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my angel an amberprice playlist

spark - amber run // taking you there - broods // cocoon - catfish and the bottlemen // 1965 - zella day // walking disasters - the wombats // first time - vance joy // no below - speedy oritz // like real people do - hozier // american money - børns // heal - tom odell // oblivion - bastille // all i want - kodaline // the night we met - lord huron // mountains - message to bears

I was in a terrible mood today after finding out some wonderfully shitty news. I never lose my cool anymore, but today I wasn’t able to hold it back.

I kept it under control. I didn’t snap at anyone. I just let it run its course. I sure did type really loudly. Didn’t notice until my coworker told me though. 😅

Oh well. All is good now!


I saw people drawing personality swap AUs and thought I should post mine too

EXCEPT 5.0.5. stays the same as a universal constant!! I need him to be a soft boi ™ ;w;

Officer Flug- No one really knows much about him besides Black Hat. Back in the day, if you paid him enough, he’d assassinate anyone. Heroes, villains, civilians. It does not matter to Flug. When he ‘made’ Dementia, Flug moved from assassinations to selling weapons to villains. Since he is nearly unintelligible wearing his gas mask, Black Hat is his interpreter. Sounds like pyro from tf2

Dementia- She was a brilliant scientist known by a different name back when she was alive. Unfortunately, it caught the attention of Flug and he had sent Black Hat to retrieve her. She was able to fend off Black Hat with her inventions, but that only pissed him off. Instead of returning with her in one piece, Black Hat returned her in multiple pieces. She was reconstructed by Flug and is terrified of Black Hat. (She tries to deny then when he is docile that he is kinda cute looking)

Black Hat- Found by Flug a really long time ago. He has immense power and abilities, but spends most of his day causing minor chaos or lounging around. He is Flug’s lap dog and was usually the one who was sent out to kill people. However, he has a very short temper and will kill anyone who looks at him wrong. No one really knows why someone as powerful as Black Hat would listen to Flug and Black Hat’s responses always vary, but the most common response is “He feeds me, that’s enough for me!”