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Oh yeah, remember my last post about getting a kitten? Well PSYCH we got two, so here are some pics and stuff for anyone who cares

Meet Mocha and Cino

They’re brothers from the same litter of ragdoll cats, and when we visited them a month ago (pics here), both my gf and I immediately fell in love with them both, and we simply could not bear to choose between them.

Mocha is the one with the dark face and sock-like feet (the so-called mitted pattern), whereas Cino has a bicolour pattern (and a cute little white tip on his tail!).

We’ve had them for a week now, and they both seem like they’re getting used to us and their new home. Cino accepted us from day one, coming over to be petted and sleep near us, while Mocha was a bit more reserved to begin with (but he’s starting to come over too).

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life than I am right now ❤


Peter is darling and absolutely sure he’s ALL you need to be happy! He’s at Chicago CAT Lovers - Azrael’s Place in Illinois.  He does have feline leukemia, but this charmer is otherwise healthy and happy.

He’s playful and good with dogs and people.  As you can see, he’s also a champion bed warmer.

 Email azraelsplace@hotmail to meet Peter!