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My Crush || Story time

Okay so my crush is actually my elder brother’s best friend (anyone remember my fic haha). He and two other friends came over on Friday. The last time I had seen my crush was sooo long ago!! but we texted and talked online. Still duh.

Cute things that happened:

When I said hello he (and the other friend) kissed me on the cheek.

We hung out all the time coz I really like them.

My crush went on my laptop and found a folder I called guys… bc he wanted to post something on my tumblr

me and him had a chat about deep things and politics alone for like half an hour

We played lots of games together

We played a game that is like guitar hero and i now have videos of him singing (badly) it was so much fun. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time

We went to bed at 5am

and now to the good part:

my brother being the weirdo he is just got into his bed and fell asleep while his friends had nowhere to sleep yet

so after me and my crush brushed our teeth next to each other he goes:

‘i’m going to my room and sleep in my bed’ and then he walks straight to my room and get’s into my bed although I had already prepared mattresses for the 3 guys.

So basically at the end of the day I shared my bed with 3 guys one being my crush! and he took his fucking pants of like???

We spent the whole Saturday together as well and when he left i felt super empty.

Now I can’t stop thinking about him and I’m trying to figure out how and what to text him. I’ll probably do that tomorrow but I’m also so insecure when it comes to things like that bc maybe he thinks i am annoying?

Tumblr will never cease to amaze me...

So we get Fantastic Beasts. A movie that, I believe, explores the horrible damage abuse does, the importance of preserving wildlife and respecting animals, the damage that segregation of any kind does, a great look into the intolerance of mental health problems, contains an allegory for police brutality, not to mention the idea of government corruption… and what does tumblr do?

It complains. As always.

1) why have they cast and “abuser”
2) god this movie is so white
3) why does there have to be a romance between Newt and Tina, he’s my precious, gay, autistic baby
4) JKR doesn’t mention slavery in this, it’s so white focused
5) OMG they killed Credence that’s so ableist.

It’s almost as if. Nothing. Pleases. You. People.

1) the abuse cases were dropped and there was also accustoms aimed at Heard but you’ll ignore those, I’m sure.
2) the head of MACUSA is a black woman, which I thought was awesome.
3) They are married in canon. That’s why she’s even in the movies. Newt isn’t any of the things you headcanon him to be. He avoids eye contact because he spends all his time around animals which, news flash, hate eye contact.
4) It’s. a. Movie. About. Magic. And. Fluffy. Animals.
5) He’s signed on to the next 4 films and has been quoted as one of the main characters going forward. If you actually researched or paid attention to the film you’d have noticed a bit of the obscurus float away at the end.

God damn it people. Just be happy with something for once.

You thought I stopped talking to you because I got bored. However, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m in love with you so much. I love you and it’s killing me because you won’t ever feel the same way. You look at me but you do not see me. Not with stars in your eyes or with a sense of awe. Not with love. So I’m sorry it seemed like I disappeared. For a while I was selfish and wanted to still keep you in my life. It didn’t work out like that. I realized that it didn’t matter if I left or if I stayed, because it would all hurt the same.
—  C.H. // Learning to Say Goodbye

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What if they find Shiro and he's been trapped in this time/space bubble thing and they can't get him out because the only way for him to leave is for someone else to take his place in the bubble. Everyone starts panicking and arguing trying to think of a plan to save him, but while they're distracted Lance just walks right up to the space prison and takes Shiro's place without even thinking about it because obviously - in his opinion - Shiro's way more important than he is.

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reminder to all my MLM boys out there being polyamorus or liking/being in an open relationship doesn’t make you dirty or unfaithful or predatory or gross.

Polyamorus boys are good and pure. Boys in open relationships are good and pure.

Y’all shine so bright you’re blinding me, rude. Come kiss me better.

  • Saeran: I bought you this flower because it reminds me of you.
  • Saeyoung, with happy teary eyes: Saeran.. Oh, thank you so much-
  • Saeran: It’s cheap, and fake, like you.

I drift in and out of depression.

I’m intelligent… I know.
I’m pretty… I know.

My friends call me perfect; they say someone would be so lucky to have me.

I’m fun… I know.
I’m interesting… I know.

I tell myself these things over and over, a repeating song of endless personal praise.

Every time I crush on someone they show no interest.

Every time I flirt, I laugh, or I try they turn away.

Am I intimidating? Maybe.

I try to be friendlier, be less talkative, talk more, sit up straight, make eye contact, text first, say hello, good morning, goodnight.

I can’t figure it out.

I repeat, I repeat. I am worth wanting, I am worth looking at, I’m beautiful, I’m whole.

Yet I remain alone. No one looks, no one stares.

I lay awake at night slowly believing I am unwanted, unapproachable.

It helps to write it down, it really does.

But it doesn’t make anyone care anymore than they already don’t.

—  11:26

does anyone else develop crushes just to Feel something??? like I’ll end up liking someone just because I like the rush of happiness that the feelings give me and seeing them gives me something to look forward to etc. then my delusional self will believe that he likes me back even though we’ve barely even interacted and I’ll constantly have intense feelings of happiness, love, heartbreak, anger and sadness

I used to hate the color of my eyes cause they weren’t blue or green or gray, just plain ol’ brown. But then, this one time during lunch at 10th grade, the boy I liked was talking about something to his friends at our table when he suddenly stopped talking and told his friends to look at me. He literally told every single person eating at our table to stop whatever they were doing to look at my eyes because “it’s beautiful, look at how it changes color when the sunlight hits it just right. Look at it!” My face began to blush at the complimemt and the attention so everyone was telling him to stop being annoying and to apologize for bothering me, and all I could do was cover my face with my hands to hide the smile forming on my lips. I started loving my eye color after that, it’s been four years since.