Favorite EddEddy Moment #25

It’s cute the way Edd and Eddy acted like Ed’s parents during one episode. But, if you notice they always act like his parents.

Ed looks up to Edd and Eddy because we all know how Ed’s homelife is. Both Edd and Eddy care about him because they know how he always has it hard. They’re there for Ed more then his parents are.

I love how once in a while Edd will return Eddy’s one arm hug. Eddy has always had personal space issues, but he lets Edd touch him.

Eddy has been rubbing off on Edd so he has been becoming more conniving. They’re both proud about how they care for Ed. They know they’re being good friends because Ed’s mind has been growing.

Edd and Eddy growing closer gave Ed a chance for his mind to grow and see what the world is like for himself.

I like to think I’m a rational person, but don’t try to give me a history lesson. The argument in both sides was problematic but first off.

In the beginning your approach was fucked up, you can’t just walk up to people and assume that a joke is being made that they will understand. Joking with someone you don’t know at all, as a first conversation can end badly. Period and it did.

Futhrrmore, if you see that the joke is getting a negative reaction don’t continue it. It’s just not right. Especially if the initial contact was taken ad badly as I took it and everyone around me took it. If people have to ask, “do you know him” when someone makes a joke like that, you don’t keep going. Asking, “why isn’t there a white history month” and questions of the sort is not a joke to some people and I’m one of them. Also don’t invade someone’s space. It’s just not what you do when you don’t know anyone.

Third. If we drop it. Don’t antagonize the situation by staring and trying to gauge reactions. If it’s dropped don’t continue.

Fourth. If the situation is spoken about by the other party(i.e. my squad to out other, white friend) , then dropped for more pleasant and easy going conversation please don’t bring it back. Just dont. If we’re talking about unripened fucking banana. Don’t bring up the topic with. “Am I essentially Hitler now?” Please sir, please. Don’t. If other white men look at you and say yes you’re wrong, it no longer a debate at that point.

And to the friend black friend of the accused party who tried to set it straight. I understand that your ancestors, “came across th e oceans just like ours” but you’re lightskinned. No matter what people look at you differently. Second when I say I don’t like people who approach me like that, don’t try to use the excuse that if it were a black man I’d be more okay with it. Because no I wouldnt. You don’t jump on a comment someone says and then immediately question it. To me that’s confrontational. Respect that. Third. Don’t try to convince me by attempting to give me a history lesson on black rights:“Let’s take it back to the sixties.”

News flash. I’m not an idiot.

I can accept that what I said was problematic. Does it change how I feel? No. When some white people look at me I do feel uncomfortable, I tend to fucking hate it. Don’t try to convince me that I was talking about you either, because I wasnt. I live in conservative, white run Louisiana. White men come a dime a dozen. And I can view bith side easily, it may not be explained here but I’m jot a bigot. I understand issues with racism to bith sides.but honestly, come on now. You can’t expect a person like me, a young black female, to not feel threatened, uncomfortable, or any other adjective when a white male approaches me. Someone I don’t know by the way.

Regardless, we can make this a race issue. But it’s more of a comfort issue. You made me feel uncomfortable, so I was angry and honestlt do you think you changed my mind bu continuing like that.

And black guy, you tried but let’s agree to disagree and just tell your buddy not to just approach people he doesn’t know like that because I refuse to build anymore friendships on the basis of jokes like that.

And the fact that my friend also had a medical emergency in the midst of this? You sir, have fucked up.

I’m done now.

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Am I wrong? I don’t think so.