Destroy the Unwritten Rules of Fashion 2k16!

If society tells you that you can’t wear something, because you pack some extra weight. Tell them to go fuck themselves, give ‘em the finger in the face! Wear that crop top, rock those short shorts, slay those ankle boots! Wear that motherfucking sleeveless dress!!!

Know that you are cute, and that you are killing it! Challenge those ideals, break the mold. And don’t you ever let them tell you, that you can’t wear what you love. You have the right to fully express yourself, and to feel beautiful. You don’t live, to meet up to their expectations. The only person who’s approval you need, is yourself. You do you!

I believe in you, I know you can do it <3

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Kevin:</b> //playing Ninja Storm adventure mode<p/><b></b> //Tenten and Ino appear asking for 5 bronze kunai each<p/><b>Kevin:</b> Why everybody want my shit<p/><b>Kevin:</b> //goes to store, has 150 bronze kunai<p/><b>Me:</b> YOU HAVE SO MANY WHY DOES IT MATTER<p/><b>Kevin:</b> Because it's MINE and I can SELL IT<p/><b>Me:</b> YOU ALREADY HAVE OVER A MILLION RYO<p/><b>Kevin:</b> WELL I COULD HAVE A MILLION MORE<p/></p><p/></p>

Hello everybody! I have made it safely to the Philippines. The flight was really grueling, but I’m happy to be here. The weather is sunny and warm, and there is a constant breeze. It’s refreshing! When I opened the curtain in my room this morning, there was a cow staring at me. His name is now Bruce. I’ve been taking videos and pictures, I’ll upload something to Youtube when I return. Dad’s wedding is on Saturday! The jet lag is affecting me very strangely. When my dad asked my step-uncle about getting pizza, I told them the entire history of Chuck E Cheese. I’ll check in again soon! 

I thought I’d have a lot of time to play BC during the new year’s day holiday but I was so busy binge-shopping all along. I couldn’t help as so many brands and websites had big sales. 

And now I am waiting for Amazon to list the Romantic Garden SP so I can get it for free. So it will take some time to resume playing BC! (It won’t take long though.) 

Well, I know I’ll only use a couple of items from the SP like I’ve always done (never fully experienced an EP or SP). I think I’ve just kept hoarding all of them them because they are free. I’m not even interested in landscaping. I always prefer desert plants. 

Btw, as for the alien abduction, I don’t know why you guys think I’d not keep the baby or give up on this challenge!?!? I will definitely keep the baby!! (This BC is already doomed so don’t expect anything romantic from it (or me) any more.) Anyway, if all goes to plan, a new tiny member will join the BC during the next round. Can’t wait to see how the tiny one will distract all the contestants >:-D


Yo, so I have a couple of things to say about this video actually!

1. This is the story of something that happened to me a couple of years ago. I was legitimately, horrifyingly stalked by a man who lived a few doors down from me, for at least ten months and neither I nor my housemates at the time had any idea. We ended up finding out, not because he slipped up or because we were vigilant, but because he chose to seek me out in person, at the bus stop adjacent to our street and tell me all of the fucked up shit he knew about me thanks to stalking me for ten months.

2. I kind of made this in response to all the shitty clickbait videos people make that have titles like “SCARY STALKER TRIED TO KILL ME”, but actually they just got a weird look from a guy one time, y’feel? I want people to know that stalkers are real, that this is real shit that really happens, and when it does, it’s a living hell.

So yeah. Watch this, click the actual video link so you can click the shiny subscribe button, ‘cause I have a lot of stories and I’m super willing to share them.