personalised universes

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need to get me a friend like u, i would love a 16 minute film abt me rather than something u can buy at a store

everyone would tbh a personalised gift is universally appreciated more than smthn superficial


FLARF, projection with crystal balls, gourds and fun things. 

Experiments have yielded fruitful deductions: cannot really project “on” a crystal ball unless, as Nick our AV suite technician suggested, you sand one side of it so it’s opaque. However, projecting through a crystal ball does yield interesting results - different effects depending on if you use the ball or the more oblong glass stand. One piece of glass will unfocus the projection, two pieces will re-focus it. Projecting on a mirrored gourd cast shards of light everywhere.

Need to: project with mirror, see how reflections will work. Also consider making an apparatus for projection through the crystal balls (FILTER FOR YOUR REALITY).