this bizarre “gentlemanly” vibe these kinky men strive for but totally miss because they don’t understand that wearing a few pieces of clashing formal wear in inappropriate contexts can’t compensate for godawful personal grooming choices and the overwhelming stench of “I will explain lovecraft to you” which follows them everywhere they go

  • sherlock: with that level of personal grooming ???? gay
  • john: i put product in MY hair
  • sherlock: there's a difference
  • john, three seasons later, dumping a three gallon bucket of mousse into his hair, sculpting it back, and throwing the container at sherlock repeatedly: I PUT PRODUCT IN MY HAIR


100 Reasons to Appreciate Levi Ackerman

1.       Has made his mother proud.

2.       Maintains peak physical condition.

3.       Invaluable to humanity

4.       Grace at 65kg.

5.       Became a better person than Kenny.

6.       Down to earth attitude.

7.       Physical and emotional strength.

8.       Eyes give zero fucks yet cause mass swooning.

9.       Crouches to speak to others at their level.

10.   Stays true to his beliefs.

11.   Bringing the cravat back.

12.   Does not blame comrades for failed missions.

13.   Proof that size doesn’t always matter.

14.   The Ackerglare.

15.   A voice like honey poured on thunder.

16.   His going shirtless worsens global warming, so he rarely does.

17.   Respects others’ dreams.

18.   He would run the best tea shop.

19.   Undercut.

20.   Blazing hot in titan blood.

21.   So cutesmooth in a gangster shirt with turned-up collar.

22.   Impeccable grooming and personal hygiene.

23.   Short and proud.

24.   Learns from his mistakes.

25.   Became a big brother to Isabelle.

26.   When his hair does the swoosh thing.

27.   Encourages recruits to make their own choices.

28.   Deadly accurate.

29.   Would clean your house… for free.

30.   Hair still looks good after being shoved face-first into a puddle.

31.   Thighs and biceps of hardened steel.

32.   Humanity’s Strongest.

33.   Forgives Mikasa and Eren for trying to overpower his decision in the serum debate.

34.   Grew up with no privilege, food… or anything really.

35.   Silky smooth brows.

36.   Made sacrifices for his friends in the Underground.

37.   His pale skin probably burns.

38.   Overcomes his urge for cleanliness on long expeditions.

39.   Shared his 3DMG skills with Isabelle, Farlan and countless others since.

40.   Seen so much death.

41.   Comes to trust in Erwin absolutely.

42.   Speaks frankly to everyone.

43.   Does not balk in the Courtroom scene, however unpleasant the task.

44.   Awesome agility.

45.   The weight of his losses would crush a lesser man.

46.   Puts vengeance before grief.

47.   Unique blend of crass and sass.

48.   Total tea geek.

49.   Signature spin moves.

50.   Makes more slices than a pizza kitchen.

51.   Impromptu motivational speeches which shouldn’t work, yet do.

52.   Says how it is.

53.   Does not hold grudges against his comrades.

54.   Multifunction kicks.

55.   Is a terrifying ball of fury if you hurt someone he loves.

56.   Consoles the dying.

57.   Knows his team’s strengths.

58.   Rocks a controversial ‘backwards’ blade grip.

59.   He’s socially awkward.

60.   Inspired many to join the scouts.

61.   Works to bring out others’ potential.

62.   The rare gift of his smile.

63.   Swimwear model physique.

64.   He’s selfless.

65.   Protects Eren from his own squad.

66.   Does not discriminate between genders.

67.   He barely sleeps.

68.   Notices when Eren is at risk of burning out when no one else does.

69.   Refuses to give up.

70.   He and Historia set up an orphanage for Underground kids

71.   Misunderstood as emotionless or uncaring.

72.   Is a shit-mouth clean-freak.

73.   Self-taught 3DMG skills.

74.   Bears scars from wearing the straps too tightly.

75.   Gives praise where it is due.

76.   Uniquely poetic: big ass trees.

77.   Makes tough choices.

78.   Master of dramatic poses.

79.   Tries to take the path of least regrets.

80.   Commands respect.

81.   His skills are the result of endless training.

82.   Respects Hanji for who they are.

83.   He’s hug-size.

84.   The man needs a break.

85.   He barely stops for injury – has to be tied down.

86.   Takes promises seriously.

87.   Humanity’s firmest abs.

88.   An inspiration for Underground citizens.

89.   Drop-dead handsome.

90.   Makes no selfish requests.

91.   He’s a loyal friend.

92.   His smile makes flowers bloom.

93.   Refuses to break.

94.   Has a repertoire of quality comebacks.

95.   He has killed more titans than anyone else.

96.   Expressive when it matters.

97.   Goes to great means to make someone realise their potential.

98.   An artist who only uses shades of red.

99.   He has said goodbye far too many times.

100. Will fight to the end for humanity’s freedom.

Posted with permission from @eren-eren-eren. Inspired by their Eren appreciation post. Thankee to @proferivai for contributions. ^_^

Random thing I spent all of work tonight thinking about: I never realized until listening to Aubri confess her insecurities to me that a lot of women seem vastly misinformed on how attraction to you works for us heterosexual men. Believe it or not, we don’t rate your physical appearance on a linear, universal scale.

For one thing, almost everything varies at least a little based on the individual male; the only things that are truly universal are based on things like hygiene and personal grooming. And sure, some women are more widely considered attractive than others, but almost none of you would ever get a unanimous yes/no from a group of us. Put two dudes who don’t know each other in a room and tell them to discuss preferences in women, putting more important factors like personality and intelligence and morals aside, and they’d find a lot more than you think to disagree on.

Secondly, if I were to take a survey of what American men are most likely to go for, the results would likely surprise you. Personally, I can appreciate a range of body-types, but I mainly like a woman somewhere on the heavier, curvier side. Conversely, some of my best friends love a thin or petite figure. And you could find others somewhere in-between.

Now, I don’t associate with the fat-acceptance or body-positivity movements, but at the same time the parts of the media and our culture claiming there’s only one body type that every woman needs to strive for or agonize over not having, are also wrong.

What I’m ultimately trying to get at is this: Learn to be content with the body you were given, figure out what standard is healthiest for you, what works for your genetics and individual needs and will help you live a long, fulfilling life. Learn to see what’s beautiful about what that looks like, then achieve it; because I’d bet money there’s a guy out there who will see it without needing to try. If you have that and the guy you like just isn’t attracted to you anyway, that’s okay; it’s not his fault, he can’t help it, but it isn’t yours, either.

today I’m doing my American duty and binge-watching Young Pope with some friends instead of watching or reading anything about the inauguration.

Now is definitely the time to catch up on the Underworld movies, call a loved one and argue about which 90s teen romcom was definitively the worst, or address some tedious aspect of personal grooming you’ve been putting off for weeks.

I bet Strange grows out his beard and never cuts his hair in the Darkness and he thinks it makes him look very grim and tragic and medieval and Norrell thinks it makes him look like an overblown ornamental hermit

meanwhile Norrell keeps his hair scrupulously cropped and continues to wear his one (1) remaining wig, which is tattered beyond taming, in all remotely formal situations, because We Must Have Our Dignity Mr Strange

constantly judging each other’s disastrous personal grooming choices

I am watching Say Yes to the Dress and this bride brought her fiance and he is so opinionated. Every dress she loves he hates, so she backs down. She even said at the beginning she will always ask him what he wants her to wear because she wants to be attractive to him. Lori just told him he had to leave and she is getting upset because he is her “support system” and it is really important for him to like the dress.

Sweetie, if this man is truly in love with you he should love whatever you wear because even dressed in a white trash bag, you should be the most beautiful person in the world to him.
A Flood In Our Hearts - Nanoochka - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

PAIRING: Will/Hannibal
RATING: Explicit
WORD COUNT: 15,477
SUMMARY: As Will and Hannibal sail towards a new life on the other side of the world, Will decides a change in appearance might be in order along with some renegotiation of their relationship. (Post s03e13 TWOTL)
NOTES/WARNINGS: References to past canon-typical violence. First kisses, sassy Will, more athletic sex than you can shake a stick at, plus fun with shaving, questionable-looking personal grooming tools, friendly allusions to BDSM, and the amount of heavy relationship talk you’d expect from murderers in love.

@freshmeatfriday Prepare to have your mind blown by the hottest shaving scene ever written, blowjobs, rimming (oh my god, the rimming), gorgeeeeeeeous prose, and power bottom!Will Graham riding Hannibal like the last bull at the rodeo. Also, introspection and snaaaaark.

12/10, would read again every four days for the rest of my life.

Most people will deny that they’d ever make fun of someone for being autistic but will then turn around and make fun of people for things which could easily be autistic traits. 

It’s common for people to assume that the weird kid in their class is just that, weird, and that making fun of their weirdness is harmless fun that has nothing to do with the rampant bullying of autistic people. 

This is a reminder that the weird kid in your class might very well be autistic or otherwise neurodivergent and that making fun of people for showing autistic traits - such as for being socially awkward, being overly sensitive/overreacting (sensory processing disorder), lashing out (meltdowns), having ‘breakdowns’ (meltdowns and shutdowns), having trouble with things most people their age doesn’t have trouble with, having obsessions (special interests), moving oddly (stimming), not meeting the expected standards for dressing, hygiene and personal grooming, being quiet (non-verbal) or speaking oddly - without realizing that they’re autistic traits is just as bad as knowingly making fun of an autistic person. 

This is important to realize and confront cause we won’t reach a place where autistic people are accepted and accommodated as long as it’s still socially acceptable to make fun of people for showing autistic traits.

In-Depth Character Study


Full Name:
Reason for name:
Nickname(s) and how they got them:
Date of Birth:
Place of birth:
Places lived since:
Social Class:
Parents’ names, backgrounds, occupations:
Relationship with family (close? estranged?):
Children of his/her own?:
If so, relationship with child’s mother/father?:
Age he/she became a parent:


Face Shape:
Distinguishing Facial Features:
Hair Color:
Usual Hair Style:
Eye Color:
Complexion (freckles, acne, skin tone, birth marks, scars):
Disabilities (physical or mental, including mental illnesses):
Health (usually sick? or very resilient? allergies?):
What do they consider their best feature?:
Worst they’ve ever been injured (what, how did it happen)?:


Style of dress/typical outfit(s):
Typical style of shoes:
How does he/she dress up?: Dress down?:
Favorite outfit:
Glasses? Contacts?:
Personal Hygiene:
Grooming (makeup? shower daily? wear only clean clothes? pluck eyebrows?):
What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?:
Jewelry? Tattoos? Piercings?:
What does their voice sound like?:
Style of speech (loud, mumbler, articulate, etc.):
Unique mannerisms/physical habits (bites nails, talks with hands, taps feet when restless):
Left handed or right?:
What does their writing look like?:
Do they work out/exercise?:


Level of self esteem:
Known Languages:
Zodiac (sign and if they lend any credence to it):
Most sensitive about/vulnerable to:
Happiest memory:
Life philosophy:
Religious stance:
Political stance:
Pet peeves:
Bad habits:
Sense of humor:
How do they deal with stress?
What do they do to get pumped up?
What do they do when upset?
What about angry?
How do they react to frustrations (get worked up, calm down and think through it logically, give up, etc)?:
How do they accept failure (both from themselves and others)?:
Level of comfort with technology:
Believe in the supernatural:
Believe in an afterlife:
Believe in happy endings:
How do they want to be remembered?:
Good with their hands (if so, practical/crafting or fine arts)?:
How fast do they learn new things? Better with book knowledge or hands on approach?:
How do they feel about asking for help?
“Left brain” or “right brain” thinker?:
Optimist or pessimist:
Extrovert or introvert:
Leader or follower:
Makes decisions based mostly on emotions, or on logic?:
Cautious or daring:
Spontaneous or planner:
Thinker or doer?
Organized or messy:
Worrier or carefree:


Current marital/relationship/sexual status:
Sexual orientation (is it something they question or a secret):
Past relationships and sexual partners (if applicable):
What is their “type” in regards to looks in a partner?
Ideal mate/qualities they look for in mate:
Primary reason for being broken up with:
Primary reasons for breaking up with people:
Views on sex (one night stands, promiscuity, etc):
Age and story of first kiss (if any—if not, how does he/she want it to happen?):
Age and story of loss of virginity (if any—if not, how does he/she want it to happen, if at all?):
Level of sexual experience:
Do they have any unfulfilled sexual fantasies?:
Wildest/strangest sexual experience? Would they do it again?
Do they have any fetishes or kinks?
Have they lied about their previous sexual partners to current/potential partners?
Love or Lust:
Ever been in love?:
Do they fall in love easily?:
Do they take relationships seriously?:
Worst thing they’ve done to someone they loved?
Do they desire marriage and/or children in their future?
Believe in true love or soul mates?
Thoughts on public displays of affection?:
How do they flirt:
How do they show affection/love to their partner?:
Thoughts on cheating/cheaters? Have they ever cheated?
Idea of perfect date:


Social Habits (popular, loner, some close friends, makes friends and then quickly drops them):
How do they treat others (politely, rudely, keep at distance, etc)?:
Do they trust people easily or tend to be wary?:
How often do they see friends and family?
Are they good at keeping in touch? If not, does this bother loved ones?:
What is relationship with parents/family?:
Any roommates or close neighbors:
Person most dependent on:
Most comfortable around (person):
Oldest friend:
Closest friend:
Worst enemy:
Rival (at what and why):
Most important person in their life?:
Who do they most respect and why?:
Who would they turn to if they needed help and why?:
How does he/she think others perceive him/her?:
How do others actually perceive him/her?:
Argue or avoid conflict?:
Thoughts on large groups of people?:
Main quality they look for in people:
Have they ever lost anyone close to them? How did they handle it?
How do they show affection?:
Do they act differently around strangers than friends? If so, how differently?:
Would they ever consider adopting a child? Why or why not?:


Level of education:
Describe their work space:
If no job, where do finances come from?
Past occupations:
Dream occupation:
Attitude towards current job:
Attitude towards current coworkers, bosses, employees:
Spender or Saver? Why?:
Which is more important – money or doing something they love?:


Life goals:
Greatest fears:
Most embarrassing thing ever to happen to him/her:
Something they’ve never told anyone:
Biggest regret:
Secret hobbies:
Secret skills:
Past sexual transgressions:
Police/Criminal/Legal record (Crimes committed? If so, were they caught? charged?):
What he/she most wants to change about his/her current life?:
What he/she most wants to change about his/her physical appearance?:


Indoors or Outdoors?:
Favorite color:
Favorite smell:
Favorite and least favorite food:
Favorite and least favorite book:
Favorite and least favorite movie:
Favorite and least favorite song:
Favorite and least favorite holiday (and why):
Coffee or tea?:
Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?:
Do they watch TV? If so, what?:Favorite place to hang out:
Do they like music? What kind?:
Favorite type of weather:
Favorite form of entertainment:
How do they feel about traveling?:
What sort of gifts do they like?


Ever been in an argument (with who, about what, what happened):
Ever been in a physical altercation (with who, about what, what happened):
What trait do they find most admirable and why?:
Thoughts on violence:
One act most ashamed of:
Most proud of:
Evil – born or bred:
Is redemption possible (if so, are there limitations):
Does the end justify the means?:
Good of the one or the many?:
Can they be manipulative?:
Do they think it’s okay to cry (if not, why)?:
When did they last cry and why?:
Would they be able to kill (if so, under what circumstances)?:
Who or what would they die for (or go to extremes for)?:
Anything they refuse to do under any circumstances (and why)?:
What, if anything, shocks or offends them?:
What is their reputation?
How do they react to unwanted sexual advances?:
How would they react to stranger being bullied/abused?: What about an animal?:
How susceptible are they to peer pressure?:
How do they react to conflict, both verbally and physically?:
Easily forgive or hold grudges?:
Forgive self or live with regret/guilt?:
Would they ever cheat someone? Under what circumstances?
Have they ever been betrayed? By who? How did it affect them/their relationship?:
Would they ever betray a friend/loved one? If so, under what circumstances?
Do they respect the belief of others, even if it’s at odds with their own?:
Stand up for own beliefs or hide/avoid discussing them with people who have opposing views?:


Thoughts on drugs and alcohol:
Do they smoke? If so, do they want to quit?:
Age of first cigarette:
Age when they first got drunk (what happened, consequences):
Do they drink on regular basis:
What type of alcohol do they prefer:
Have they ever tried other drugs (which, what happened, consequences):
Do they have any addictions?:


Most important/defining event in life to date:
Daily routine:
Sleeping habits (Night owl or early bird? Light or heavy sleeper? Fall asleep anywhere or need specific conditions?):
Typical Saturday night:
Most used word or phrase?:
What is home like (messy, neat, sparse):
Type of car he/she drives (or wishes he/she drove):
Pets?: If not, do they want any?:
Most prized possession:
One word to best describe them:
What are you likely to find in their pockets? Purse/bag/backpack/wallet?:
What about their fridge? Medicine cabinet? Glove compartment? Nightstand?:
What makes them laugh?:
Any special holiday traditions?:
Can they hold their breath for a long time?:
Do they know how to swim?
Can they cook (if so, how well and do they enjoy it)?:
Is there anything they always carry with them? If so, why?:
Ideal vacation:
If they wanted to hide something, where would they hide it?:
Do they keep a journal?:
Are there any places that hold special meaning to them?:


24 hours to live – name 3 things they would do:
If they could choose, how would they want to die:
What would they do if they received large sum of money?:
What would they wish for if they found a genie?:
If they could have one super power, what would it be and why?:
How do they deal with insects?:
How would they react to death of loved one?
If they were outnumbered in a fight, would they stand ground or run away?:
Granted opportunity to change one thing in their past – would they do it? If so what would they change?:
If they could rescue one thing from a burning building, what would it be?:
Would they be comfortable sharing a bed with a person they didn’t know well?:


First memory:
Favorite toy (when did they stop playing with it, do they still have it currently):
Favorite game:
Best friend as child:
Fondest childhood memory:
Worst childhood memory:
Childhood trauma:
How were they disciplined? Did that change as they got older?:
What did they want to be when they grew up?:
Any non-family adults stick out in their mind? (Who were they, how did he/she know them? Why do they stick out)?:
Age of first date:
View of authority? What affected that view?
What clique in high school were they associated with?
High school goals:
Did they enjoy high school:
Any extracurricular activities:
How well did they do in school?:


How did they become supernatural:
Thoughts on being supernatural:
Did they want this or was it against their will?:
If person made them that way, how does he/she feel about them?:
Supernatural mentor (who, how did it come about):
Thoughts on other supernatural beings (do they exist, which ones, thoughts on them):
Would they get rid of their supernatural powers if they could?:
Are they trying to live a normal life among mundanes or keep their distance?:
What do they like most about being supernatural?:
What do they like least about being supernatural?:
What adaptations have they had to make but hated, and why?: