Happy Birthday Reiner Braun Masterpost

Basic Stats:

Age: 17
Name Meaning: Derived from the Old Germanic name Raganhar, which is composed of the root words ragan “advice” and hari “army”, Reiner’s name means Counseling Warrior. His last name Braun, also of Germanic descent, means Brown. 
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Birthday: August 1st
Astrological Sign: Leo

Guidebook Stats and Appearance:

Guidebook Page
Personal Stats
Armored Titan Stats
Reiner’s Eyebrows and Foreshadowing

Shingeki no Kyojin Gag Pages:

Volume 8 Fake Preview
Official Guide Book: Outside KO—I AM HUNGRY

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Outside Kou Guidebook: Imaginary Character Interviews (Reiner and Bertolt)
2014 August Issue of Frau (Horoscope) 
2014 PASH Interview Quiz

Isayama on Reiner:


Chapter 0
Group Photo
Volume 4 Cover, Sketch
Volume 6 Cover
Volume 10, Sketch
Volume 11, Sketches
Chapter 46 Early Sketch
Character Eye Number 5
Group Photo
Reiner and Mikasa
Armored Titan Sketches
Armored Titan Punching the Rogue Titan

Comments and Interviews:

Otomedia Interview—Reiner is cool
Attack on Oyama—Reiner is based on a childhood friend
Armored Titan based on Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem and Wanderlei Silva
Isayama’s favorite character—Armored Titan

Bessatsu Shonen Q&A:

Most Popular Boy With the Opposite Gender
De-stress with Push Ups
Can Only Relax or Enjoy Himself while Asleep


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Anime Episode 24 End Card
Blu Ray DVD Cover 6
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Volume 1 Cover, Volume 1 Back Cover1, 2, 3 (mention), 47,9,11,1415, 1718, 21, 23, 25, 27, 31, 33, 36, 3839, 41, 5154

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49Spoof on Titan Volume One Illustration with Bertolt, Ymir, and Historia

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Office Life Part 1, Office Life Part 2Group Photo, Titan Trio Sketch, Dog Pile, Titan Trio, Action Pose, Reiner, Bertolt, and Ymir, Reiner and Bertolt

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Chapter 5 (English)
Chapter 9 (English)
Chapter 19 (English)
Chapter 21 (English)
Chapter 34 (Chinese)
Chapter 42 (Chinese)
Chapter 47 (Chinese)
Panels from Official Translation Volume 2, Reiner’s Bid for President

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2014 Interview with Yoshimasa Hosoya 

Drawn by other Mangaka/Artists:

Attack on Avengers Armored Titan By Gerardo Sandoval (Page 3) (Page 4-5)
Full Cast by Akiko HigashimuraCards 
Reiner with the Titan Trio and Reiner with Connie and Bertolt by Kei Kusunoki

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Birthday Event Pics 2014: Stats, Banner, Event Translation 

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Mobile Wiki Page

Reiner Braun Classes Part 1, Part 2

Costumes and Stats as of now:

104 Graduating Class: Profile Image
Dawn of Revolution LTD Class: Full Image, Stats, Flyer 
Childhood Class: Full Image, Stats, Profile Image
Power of Titans Class: Full Image
Matchless Indomitable Duo Class: Full Image, Stats, Flyer
Immediate Monarchy Grenadier Class: Full Image
Chess Player LTD Class: Full Image, Stats, Banner, Singular FlyerFlyer, Move Explanation
Secret Independent Military Logistics Officer Class: Stats
Wings of Freedom Class: Stats
Rainy Weather Operations Class: Stats
Special Night Battle Riot Soldiers Class: Stats

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2014 Fandom Birthday Shrines
Fandom Shrine
Tokyo Joypolis Shrine

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Other: Towel, Real Escape Stationary, Resurrection Workshop Bust, Takara  Tomy Dog Tag, Kodansha’s Chara Party Characters, Full Size ChibisReal Escape Game Tokyo Merchandise,

Figurines: Fighting Skills Training Figures, Capsule One Figurine, Sanrio Gum Figures (Close Up), 

Happy Birthday Reiner!


First “garment” I made in my foundation year of MassArt.

The assignment was to create a personal armor to protect us from our fear.

In response, I created a piece that was a helm in the shape of a bird skull made gold with spikes coming out the back. Along side gold plated armor with spikes as well, while the rest of the body was covered by a black cape.

Ideally, it was to show that whatever I as a person left exposed, was still protected, you could get close, but not close enough because of the spikes getting in the way. The beak of the skull also aided in that concept. It was covered in clusters of pearls, making it beautiful, but again, you could only get so close.

Then there was the “heart piece” as I called it. Gold as well with pearls & spikes. The most delicate piece of us, it remains beautiful but it must be protected. There are punctured holes in the heart piece to represent past pains.

The armor was a composite of many fears, all in one, it was one of the hardest piece that I have had to present. It was something very personal to me because it to some extent was my coming out and complete acceptance of myself, but it was also a representation of myself as a person and my fear of getting close to people. Fear of judgement, fear of betrayal, fear of getting hurt.

You grow up and go out into the world, and you realize something.

We need armor.

Body Armor Details May Be Kept Close to the Chest


WASHINGTON (CN) – A federal judge won’t force the Pentagon to release autopsy information of U.S. soldiers killed in action to a former Marine doing research on the effectiveness of body armor.

Roger Charles has been involved in a legal…

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New on

New lightweight Armor

ProtectLite. Image courtesy of Stark Aerospace

Stark Aerospace has recently unveiled ProtectLiteTM Armor, a cost effective lightweight, highly resilient, survivability solution at the 2014 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, being held October 13-15 in Washington, DC.

ProtectLiteTM Armor combat-proven panels are very flexible and able to withstand shock waves without cracking, shedding armor parts or other damage. It is up to 50% lighter in weight than armor steel with comparable ballistic protection with nearly 80% reduction in thickness.  Its resilient nature allows application over curved surfaces and sharp angles. Due to the unique layout and structure of the panel cylinders, ProtectLiteTM has multi hit capability. A hit to ProtectLite armor is local and does not influence neighboring elements. As threats change, simple vehicle armor reconfiguration on battlefield is easily performed.

iHLS Israel Homeland Security

The Armor is made of advanced ceramics and does not suffer from either natural deterioration or vandalism. Harsh field conditions, rough weather or rugged terrain will not break, crack or damage the ProtectLiteTM armor panel. When necessary, the armor can be easily repaired in minutes in the field or depot level. ProtectLiteTM  is combat-tested and fielded on various military vehicles, aircraft, and personnel.

“We are pleased to be offering this proven product to the U.S. military,” said Robert Foglesong, Chairman & CEO of Stark Aerospace. “ProtectLiteTM Armor has protected hundreds of tracked and wheeled vehicles, civilian and military armored jeeps, armored helicopters, trucks, buses, ambulances, and private vehicles all over the world.”

Being strong rarely comes off as welcoming. It’s seen as “bitchy”, “stubborn”, “cold”, “uncompromising”, “disrespectful”, etc…

But the truth is that the strongest people are the ones who set their boundaries. They’re the one who will address their problems and not shy away from conflict. Of course, strength and compassion are not mutually exclusive. One can be strong and compassionate. Strong and kind. Strong and empathetic.

But strength in and of itself is an uncompromising force of nature. It is a person’s armor, and it’s their way of protecting themselves and clearly stating where lines have been crossed.

Sometimes people think that those who are strong are angry or unapproachable. They’re not. They’re just the sort of people who know where they stand and will tell you so. And there is nothing wrong with that.

It seems as though in society it’s more desirable to not be confident, to be apologetic. To be compromising and easygoing, to create as less conflict as possible and be someone ‘easy to work with’. Easy to be with. And the people who aren’t such are labeled as “difficult” and a “challenge to work with”. 

But that’s not true. Being a pushover or someone who can be taken advantage of and disrespected is not desirable. It does not help anyone except people in power. Most especially it does not help you. 

I’ve found that people who rely on themselves and their strength, who are explicit about their boundaries and aren’t afraid of conflict are the people that succeed. Not only in life, but in their relationships with themselves. It’s a relationship built on respect, it’s a relationship on valuing who you are and what you will and won’t compromise on. It’s an understanding that your health and well-being should not come at the price of others and at your expense. And that ultimately, those who do respect themselves enough to take this approach in life, will unequivocally fight for the things that are important to them in life. They are the ones worth keeping around because they won’t bullshit you or themselves, and they would honestly be working towards the things that matter. If it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t work towards it.

It’s a harsh reality that in order to be strong it means there’s a high possibility people might assume you’re a jerk for it; but in retrospect I’d much rather be seen as someone difficult than someone easy to get along with, usually at the expense of my own well-being.

Just some food for thought.

Brother? (closed starter with terra-and-a-hamada)


Tadashi has just escaped captivity from the mobsters. He had just tried to save his professor and what did that traitor do? Sold him off for some cash.

“Stupid Professor!” Tadashi grumbled as he punched the remaining opponent.

As he looked up, he saw a person with red armor with a small person in purple on his back land nearby.

“Crap need to hide.” Tadashi muttered to himself as hid behind a crate.

So  this is an oldie. When I was still working on my Legolas mirkwood armor, ended up using it for my drow, <3 Love my Drow. found this picture while i was cleaning some folders out. 

I think this was the first year we moved into the house. Ugly pink curtains in the sewing room..:P (I’m holding the sword upside down in the last picture. wtf)