Shaving your Head: Step 1

[Pre-step: Even if you only had a few millimeters of a buzz, use the trimmer attachment on your clippers to take it down to lowest you can get. You don’t want long hairs to get snagged and pulled by razor, and yes, three millimeters is long for a razor that is primarily designed for beard stubble that’s shaved everyday. RECOGNIZE that if you want to rock the shaved head look, you are committing to shaving everyday. For those of us who let the body hair run wild and free (me!) that’s a commitment to changing up morning routine, adding in something that takes time. And no, I don’t see the silliness in shaving my head and no other part of my body. I maintain the rest of my hair knows how long to grow and then stop, it’s the stuff on my head that is unruly. I also maintain that being a little fuzzy in the right places, especially in the summer, prevents chafing and other unpleasantries associated with sweating. We’ve got hair growing in certain places for a reason people, I refuse to believe it is primarily vestigial. Keep up your stubble-free(!) hygiene routine and you’ll be happy to be hairy.) 

Get electric razor that you don’t have to worry about getting wet. Makes that whole, rinsing, relathering, cleaning razor process a lot less of a hassle. 

In lieu of another plastic bottle, lather up a good vegan, natural ingredient only bar soap and suds your head!

As electric razor manual directs, shave in a rotating motion. Rinse razor often. Relather when necessary, so much more comfy when there’s soap between your skin and the razor.