Since I’ve been in hospital, Amaya has been eating formula. I couldn’t even pump and have her eat that because I had a couple of contrast CTs. Nbd, I’m team #FedIsBest and believe strongly that the breastisbest movement is not only technically inaccurate but also actually quite toxic, but that’s neither here nor there..

You guys. Omg. I definitely do NOT remember the boys’ diapers being like this but I just changed my first formula diaper with Amaya and 😱😲😷 And I ran out of wipes after the first wipe. Of course. And no new packs of wipes to found nearby. We managed, but that is not how I envisioned my welcome home.

Stuart has gone to pick up my course of antibiotics and once I’ve completed them, she’s back on breast because girlfriend cannot handle this formula business.

Lowkey extremely highkey irritated with the fact that there are still fanfiction writers out there that still write their ‘mean girls’ as having faces “caked with makeup.” It’s 2016. Let that stereotype die already! I don’t care if the girl is Oompa Loompa orange or wearing blue eyeshadow up to her eyebrows. You aren’t going to make me dislike the character just because she cares about covering up blemishes or her eyeliner being on point. Don’t tell me about how her face has “pounds” of makeup on it. Show me why I shouldn’t be fond of this character through her attitude and actions towards others. I couldn’t care less about the amount of foundation she’s wearing, that doesn’t make me see her as a despicable person.

If you’re still not grasping what I’m saying, watch the pizza parlor scene from She’s the Man and take notes. Maybe you’ll gain some valuable writing skills.

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I’m at the pizza place waiting for my pickup order and there is the cutest girl with the cutest dog waiting for her bf who has been gone for like 10 mins @girl ditch him and runaway with your dog!!!! (and me)

There’s already a line! -Kofi Pizza

To me, a one-person line already being threatening, shows that when it’s not summer, all these family businesses are almost always scraping by. The many times we’ve seen Steven enter these establishments, there’s no one else. I doubt they eat at each other’s restaurants often. As a tourist town, Beach City relies on people coming in and spending their money on local businesses. This is sustainable if they garner enough business during peak season to sustain them year-round. But Kofi and Fryman’s fears indicate that the economy is a fragile balance. On the bright side, it’s not just Greg who’s actually been scraping by all this time.