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Yo I don't ship 2doc but in that new little ad they're... in Murdoc's bedroom and... they're standing so close to each other... lmao

I know I’ve said this before but whoever is contributing to the script writing and/or animation is honestly out of control because the body language in that video, in addition to the setting (like you said) is basically setting the stage for a 2Doc shipper to put their own pieces together. Like, it literally looks like they forgot that a film crew was coming and were caught in the middle of something (Murdoc recovers quickly, but 2D is just awkwardly standing there and almost fucking leans completely into him? lmao). Ofc, you can interpret this in a 2Doc way or a non-2Doc way like, maybe they were about to smoke a bowl together (because ia with the one comment that said 2D looks high) or Murdoc was going to show him his stolen paintings. IDK!

AND THEN, idk if anyone else saw this yet but they released ANOTHER mini-interview which is probably their most awkward yet. The reason I bring it up in this answer is because in it, 2D says he likes the interviewers hair and then says it’s “like Murdoc’s” (with an add on of “only better”) and Murdoc calls him a “naughty boy.” ??!?!? Not to say there aren’t ways to explain all of this away but they’re also making it incredibly easy for fans to take some of these interactions and go wild.

Nursey can take a month and a half sitting on and tinkering with the right words for a poem if you let him, but he is a pro at banging out that last-minute “shit I should’ve started this two weeks ago and now I have seven hours” lit. essay.  Give him some caffeine and some quiet and he’ll bullshit up a storm, with perfect citations, too.

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how much did root know about harold and reese before firewall? i was just rewatching it today and she seems so low key smug when she meets john. i can't decide if she's just good at reading him in that therapy scene, or if she already knows, and just enjoy playing with him. it's root, so both seem equally possible.

Hey anon! Hope you’ve been doing well! 

John is the frontman for most of their number missions, so Root probably knew what he looked like after Root Cause and was able to dig up some basic info about him. She might’ve traced his history back to the military, and maybe even the CIA depending on whether they destroyed records of their ‘dead’ agents or not. She was def having way too much fun playing with him!

Now Harold I don’t think she knew much about given how much he keeps himself off the radar, and so she extrapolated while talking to him + acted on whatever preconceived notions she had already built up in her mind about him. 

Send me a song lyrics that describes Sehun (for Sehun stan), Suho (for Suho stan) and BaekYeol (for BaekYeol stan) to you!