On Tradition

My great-grandmother used to say that tradition was tending a flame, not worshiping ashes. She also used to say that just because something was always done, didn’t mean it was always right.

Just because tradition says that there are strict gender roles in your religion, doesn’t mean you have to accept that. Just because tradition says that the divine expects this or that of you, doesn’t mean you have to agree to that. 

When people cite tradition, sometimes they’re really saying, “We don’t have a good reason, except that it’s always been this way.”

Fight for what you want your religion or your magickal tradition to be. Don’t just accept that because it has always been one way it must always be that way.

You want to be a High Priestess but everyone says you can’t be because you’re trans? Do it anyway. You want to hold the so-called “masculine divine” inside you at a ritual, but you’re a cis-gendered woman? Do it anyway. 

Make a new fire and tend that one. Don’t worship their ashes. 

You believe in a god?

Well, that’s chill. 
I might not agree, but I support your right to your own beliefs. 
You want to go to church every holiday, or every Sunday, or even every day?
That’s chill too man.  I mean, do what you want in your time. 
You want to follow the rules of your religion-not do certain things/do other stuff?
Alright man, follow whatever code/law/moral-religious-personal rules you want to. 


Bonus- If you try to say your god needs to be in public schools and or that the reason *insert bad societal thing* is because your god isnt in schools, I will also go off on an extremely lengthy rant. 

Thank you, this has been a PSA. 

Not sure why I feel such a strong need to say this NOW but:

Magic doesn’t come from herbs or symbols. It doesn’t come from semi-precious stones or funky colored candles.

Non-witches use those things all the time, sometimes on a daily basis, and never really do magic using them.

Someone who doesn’t BELIEVE in the healing properties of Rose Quartz won’t benefit from them. Someone who doesn’t believe that burning a green candle can bring luck and money won’t draw those things to themselves by burning a green candle.

The magic comes from YOU. Your belief in those things is what allows them to work. Herbs, fancy candles, stones – those are all conduits and boosts for your own, innate magical power.

Do certain herbs and stones have innate power? Yes, I believe that they do. Certain days have power, certain phases of the moon have power. Not necessarily because I believe those things (aside from the astronomical/cosmological stuff like eclipses, solstices etc.,) have innate power, but because many people, over a long period of time, have believed that those things have that specific power.

However, I also feel that YOUR personal associations with a plant, stone, color etc., can override those because YOU are the one doing the magic. It is YOUR ENERGY being channeled through that particular conduit, after all. How could it NOT have some effect on the way the magic works?


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kanej + religion

As long as the egoic mind is running your life, you cannot truly be at ease; you cannot be at peace or fulfilled except for brief intervals when you obtained what you wanted, when a craving has just been fulfilled. Since the ego is a derived sense of self, it needs to identify with external things. It needs to be both defended and fed constantly. The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, the work you do, social status and recognition, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special abilities, relationships, personal and family history, belief systems, and often also political, nationalistic, racial, religious, and other collective identifications. None of these is you.
—  Eckhart Tolle

My brain: You’re actually dead and slowly rotting from the inside out. Your organs are
shriveled and blackened inside you.

My brain: But at the exact same time, you’re
actually a robot and you aren’t rotting at all because your flesh and organs and skin are all synthetic.

My brain: Oh, and you’re also a god who has transcended humanity and mortality and your body isn’t made of flesh, it’s made of light and divinity that will always exist and can never die.

Me: Okay you need to fucking stop.

A Witch’s Affirmations

The monster said, “Run.” 

And I answered, “I am the only monster here.”

And it said again, “Run. Or I will eat you.” 

And I answered, “I am the only monster here.”

And a third time, it said, standing close, “Run. Run away home or I will eat you.” 

And I said, “I am the only monster here!" 

And it said, "Then you must eat me. So I can go home." 

And I did. 

I am the only monster here. 

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury)

Nihilists and pessimists at heart, these people genuinely believe that the world is at odds with them, if not against them completely. This can cause many problems throughout their lives, even if they have more ambitious priorities. They truely believe that, despite what they do, they will not only be forgotten - but leave little to no impact on… anything! While, against their own mantras and personal beliefs, I can attest that they’re incorrect in this way, it still steers them to be the person they are. With this disbelief in a true reason to do anything, these people often forget that they still have to function. The water-y counterparts tend to live their life in an unstable wreck when they get this way, deciding that if nothing they do matters in the end… why care what you do? The earth signs, however, believe that because of this insignificance, they should strive to surpass it, or make what little impact on those around them they can. They tend to lead more stable lives, however, like the water signs, when it gets especially bad… they tend to make a few rather large and devious mistakes. This lack of belief in impact also contributes to the manipulative tendencies of these people. Other Placements: Scorpio in 1st/4th, Moon in 8th/12th, Saturn in 9th, Empty 9th (that isn’t in a fixed sign), lack of Fixed signs in chart.

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I’m like… So protective of queer people of faith. Of queer people who feel like they struggle between two parts of who they are because of what they’re told is right or wrong. Of those who have cried themselves to sleep because they think they’re made broken or ruined when really they’ve been made wonderfully and beautifully. Who feel like they can’t come out to their family because they’ll face persecution but also can’t talk about their beliefs with a lot of other LGBT people because they’ll be ridiculed for it so they are always hiding at least one piece of themselves at all times. For those who are brave enough to stand by both their orientation and their faith and get mocked/questioned/always feel like they’re on the defense either way.

I see you. I love you. You are valid

if we’re going to be together, i want you to be assertive, like let me do what I want, but don’t just let me ‘do’ what I want, ya know? question my actions, question my beliefs, I want to you challenge me, fucking challenge me, make me think, you don’t have to pretend to like everything I like, you don’t have to pretend to agree with everything that I agree with, be you, and I can still be me, and together we can just simply 'be’, with all of our differences, that’s how we’ll grow

Entities of the Gods (Pt 2)

Entities of the Gods Pt 2

Hermes is the roar of an engine. He is the siren song of a highway. He is the pungent odour of gasoline. He is the freedom in the heart of the newly licensed. He is the sly eyes of thieves. He is the nimble fingers of pocket pickers. He is the desperation leading to petty thefts. He is the laugh in a joke told many times. He is the warm cup of coffee behind the steering wheel.

Dionysus is the rich purple of the vine. He is the racing heartbeat of the non-cis coming out. He is the colours on the flag waved in a parade. He is the laughter felt between friends. He is the anticipation of a long awaited party. He is the sweetness of a kiss on rosey cheeks.

Persephone is the first flowers of spring in the snow. She is the light in a dark world. She is the hope whispered by her husband on lonely ears. She is the warm embrace of a long needed reunion. She is the kisses dreamt about. She is the strength outweighing distance. She is the laugh and smile breaking the face after a panic attack. She is the comfort when all seems lost.

Aphrodite is the sweetness of chocolate in the tongue. She is the smell of perfume on a first date. She is the reflection of the mirror bringing confidence. She is the beauty felt when the masked find themselves at last. She is hearts yearning for love. She is the lean into a first kiss. She is the whispered words of “I love you”. She is the joy of that echo. She is the heavy breath of the intimate.

Demeter is the colours of the fall. She is the crunch of the leaves. She is the howl of the winter winds. She is the biting frost. She is the wonder and awe of a first snow fall. She is the warming sun of the summer. She is the bloom in the spring. She is the trees. She is the rivers. She is the mother of nature.