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when’s the last time i did any edits, anyway?

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anyway, these chibis come from a really cute piece of official promo art, and are now transparent for use in anything that could really use a cute chibi. as always, feedback on how i did is appreciated and please like/reblog or credit me if you use these

Sol’s Flare

Written by - @that-cosplay-sans
Edited by - @rsfoster
Based on Outertale “Sol” Grillby design by @pyramidheaddezby art link:

The way to the place was a unique glimmering walkway of swirling stars and galaxies; that created a path to the entrance of the restaurant next to the resort.  I checked myself in the reflection of the dark glass one last time, straightened my dress, made sure no feathers were ruffled and my beak well glossed. Giving my reflection a nod; I resolved that, yes, I had the air of a regular patreon.  I hoped so anyway.  I had come for something particular after all.  Through rumors floating through the local station by the comet stream; I had heard the bartender was capable of mixing drinks that could aid monsters in various ways.  Hell, it is even said that the one week when my boss was rather relaxed it was because he ordered a drink from the bartender here. 

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Is it  Keishuk or Kye-Sook????????? What roimanisation are we going for????? I usually google the AkaYona wiki to pull out the romanisations the fandom is used to but lol the wiki has King Il down as “Emperor” Il so I’m not sure it’s too trustworthy…

I bought a fat pack of marker pens cos there’s nothing better than hands soggy with rainbows of ink!!

ft @therealjacksepticeye!