Teen Wolf Series Finale Thoughts: About Theo's Growth

I went into this already disappointed and with my expectations in the negative, and I’ve seen so many posts of people being disappointed and really sad that this was the finale we got but surprisingly, I absolutely loved it. I thought it was a fitting end to the season and to the series and even though some things didn’t play out the way we expected it to, I thought they did it justice and in the end they wrapped everything up as well as we could have hoped.

About Theo and Thiam. The early review promised 9/10 on the Thiam scale, but even though it really didn’t reach that point, I would still give it a solid 7/10 because of the elevator scene and the fact that Theo did go back to save Liam and inevitably, Liam did officially accept Theo as part of his pack especially.

On the other hand, I’d rate Theo’s personal character development a sold 9/10. This episode wasn’t going to be Theo heavy, I knew that, inevitably that’s what happens with cast ensemble shows like this and especially because Theo isn’t a main. But having said that, I thought that for guest starring role in a show this big, Jeff, the writers and Cody did such a good job writing and portraying Theo’s growth as a person, his character development and his compassion.

Sure we all wanted Theo to heal Liam and get that last bit of Thiam in before the end, but I feel like Theo healing Gabe was important to Theo’s story, as opposed to the ship, because it showed his growth not just to Liam or concerning Liam, but also to Melissa and Corey and especially Mason who said those words to him in the first place. Having it be Gabe was just a way to move the story forward just so that everyone could be there to see that Theo has changed, he did become a better person and it was done is such a beautiful and touching manner too. It wasn’t about Gabe then, it was about Theo seeing a dying boy in pain and he cared because he understood what it was like to be used and manipulated into doing terrible things and then slowly dying a horrible painful death - as he did in hell with his sister. 

In the end, it showed that Theo does care, he has compassion and not necessarily only when the situation is beneficial to him, because obviously, he doesn’t benefit at all from this and Gabe died anyway. But at the end, he wasn’t in pain, and that was all because of Theo.

Sure my shipper heart would have soared if Theo had healed Liam instead, but I feel like him healing a person other than Liam, not just that, an enemy who had just tried to kill them both, that made him even stronger as character and it showed that he didn’t just do things for and because of Liam or because he cared about only Liam. It showed that he’s a strong character all on his own. He cares because he grew as a character and he became someone who genuinely wanted to be a better person, if not someone who is genuinely good

Ultimately did I expect something different? Yes. Would I have liked to see something different? Yes. But was i disappointed by what I got? I wasn’t. I genuinely loved it and I thought Jeff and Cody did an absolutely great job showing Theo’s growth as a person and I truly am sad that we won’t be seeing more of it.

I’ll get to a more general thought post after this because this Theo one got slightly out of hand.

American Satan: An Interview with Andy Biersack, Ben Bruce and Ash Avildsen

Interviewer: Sam Rivman

Sam: What is the film’s plot rooted in? Is this someone’s personal experience?

Ash Avildsen: With the exception of the physical manifestation of Satan, everything in the film is based on real events. Either myself, or these guys, or the producers have had these experiences in the rock music scene. It didn’t take that much crazy imagination, even though when people see it they’ll say “how did they think of that?”. Specifically when it comes to rock music craziness, truth is usually pretty important.

Ben Bruce: It’s a pretty accurate metaphor I think, the devil and selling your soul.

Andy Biersack: Personally, my character in the movie is from the Midwest and goes out to L.A to be a big rock star. In that regard it’s very similar to my own life. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and left to make it in the rock world. The difference is I didn’t make a deal with a deity. When there’s so many divergences in paths that you can take to success, I think without a doubt you lose a part of yourself in those early years. You can sometimes forget where you came from initially, and the characters in this movie are right in that stage where they’ve given everything to become rock stars and they’ve been given the opportunity to get a shortcut. Hard work pays off, but I don’t know what I would have done if I had the chance to become very successful out of nowhere. When you’re hungry and you want nothing more than to have that success, who knows what you would do if someone presented you with the keys to the kingdom?

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I really like you Cedric Pietro fusion! I’m having a hard time naming him Silas or Reginald. Help! (If you already go this, it’s the same anon, but my tumblr crashed when I sent it!)

glad you like them!!!!! but i actually already know a person and character by both those names so it would be weird for my to name them one of those? any other ideas ??

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is this gonna be something like overwatch/arms/etc. where each character has their own ability? I mean like- for example in overwatch you can have a main. so I mean- can you have a character you're most comfortable playing with and have a main?

The proto’ won’t have an online multiplayer. You’ll only be able to play with ur IRL friends/family /pets /wahtever u have.  We hope to have wahn tho’. but for the moment, this is too complex to program for our team. ヽ(;^o^ヽ)

And yea’, like i replied yesterday to this person 

Every character have their own weaknesses and strenghts .O(≧▽≦)O  That means you won’t play with ken like you play with poods. I personally kno’ that mah fav character would be Markimoo ‘cause he’ll be a random kind of character like Voldo from soul calibur / Arakune from blazblue. that type of guy u smash every single buttons and do cool stuff. 

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So Scott andMaliansget a kiss scene, argent and Melissa, Jackson and Ethan but they couldn't find time for a stydia one or even a hug? Heck Jackson and Lydia's reunion was better the stydia.

the only person in character in that jackson/lydia scene was stiles (and i guess jackson because his hand was moving to lydia’s butt *_*) LOL so I can’t even see it as a jydia scene it was so ridiculous. but i knew going into the episode we weren’t going to get much. 

and i’m always going to want more because we didn’t get to see a lot of things that a lot of ships get, but in the end it honestly made our ship one of the best. stydia has always been about the little things and the fact that they were a huge storyline that built up for 6 years and are honestly recognized as the ship of teen wolf and had such an epic ending says a lot about them :’)

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an opinion i personally have but is really unpopular is that not every character has to be gay. Like it feels that if a character isn't gay they're boring. like i'm terrified of having a heterosexual romance in my story because of people saying its a boring straight romance.

Yeaaah, I get that. The main reason people tend to stink-eye a lot of het romances is because they’re either bland, are actually really dysfunctional but the person who wrote the characters/relationship think they’re normal/don’t care, we’re expected to laud it for being so good even though they literally just stared at each other for 30 seconds and BAM they’re married now, the whole woman fixing the damaged man at her own expense trope, and so on. 

Now, before someone says a lot of queer couples are also bland…a lot of queer couples in media usually don’t get fleshed out, as well, but we’re kind of forced to take what we can get and try to fix it as opposed to the 394820830958032 het romances out there. We like to compensate by headcanoning, shipping, making a shit ton of queer OCs, and so on. It’s also kind of a projection thing.
There is the shitty expectation on here that a token character doesn’t need anything else to work, too, because their gender or sexuality IS the character (ew) so the queer character may end up boring as hell just because they’re the token gay guy or something but people LOVE IT BC WOW THEY ADDED A GAY DUDE AAAAAA!!! And it’s just so. boring and offensive that they think adding a bland stereotype for five minutes of screentime is going to actually make a difference and it’s such a “you gay kids wanted this, right? well take it, that’s all you’re getting.” And usually it’s not even just that! It’s for other straight people to laugh at or fetishize, not for actual queer people who want to see others like them on TV or in books! Damn.
And believe me, a lot of queer people get annoyed when they do that. A lot of us. Especially so because the gay guy or gay girl usually get fetishized, the bi characters are always promiscuous or just cheat constantly, or the trans characters just get completely and negligently mishandled with terminology or procedures (a la “transgendered”).

This site’s mentality that anything cis and straight is boring, but really, a good number of us really want some good, actually healthy, fleshed out, mutually respectful, and realistic het couples, even when both people are cis (but honestly we could go for more trans people in het relationships? those are pretty rare).

Just flesh em out, give them flaws, don’t shove them into gender roles when it’s not necessary, don’t shoehorn their romance, make it have healthy dynamics if that’s how it’s supposed to be, INVOLVE IN-DEPTH COMMUNICATION, and allow them to better e/o to realistic levels. It’ll stand out and make a difference.

So basically a good solution: We need more realistic and healthy het romances that aren’t pointlessly shoved in for THE DRAMA, and we need waaaaaaaay more realistic, non-fetishized, healthy, and existing queer characters and couples in the media. That’d stop a decent amount to tokenism-latching by people on this site and people’d hopefully realize that sexuality doesn’t equal personality depth.

This got very long.

Becca x MC: Two Sides of The Same Coin Chapter II [Excerpt]

You can read an excerpt of Two Sides of The Same Coin chapter 2 from the link below.
Chapter 2 URL

Pairing: Becca x MC. Written in third person pov.
Featured characters: The gang.
Total Words for Chapter 2: TBD
Published Date: 25 Sep 2017

Series: The Freshman
Summary: After the festival, the gang stayed at Becca’s dad’s place. This was the first time MC had to stay under the same roof with her friends and her secret fling. Would her friends know about her and Becca? Would Becca push her away? Or would they finally become much more than friends with benefit?

Chapter 1 URL

Pairing: Becca x MC. Written in third person pov.
Featured characters: The gang.
Total Words for Chapter 1: 6,216
Published Date: 15 Aug 2017

I’m sorry for taking so long. I’ve been busy with work. Please know that I will finish the story and that this excerpt is not even half of chapter 2.
Please kindly leave comments and suggestions. Like always, I appreciate your patience and your support.

How To Really Get Famous on Wattpad

(because all the other guides are captain obvious)

  1. Think of a story idea. The simpler the better. It doesn’t have to be romance, but it has to include romance and romance has to be its most important part. After all, who likes to read about important issues and saving the world?!
  2. Flesh out the plot. Name the characters. It’s important that their names are as stereotypical as possible, fitting their archetypes. Alternatively, make them too over-the-top for their normal lives. Don’t care too much about personality, backstory or character development. That stuff is overrated.
  3. Write the first chapter. Don’t make it too long. Don’t care too much about typos, spelling or grammar errors; the most important part is that you get the feelings and purple prose right. Any intensity below “they would die for each other before knowing each other’s names” will bore the readers.
  4. Think of a nice, descriptive title. Words like “loving,” “bad (boy),” “billionaire,” antonyms, or anything implying sensuality or possessiveness make amazing titles.
  5. Write up a summary. Make sure to tell the readers how different your protagonists are, as well as that they’re soulmates even though the guy is probably too much of a jerk to deserve the girl. Don’t worry about that detail though. Readers love looking for the heart of gold in douchebag characters, the first one to find it wins a prize. Also tell them how the world gets in the way of their One True Love.
  6. Upload a cover with a hot guy on it. Preferably shirtless or in a nice suit. Added girl optional.
  7. Add tags. At any and all costs, add the tag #badboy and preferably also #billionaire if there’s one in your story.
  8. Post your story.
  9. Wait.

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Unpopular opinion: REALLY tired of everything being about shipping in fandoms. Like shipping itself is fine and can bring some really great things, but for instance I was looking for art of Shiro and his whole tag is just ship art or analysis about ships. And it's like that's cool but it would be great to see more content of characters on their own? It's almost as if characters/people cannot exist on their own? I wouldn't be so tired if shipping didn't take up 95% of any given character tag.

I love me some shipping, but yeah I know the feeling. At this point you basically gotta blacklist ships if you want to actually see non-shipping stuff about a lot of characters in any series, it’s so :/ a ship shouldn’t constitute a character’s personality

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🔥 for Jojo

While there is a lot i love about jojo, one thing that is extremely lack luster is the characters in terms of personality. Very few characters have depth to their character and most character interactions lack any real chemistry

Don’t get me wrong, the characters have very entertaining larger then life personalities, they just lack depth and interest( in fact i would argue that there’s a lot of overlap in the appeal of pro wrestling and jojo especially in terms of character) they’re fun to watch on the show, but I can’t really imagine how these characters would act outside of the events of their part.

Most jojo characters would fail the good character test, which is when you can pluck a character out of their story and put them in any situation, and it would still be entertaining.

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Overwatch is an eniter building dedicated to playing games like call of duty and Destiny (etc.) Shooting games; the best get the title of commander, while everyone is almost ALWAYS sitting in a pro gamers chair with headphones and bluetooth the consoles and pc games with their proper playing devices and its all really expensive and high tech. (1/3?) IMAGINE ANON

I haven’t seen anything like that exactly but I would like to say this. It’s clear you put a lot of thought into this, you thought about which character personally and added a game that you thought suited their character. Even if someone had thought of someone like this it will never be exactly like this, good job and I hope you work more on this.

10 Characters

I was tagged by @rohirra centuries ago. Thank you for tagging me! I was busy at the moment and totally forgot about it until now >_<

Rules: list ten of your favourite characters from ten Fandoms, than tag ten people

In no specific order or preference:

  1. Fingon - The Silmarillion
  2. Sirius Black - Harry Potter
  3. Luke Skywalker - Star Wars
  4. Jon Snow - A Song of Ice and Fire
  5. Paul Atreides - Dune
  6. Cirilla - The Witcher
  7. Ornstein - Dark Souls
  8. Victor Frankenstein - Penny Dreadful
  9. Mystique - X-Men
  10. Paarthurnax - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Honestly I don’t know who to tag, I’m afraid everybody may has done this already xD So feel free to do it on my part~ 

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In preparation for the spookiest time of the year, I will be taking monster-based requests!

Send a person/character, choose a monster, and choose the spooky factor!

Some monster examples are:




.monster hunter








.custom cryptid

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hey matt! it's the d&d anon, definitely wasn't too late (and just wanna say a quick thanks for always bein' so prompt with answering asks!). i think it normally would be a good thing, but it's just the tone in which it's done? they're bein' over-the-top and completely like "everything about this character is an absolute joke nothing about them is real" that leaves the sour taste in my mouth? like they dont think being trans is serious, especially as i just came out to them idk

That’s so nice, thank you!

And with your explanation I do definitely see how you’d be upset, if they’re treating the character as just a trans person and not a character separate from that it definitely would be hurtful

I think being direct would be good, telling the put straight that what they’re doing isn’t right (and if they fight back, explain why)

Good luck! -Matt