Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia NEED YOUR HELP! We’re struggling with enormous floods that hit our countries and many people have lost their everything. Some people have lost their homes, hope, cars, pets and many of them have lost their loved ones. No matter from where you are, YOU CAN HELP IMMEDIATELY! We’re trying to get to Google and we’re hoping they will put on their front page for at least one day our cry for help!

The easiest way possible to help us is by sending an e-mail to Google with following text:

SUBJECT: Floods in Balkan area (Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia), we need your help!
TEXT: Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia really need your help. We are struggling with disastrous floods that have hit our countries like NEVER BEFORE IN HISTORY. Thousands of people have lost their homes, belongings and everything else they worked for their entire lives. For the first time after the war which happened during the 90s, people of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia are united in one goal – to survive. Please! Be a part of our salvation and raise AWARENESS by making our cry for help a front page on Google for at least a day! I hope that you will do it.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for helping us! Many hardcore and metal bands have helped us and many more will! I hope you will share this with your loved ones or between your followers and be proud on yourself because I’m sure we will help at least one person to survive this absolute disaster. 

Just finished watching Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo.

I don’t get what is in our heads when we can clearly see what drugs can do to us. Every parent and teacher told their kid that drugs were bad, we can see it on tv, on internet, hear it on radio… There are thousands and thousands of death in a world because of drug use. And we? We are still curious and we want to try it. Why? What is it in our heads that after all we hear or see, all we are waiting for is weekend to get fucked up again.