This checked me HARD! If the bible doesn’t say it’s a sin, but you’re convicted about a certain thing, pay attention to that uncertainty. Don’t ignore it and do what may not be a sin while you’re unsure if it is. Pay attention to your personal convictions. When you act on them, they demonstrate faith and self discipline. You’re also keeping from being turned over to yourself, or having a calloused heart. Personal convictions don’t have to be explained to NO ONE. That’s just between you and GOD!!!! Faith isn’t just about getting ahead, it’s also about taking heed. #PersonalConvictions #GodsWord #relationship #iAMalive HE’ll give you answers if you ask.

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Elyse was such a low-key character when I began writing Personal Convictions that I gave little thought to her appearance. As time went on, her character sort of revealed herself to me and I imagined a likeness she shared with Kate Beckinsale.