So this weekend I was on my 2 fav bands gig. First of them is [:SITD:]. They was awesome as always. This romantic kinda industrial witch make you fly to other dimensions ;)

And other one is Agonoize, which you can call agrotech…with they famous “blood” shows. Its actually somekind of strawbeeries thing lol

Nor the less it looks awesome and I always try to get to front row on their shows to look like this.

After it I was staying by my crush and as it was planned..doing stuff, things :P

Long story short…it was awesome weekend. And next weekend I’m off to see Behemoth…way excited


So this weekend was the best time of my life ever. I still cry from laugh when I think about it.

I went on Saturday to my now best friend Christina (you know roommate from my ex crush guy). We planned beauty time and drinking and then going out to gig. So we just put our masks on and start to drink (you can see my face mask after lol). We was so wasted, that we can hardly get ready for party. I was taking naps on floor between rooms while making ready. I did this one video in which I go some kinda growling sound which now is making us cry. Then we went to party to see some bands, but then we wanted to get out and we went to other floor on which was single party. I chatted this one guy. “Hi I’m Klaudia. And you?” “It’s not your busyness”. Bam…I just laughted and walked away. Then Christina meet this guy and soon she started to make out with him. So I did same with his friend, tho he was dead ugly…still those two got back home with us. When my ex crush noticed it ge got hell jelous and angry and we got serious talk in kitchen. Soon we went sleep. Christina with her guy in bed and I with this guy on couch, on diffirent part tho. Then I’ve noticed he didn’t smell to nice and this couch wasn’t to comfy, so I just took my cover and pillow and went to crush bed. Oh well…didn’t want to have nothing more to do with crush guy, but well…some things happen.

This seriously was one crazy time :D Oh and I steal crush guy t-shirt…trolololol