personality over attractions


he just complicates things okay?!

I can’t deal with the combination of this:  




do i even need to put THIS

and his laugh is like my new fave thing

and if this isn’t a problem, i don’t know what is…

My wife is the most beautiful woman I know

Not because she conforms to my definition of beauty.

But because my definition of beauty conforms to her.

honestly, I know that its Dan and Phil’s “trademark” or whatever, but I would be 100% okay with them going without the fringe. is it just me that finds Dan’s natural (hobbit) hair more fitting? or Phil’s hair in a quiff to be more suiting for his face?

My kingdom for fetus Jake and Rosa being inexplicable best buddies in the academy and being the embodiment of the “someone is going to die” “of FUN!!” scene from parks and rec

I don’t care if you don’t think Carrie Fisher or Adam Driver are attractive – if you insult them I will hurt you

honestly I wonder how many great players cbs skips out on because they’re not conventionally attractive. probably a lot because even the fans that say they want hg’s based on game/personality over attractiveness rag on houseguests appearances when there’s ever an ugly one?

Like you guys who are calling Kryssie ugly and even Scott/Shane/Cornbread honestly are so, so sad. It’s truly an ugly part of all of you saying these things. I mean you could just stop before insulting someone’s looks and maybe just do literally anything else? Call your parents maybe? Idk.

Shallow people will be shallow I suppose.