Do you ever see someone who isn’t traditionally “attractive” then you get to know them and their personality and suddenly they are the most attractive person you’ve ever met? Yeah so basically don’t worry if your not “attractive” just let your personality shine through

⇧ Descendant Astrology ⇩

Your descendant is the opposite of your ascendant. The descendant is the completion of the ascendant. It shows what you unconsciously crave for in a relationship, how you aspire to be and on which level you can personally develop the most. Basically, the descendant reflects characteristics that you not always possess but which another person is able to provide you with and thus to make you feel happy and complete.

♡ Your Ascendant (1st House)  ⇆  Your Descendant (7th House)

Aries ⇆ Libra

Taurus ⇆  Scorpio

Gemini  ⇆ Sagittarius

Cancer  ⇆ Capricorn

Leo ⇆  Aquarius

Virgo ⇆  Pisces

Descendant in…

♡  Libra: 

  • active person
  • wants a wholehearted relationship
  • must be able to adapt otherwise relationship won’t last
  • true, steady partnership may come late
  • wants fun partners, with no time pressure for developing intimacy
  • needs to develop diplomacy and readiness to compromise
  • wishes for independence and self-determination but also for someone to reflect, complete and soothe one’s doing
  • wants harmony but is also good by oneself
  • can’t always be understood by others
  • strongly torn between adapting to partner and doing own will
  • easily bored if nothing scandalous is happening
  • environment provides challenges and ideas
  • feels easily personally attacked or excluded and thus challenged; counters by speaking up offensively 
  • sometimes questioned by partner, this leads to closing oneself up and being misinterpreted
  • energetic and in love with life

♡  Scorpio:

  • passionate and able to enjoy things
  • doesn’t like people to criticize what is loved
  • kind and likes to indulge loved ones
  • jealousy alerttttt
  • partner is loved unconditionally, wholesome and never-ending but also in a possessive way
  • if deeply hurt, will never forgive
  • believes in destiny, a human’s dark side
  • prone to losing oneself in emotional pseudo-realities
  • needs courage and utter reassurance before entering a relationship
  • search for security and durability, trust and mental connection
  • the idea of losing something scares
  • love equals hate
  • hates being ruled, this would mean a violation of honour
  • needs to risk a certain amount of flexibility, otherwise no development
  • supremely versatile, but stuck in mind restriction

♡  Sagittarius:

  • needs and gives independence and space
  • mental input, initiative and easygoingness crucial otherwise stagnation
  • partner could be best friend
  • immune to potential lovers, very loyal
  • can’t cope with emotional overload in a relationship
  • great hopes and desires, needs galore and soulfulness
  • partner is considered the ultimate safe haven
  • if less appealing traits are discovered in partner, great disappointment
  • prone to only plan for the future and forget the now
  • wants to discover new ways in a relationship and to get the best out of each other
  • life is there to be improved, ready to learn and teach
  • never prejudiced
  • finds it unfair to leave partner behind
  • expects too much and is thus disillusioned frequently
  • high moral and sense of reality obstructs acting out one’s desired temper

♡  Capricorn:

  • has troubles expressing affection verbally
  • needs to be completely convinced of another person before getting involved
  • when committed to someone, it’ll be forever
  • sometimes duty overshadows emotional side
  • if hurt, needs time to be convinced of something new
  • needs maturity and down-to-earthness
  • finds reassurance in set routines
  • money planner; never wastes anything unconsidered
  • self-confidence comes naturally, doesn’t need anbody’s ‘approval’
  • realistic way of solving problems
  • people with highly emotional ways of expression are considered unpleasant and annoying
  • likes to have a partner with dignity and savvy
  • partner should reflect a kind of reassuring character, if one should ever lose control
  • matures over the time and becomes more open to the concept of emotional love

♡  Aquarius:

  • seeks idealistic opposite
  • needs challenge and strong characters around
  • self-realisation must not be obstructed
  • sensitive towards disappointments
  • tries to act like being protected by a shell when meeting new people (to not get hurt)
  • sometimes considered flirty, but actually just trying to make people laugh
  • cannot have boredom
  • instantly turned off by ‘main-streamers’, needs otherness
  • likes to give freedom but won’t tolerate being ignored or neglected
  • won’t get along with very stable and never-changing people
  • may be more experimental before settling for ‘the One’
  • may be afraid of ending up alone
  • evolution by lots of experiences is natural here

♡  Pisces:

  • needs true emotion and total devotion in partnerships
  • true coddler
  • finds it difficult to accept that ideals aren’t always realistic to achieve
  • weakness for messed up people who can’t really handle life
  • very much ranging between a very realistic outlook on life and the complete loss in dreams and desires
  • sometimes blinded by harsh waves of emotional flooding
  • may often feel indefinable and therefore alone or untrue 
  • sacrifice compensates unanswered feelings, but sacrificing oneself for someone doesn’t ensure gratitude by this person
  • needs to avoid becoming neither the victim nor the saviour
  • finding balance highest priority
  • partner doesn’t necessarily have to have the same twisted mind if he is thouroughly loving and good
  • best match: relationship with equally giving partner, doing it out of love and respect

♡  Aries:

  • partnership provides development of personality
  • can’t decide between wanting to lead the relationship or to adapt for peace’s sake
  • interests change quickly
  • partner should be an active person who prevents from boredom
  • needs lots of contact
  • needs challenging people but also harmony
  • little teasing games always welcome
  • suspense and calmness hold each other’s balance
  • intrigued by gallant and graceful people
  • harmony and challenge not always achievable, therefore feels restlessly dissatisfied from time to time (conflict danger!)
  • should gain insight out of complicated times
  • work is a welcome distraction
  • needs to accept own fluctuating personality
  • disappointments are not taken well
  • old plans are abandoned very quickly

♡  Taurus:

  • craves depth and won’t do anything half-heartedly
  • partnerships are desired to be for the long-term
  • counterpart is considered spinning point when it comes to passion, happiness and enjoyment
  • needs to be careful not to sink into jealousy
  • love aspects: happy and careless but also serious and deeply binding
  • wants the definite as well as the unknown
  • feels often disappointed by humanity
  • affectionate and providing for those considered worth it
  • doesn’t show it but wants sexual challenge
  • steady partnership gives feeling of security and confidence
  • needs time to adapt to different aspects of partnerships and what they bring along
  • in the end very self-sacrifizing

♡  Gemini:

  • open-minded and free when it comes to new relations
  • partnership needs to be free and mutual
  • excitement comes with interesting fodder for conversations
  • partner should provide mental input, needs to be approving of vividness and cockiness
  • nimble and therefore fond of being attention center (not to be confused with vanity), likes to leave a good impression
  • reassured by courteous behaviour
  • lots of idols and influenced by world changers
  • super drawn to funny and intelligent people, knowledge is the holy grail
  • profound feelings are considered private matter, doesn’t like the feeling of being sounded out
  • light communication is preferred over deep topics; this might depress and discomfort and bewilder
  • doesn’t like to be too mysterious, partner should be of clear shape à la what you see is what you get
  • loves movement, exchange, meeting friends, and expedition tours; needs someone who accompanies all this

♡  Cancer:

  • objective and level-headed in daily routines
  • when it comes to love searches tenderness, security and comfort
  • tends to self-restraint and self-adjusting for partner’s benefit
  • when sure of counterparts full commitment total abondonment of reluctance
  • deeply interested in partner’s well-being; emotional perception
  • needs to pay attention not to care too much about things that don’t even concern
  • feels quickly personally attacked, thus answers hastily harsh and repellent
  • doesn’t show but needs plenty of alone time (not to be misinterpreted as rejection!)
  • needs someone who understands and to whom one doesn’t have to explain oneself; otherwise lonesomeness bound to occur
  • wants to steer things into the right direction; not one for spontaneous undertakings
  • should learn that life cannot be planned entirely
  • if mature and accepting, partnership inevitably trusting, beautiful and for the long-term

♡  Leo:

  • wants to be proud of relationship
  • needs much freedom, but gives equally as much
  • ascendant may make seem cold but partner will get to the true core of warmth
  • strong and will seldomly will subordinate unless there’s a sensible reason
  • enjoys partnership as the thing worthiest to aspire
  • tends to ignore when it comes to beef (partner should handle this by doing the same; this leads to understanding no one can without the other)
  • loves people equally intelligent and strong
  • total turn-off: boring people who go mainstream
  • total turn-on: unusual hobbies and people who just do
  • probably considered by others as the flamboyant and peculiar couple
  • needs constant mental enrichment
  • will only risk things together with someone who provides courageous backup
  • times when everything is done together take turns with solitude (recharging)

♡  Virgo:

  • very creative but lacks self-discipline
  • excellent match would be someone who loves for the dreamy element but will provide a healthy amount of realism
  • romance please!
  • tends to be too sensitive and thus withdrawal; partner ideally gets these little quirks and knows how to counter
  • afraid to ‘impose’ emotions on anyone
  • expert in human nature; needs contact and (mental) exchange
  • is happy when there’s need to focus on a task, environment etc.
  • hates being dictated anything because too polite to decline
  • needs to learn to take matters into own hand
  • ideal partner shows how and when to stand up for oneself (in a subtle manner of course and with genuine intention)
  • antenna for fake people and their fake intentions and fake smiles
  • needs someone who’s strong for oneself and won’t hesitate to speak the truth, they would complement each other very well
  • must learn to be enough for oneself (!) because here we have a great human being if there ever was one

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[Some personality type indicators are added by me]

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Types of people: Musical Instruments

Violin: black coffee, perfectionist, early mornings, winter, precision, a bit of a show-off, always trying to improve, does not know their limits

Cello: gentle hands, warm smiles, autumn evenings, long showers, old parchment, comfortable silences, wants to make everyone happy, content with what they have

Piano: monochrome, clean lines, clean hands, perfect posture, biting sarcasm, emotionally cold, late nights, sees the world as black and white, a little lonely

Flute: daydreamer, an early bird, gentle smiles, sunrises, spring days, tea, always trying to improve themselves, small acts of kindness

Clarinet: tired eyes, very caring towards loved ones, long naps everywhere and anywhere, soft melodies, sad songs, summer, longs for peace

Trumpet: red lipstick, loud music, will fight you, quick temper, confidence, bold colours, stargazing at midnight, euphoria, uncontrollable laughter

Harp: sunny days, lazy mornings, golden, soft voice, lullabies, surreal dreams, lives in their own world, a strange kind of wisdom, likes to be alone