them who are introduced in the beginning. 

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I'm not sure if you can relate but I'm biracial ( half black and half white) and I find it hard to find a place to fit in. Like the white people wouldn't consider me part of them but at the same time some black people think we shouldn't be included in the community. They say we have it better than them but if you look on the kkk website they're against biracial people more and in the eyes of a white person they see us as black. I'm so confused

totally can relate! i’m not black but i am biracial and i’m not brown enough to be brown and not white enough to be white. either white people try and act like i’m one of them as though they’re doing me some kind of favor (oh like yeah your mom is brown but like you’re white. you’re basically white). white people act like they’ve got the right to speak about my experiences as though they could even know them (“it’s not like you experience discrimination why don’t you call yourself white”). in general it seems like white people cant fathom that i wouldn’t want to be like them lmao and they perceive me trying to distance myself from them as me like trying to be a “special snowflake” or whatever, when it’s actually just me acknowledging who i really am without like literally erasing one of my parents.

but i totally understand the confusion over where you fit. it’s like hard to figure out how much right you have to speak up, when it’s your place.

what i use as a rule of thumb is that if it affects me, then i’m within my lane to talk about it. my opinion matters on issues that personally affect me. and my family is my family, i’m not going to say i’m white bc i love my family and they’re very obviously not and i’m proud to be related to them.

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so all my friends have had sex and I haven't yet so they talk about it all the time and I always say that I can't relate, and I was talking to one of them the other day and she said that of course I should wait and that I'll find someone which I think I did but what if it's not hyped out to what it's supposed to be? I know it's not a magical experience for everyone but I want it to be over with already. lmao idek what I'm asking you I just wanted to say all that

it’s whatever u feel comfortable with. i personally wanted it to be with someone i loved which made it a better experience for me. but if you’re cool with a one night stand or something like that and u know u won’t get attached and get hurt, go for it

i dont even get why so many ppl are “anti fangirl” ,,, i honestly feel like ppl only are bc every one else is and the constant demonization of younger female fans is slung everywhere

like,,,, ur literally labeling yourself “anti female fan of this character” like u might as well call urself “anti people harmlessly enjoying this character in a way thats fun to them just because theyre female and im better than them bc  A. im male or  B. a female that doesnt do that”
its so immature and petty

like,,, the moment a girl has a favorite character or she ships her self insert oc with with it shes a cringey, bratty fangirl, but if some 22 yr old dude drew himself making out with a female character (typically underage) its a-ok. skeevy perverted guys? fine. young girls innocently having fun? god sooooo annoying and evil i hope they die

nice double standards y’all

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Are dildos expensive? I'm trying to buy a couple

They can run about $30-150, depending on what kind you get. The important thing to pay attention to is what they are made of. The cheaper ones are often made out of shitty material that can absorb bacteria and smells and they become disgusting and sticky. Any sex toys you’re using for insertion should be made from nonporous material like silicone, otherwise you’re wasting your money.

Personally, I feel once you get past a certain price point, you’re better off getting a vibrator that can take care of the clit too. But that’s just my opinion.