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calltainn  asked:

Your blog is fast becoming one of my favourites on this site - you seem to find the best SU fan art and as a bonus you mention vegan things sometimes! Two of my favourite things!

but seriously, i kinda hunt SU artists to follow them hehe and if i run into a blog that post fan art i didn’t see before i follow them too, so im super covered in that aspect lmao

and i try not to post too many not related su stuff but as a vegan cook, if something goes super good for me i wanna share, yaknow?

Autistic Lifehack: Hearing Problems

If someone says something that you only partially understand:

DON’T ask for clarification with a generic “What?” or “I’m sorry?” (In my experience, people will repeat the phrase the exact same way without helping you to understand).

Them: “Hey, do you like pahganabasa?”
Autistic Person: “What?”
Them: “Do you like pahganabasa?”
Autistic Person: “I’m sorry, what?”
Them (annoyed): “Do you like pahganabasa?”

Instead, DO repeat the part that you did understand, and substitute a “What?” for the unintelligable part.

Them: “Hey, do you like pahganabasa?”
Autistic Person: “Do I like what?”
Them: “Pineapple pizza?”
Autistic Person: (Understands the words!)