Here’s something funny that happened last night at the hospital, I was shivering like hell and this lovely woman who was in the bed opposite me got a nurse to get me some blankets. I knew the nurse from when I’ve been in before so she went “Back again?” and we had a little giggle before she tucked the blankets around me. Now, that was fine but I was a little but high from the medication I’d been given and I proceeded to say “I am a beautiful butterfly” with my eyes shut and a big smile on my face.

She then referred to me as her tiny butterfly boy each time she came to check on me.

Et quand l'amour a débarqué dans ma vie, ça m'a changé, je suis devenue plus belle, plus gentille, moins impulsive, moins égoïste.
Et quand l'amour m'a fait gouté la souffrance, le manque et la tristesse, je suis devenue plus forte, plus mature, plus poétique.
Et je me demande, si l'amour n'avait pas frappé a ma porte, si IL n'avait pas frappé a ma porte, je serais devenue quoi?
—  Mine.

here it is–THICC!! the brand new album by yours truly.
includes catchy, rhythmic songs such as: “cherry picker (it’s not what you think)”
“ive never felt love (ever)”
“peanut butter feeling”
and my personal favorite: “chicken nugget extraordinaire”

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Off to godsons first birthday this afternoon. So wrapped his blanket this morning. Hope he likes it. :-)

After the party we are heading off on the train to Scarborough for the weekend. Excited about that as we will be seeing the finish of the Tour de Yorkshire bike race. The boy and I enjoy watching pro cycling and we love Scarborough. A pre wedding break away from the stress of having to do things. I think it will do us both good.

I will admit that I am a bit stressed about food while we will be away. But hopefully I can keep it in check and not ruin the time away like I have before. I might see if we can go and see the penguins in the North Bay on Monday….. go penuin with my tiny brethren.


Today was the first time I ever rode the LRT and I’m in love with it. It’s like a spaceship or something that has a really smooth ride. I don’t know why but I really prefer it over the MRT. But I also love the MRT, therefore I can conclude that I love all trains whatsoever.