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I wish I could make content like you

how to make content like me: a tutorial

- download photoshop
- realise you have no idea how to use this shit
- panic
- google is your best friend

- screenshot something from a bfu video
- caption it w something dumb
- rinse, repeat

- take random song
- download 3-5 bfu episodes
- cut clips
- throw them together
- hope for the best

other trauma survivors: trauma doesn’t define you!

me, a borderline personality, sinking my nails deeper into my poor mental health, desperately trying to cling to anything and everything that can provide me with a label that offers a sense of identity and allows me to feel like a real person: . mmm,. mm? interesting concept but. i have One question. what the whole fuck


Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.


Four seasons with your love, will come once again…
Four seasons with your love, will stay within me…