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Kingdom Hearts // Kairi // #kairineedslove2k15

“I’m tired of waiting, so don’t tell me to stay behind! Wherever one of us goes, the other follows, got it?”

Riot Rhythm, Sleigh Bells || Trouble, Neon Trees || It’s On, Superchick || Proof, Paramore || She’s my Winona, Fall Out Boy || Cherry Bomb, The Runaways || She’s a Rebel, Green Day || Lions!, Lights || Look Up, Stars

A mix for a girl who needs some love, and a lot more screen time. Here’s hoping for more Kairi in KH3!

[ listen ]   //   [ art by ramflega ]

when Chanyeol took his driving test

Instructor: What happens at a yellow light?

Chanyeol: You slow down.

Instructor: What happens at a green light?

Chanyeol: Then you speed up.

I think there should be more posts about the positive bpd traits

So here are some of mine:

Because i feel emotions more intensely, i am far more sensitive to other peoples emotions as well and can predict and pick up on them with extreme accuracy. I can tell just from small gestures, change in tone or behaviour and facial or body expressions how someone is feeling or even what they could be thinking given the context, so people can often mistake me for being able to read minds. I have great intuition and this also causes me to catch the ‘vibes’ of people and be able to tell what kind of person they are early on, before i even know them fully. This allows me to save myself the trouble of wasting my time and efforts on people who aren’t worth it or form relationships with people only to realise they werent compatible with me anyway.
I am worried people need reassuring as much as I do and take the time to let them know how much they mean to me on a regular basis. I am always careful in my choice of words and make sure there are no misunderstandings because I dont want someone to mistakenly feel excluded or unimportant like I often do. I go out of my way to be nice to people. 

If someone is on my good side I will be the most loyal person they will ever meet. I will care for them more than any other person ever has because my love for them is twice as strong. I will go to the ends of the earth for them and always be ready to support them whenever they need no matter what. You couldn’t possibly find a more passionate lover because If i love you, you are my world. Just thinking about you will make my heart jump and my head dizzy. 

I have an extremely open mind and can mesh well with people of all backgrounds or personalities. People can talk to me about absolutely anything they’ve been through or anything they are feeling, and I will be listening with open arms, no judgement. People never have to feel silly talking about their feelings around me because no amount of emotion is an overreaction to me. 


Post S3, Mary has the baby, then some time after has to disappear again to avoid baddies, so John is left to raise baby Watson alone.  Naturally enough, Sherlock steps up to help, and over time they develop a new closeness and build a relationship together as parents and perhaps more.

But as time passes and baby Watson grows into a toddler and then a lovely little girl, John starts to notice something: his beautiful daughter has a full head of dark, glossy curls.  Beneath her baby chub is a pair of dangerously sharp cheekbones.  And then there’s her perfect cupid’s bow mouth.  

Sherlock, he says one night over dinner, his voice a bit unsteady, is there something you haven’t told me?

alright fellas so this might mess up but i’m near 4k so (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Adulthood (sobs) is a right bitch and there’s nothing much I can do about my current status (while trying to make the best out of it). I really like being on tumblr but with my current situation, it’s going to be a little tight squeezing everything into the limited time I have on hand so I just thought I’d do up a little status notice again just to refresh things in case anyone’s wondering what’s going on with my life… Or something… Haha………

Once again, a big, big thank you to you guys who have tolerated my complete descend into sports anime hell \(Tw T\) and are still here despite my gigantic mess of fandom and my blog being completely multi-fandom now (oops) Thank you so very much! ♥ I appreciate every single of my followers and tumblr has constantly been a source of comfort and familiarity for me and I’m really grateful to be a part the happenings here (whenever I can sobs). Thank you for continuing to stick around, please do, I love all of you (/ ♥w  ♥\)

A bit more details about my current situation:

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happy belated ace day! i am a grey-pansexual | semi-panromantic

since this particular definition of this romantic orientation is kinda never spoken about, lemme just define you a thing here… 

semiromantic: individuals who only experience secondary romantic attraction and secondary romantic drive. (whereas demiromantics experience secondary attraction and both primary/secondary drive; with semisexual being the sexual equivalent. a bit more explanation under the readmore!)

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Studying Tips!!!

Hello y’all!

Welcome back to another blog post.

Let’s talk about studying.

Here are 10 efficient studying tips for you all!

Usually, for people who are in school and college - our finals are upon us this month.

The May month.

I personally think that studying is beautiful.

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