Hey guys I wanted to make a video addressing the negative impact the #DontJudgeChallenge leads to. Sorry if this is incoherent, it was very spur of the moment and its just a quick rant (not anything to be taken too seriously)  


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stuff i associate with seventeen members
  • s.coups:touches dk's armpit sweat during every adore u live
  • jeonghan:long lost twin of r*n
  • joshua:eyes literally sparkle
  • jun:nose omg
  • hoshi:"naega hosh"
  • wonwoo:deep ass voice
  • woozi:usage of guitars not limited to music
  • dk:aegyo no joke
  • mingyu:really sharp canines
  • the8:17's secret b-boy weapon
  • seungkwan:in-progress rapper
  • vernon:loves his sister
  • dino:michael jackson

Part 2 of Always Human is up! Click here to see the rest of the update, and here to view the comic archives. (And if you can’t access the webtoons website for some reason, here’s the update on imgur.)

Soooo, what’s more embarrassing - bursting into tears in front of a stranger, or having a stranger burst into tears in front of you and knowing it’s all your fault ?

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Thank yooouuuuu <3333

To Ethan (at fourteen).

You will survive your crippling depression. You will survive your conservative North Idaho town, high school, and classmates. You will go off to a state university and realize how warm and loving the world can actually be. You will grow weary of hiding yourself for so long. You will “come out of the closet”, only to be welcomed with open arms. You will fall in love - and God, you’ll fall hard. You will be so much better than you thought possible. 

And, over a glass of wine at sunset on the day that the U.S. government nationally recognizes marriage equality, you and your mother will casually discuss equal rights, love, and your own personal journey to realizing who you truly are. And believe me, you have even so much more to look forward to. 

Yours truly, 

Ethan (at twenty-two).

P.S. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to see today.


Person of Interest - The Women.

Originally posted by the Person of Interest YouTube channel.

They own all rights and all that. They merely deleted it from their channel. Don’t know why.

See? This is why I, as a gifmaker, hate that new ‘reaction’ gif function that tumblr came up with. It is supposed to be a tool to make it easier to insert reaction gifs, which is a noble thought, but instead people use it to steal my gifs in order to get easy notes. 

It doesn’t matter that the link is still included, uploading one gif like in the post above has literally no added value whatsoever, you could have just as easily reblogged my original post instead.


here you see me all the way from my first time at band camp to my last time as a part of the senior class

these photos aren’t meant to show what I’ve looked like but are to show everything I’ve done

From band camps to concerts, football games to bus rides, and finally to graduation I want all to know that high school is a pain but make the most of it because you have no idea how much you can grow in those four short years