The Trees Have Eyes || McKirk-Tober Day #18

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McKirk-Tober Day #18 || Graveyard

Title: The Trees Have Eyes

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Relationship: McKirk

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex

Summary: Trespassing has consequences 

Pre-A/N: So this fic was inspired by something I found while perusing Pinterest for Halloween aesthetic stuff and honestly it’s one of the freakiest things ever. The pic (credit to the person who originally posted it) will be linked below in the post-note :)

McKirk-Tober Masterlist

Enjoy!! ♥

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Friendly reminder that trans boys are still boys even if they are feminine, dye their hair with bright colors, call themselves boys instead of men, wear pastel colored clothes, and don’t give in to toxic masculinity and gender roles

Friendly reminder that feminine trans mlm are mlm and NOT girls fetishizing mlm relationships

Friendly reminder that feminine trans boys and feminine trans mlm are valid and are welcome in our community


edit: i got this off a random instagram account that didn’t credit the original owner so you all need to calm down and stop sending me death threats. i have contacted the original person who posted it and they’re okay with me reposting bc it was a mix up. you all need to calm. edit 2: credit to @cutiepieminho ((go follow her, she is a sweetie))
ENTP Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

This manual is part of a series brilliantly thought up by @intpboard

Congratulations! You’ve come into possession of a rare and often exhausting ENTP unit! Now that you have your very own ENTP here are a few helpful tips and tricks to maximize the fun on their maelstrom of…. stuff…..

Your ENTP comes with:

  • Four everyday outfits
  • One extra snazzy suit for special occasions
  • One mobile device for research and communication purposes
  • One laptop for next-level research and communication
  • One gaming console and accessories
  • Five complex strategy games


Your ENTP comes preprogrammed with the following traits:

Ne: Your ENTP can generate 45,673 ideas per minute, change subjects at a rate that will make you dizzy, and is always interested in anything and everything. Loves to make comparisons or analogies that make no sense but they will insist it works perfectly.  

Ti: Your ENTP unit will want to analyze and understand ALL THE THINGS. If interested, will demand as many details as possible. They may process by arguing to see all sides of a situation or idea. Favorite questions are why? And what do you mean?

Fe: Your ENTP has the uncanny ability to pick up on other’s emotions, and will occasionally push to see just how far they can go socially. Low-key cares about people and their opinions and doesn’t really like conflict among friends or loved ones (but good luck getting them to admit it).

Si: As this is their lowest function, your ENTP unit will struggle to keep track of things and lose their keys frequently. Also, makes them prone to buck tradition in favor of doing something novel, but may have strong attachments to certain memories or people.

Getting Started

  1. Place your ENTP in front of an open computer with the internet browser open.
  2. Tell them that they can’t accomplish something.
  3. Show them your favorite meme.
  4. Challenge them to beat you at your favorite strategy game.
  5. If your ENTP unit has not booted up yet, bring 2-3 friends to talk about their nerdy interests or favorite TV shows.


Eccentric Scientist Mode (default): Your ENTP will get very excited by whatever random idea or talent or skill happens to catch their eye and obsessively research it on the internet for a good 2-3 days. Then they will dedicate their life (and a considerable financial investment) to master this project. Within two weeks it will be added to the clutter of abandoned or “In progress” projects in favor of something new.

Tony Stark (default): Your ENTP will fire up their impressive mental capacities to whirr through countless ideas and possibilities to find the best possible solution for nearly any situation. Be forewarned; just because an idea makes sense to them and they are convinced that it’s amazing, doesn’t mean it’s actually foolproof.

Manipulative Bastard: When your ENTP brings their tertiary Fe out to play they can be manipulative little bastards.They are scarily perceptive of what others are feeling and thinking. On the innocent side, they’re sassing you back within hours of meeting you. On the devious side, they know just how to pull your strings to get what they want.

Detached Robot: Activated when your unit is angry, stressed, or sad. If your ENTP unit refuses to “talk about it,” complains bitterly that life always sucks, or removes themselves from society to bury in a project, then things are BAD. Resist the urge to push ENTP to open up about it or fix their problems for them. Chances are your unit has already been overthinking the situation and needs a mental escape. To restore to default mode: keep them company and try to redirect their attention to a favorite project or interest.  

Relationships with Other Units

NF: Your ENTP unit will often appreciate the depth and understanding of the NFJ’s and enjoys the random and giggly fun that comes with the NFPs. Caution is advised, however, as NF’s care quite a bit about their feelings and opinions, which your ENTP may find to be boring or muddled.

NT:  Relationships with NT types can go one of two ways for your ENTP:. They will either be in mutual delight over how logical and similar the NT’s brain is or your ENTP will reject the NT as useless, arrogant, and not worth tolerating. They can either end up as an awesome power duo or a cold rivalry.

SJ: Your ENTP will most likely view SJs as useful tools to uphold society, but not good for much else. Your unit will tend to be aggravated by their reliance on tradition or repetition but could stand to learn a thing or two about order and stability.

SP: This combination is double trouble. Your ENTP secretly admires the SP mastery of their physical environment and will often attempt feats that are beyond their abilities when around SP types, especially XSTP.  Generally, they get along well but don’t leave your unit unsupervised with a group of SPs.


Your ENTP will forget to eat if not reminded. When left to their own devices, will often skip meals and then wonder later why they are dizzy, grouchy, or exhausted. Feed regularly to ensure they maintain a balanced diet and peak mental efficiency.


Your ENTP will often put effort into picking out outfits and combinations, only to throw on whatever works for that day and cover the rest with charisma. Remind your ENTP to brush their teeth, shower, and exercise, as they often forget to do so for periods of 2-3 days.


Your ENTP generally views sleep as a waste of time and do so only when absolutely necessary.  The preferred sleeping pattern is to stay up through the night and catch up by taking naps throughout the day. ENTP will stubbornly insist that this works (it doesn’t). Send them to bed anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do ENTPs like talking with people, even those they aren’t particularly fond of? What do they find in that?

Your ENTP’s Tertiary Fe enjoys watching people react to things, especially things the ENTP causes. They derive a certain smug pleasure from watching people react predictably (Ti) to purposely offensive, crazy, or outlandish actions or claims. On a less sinister note, your ENTP most likely views pretty much everyone in the world as a potential friend or resource, so they are more than happy to connect and see what happens.

My ENTP won’t shut up about season 6 of Battleframe Nebula. What do I do?

Your ENTP unit is very excited about their newly discovered interest and likely is one of the most knowledgeable persons in existence on the subject. Ask two or three generic questions about their new interest, such as what do you like about [insert name of new interest]? Or ask them to explain it. Above all, do not panic: within two weeks they will have forgotten about Battleframe Nebula.

My ENTP has decided that organizing or planning things is a waste of time. How do I fix it??

Your ENTP unit has most likely decided that things will work just fine if they go with the flow. Your unit has a preference for keeping their calendar in their head, which is subject to constant change. Point out to your unit that a keeping a written schedule helps them see where they are budgeting their time and helps others know when the ENTP will be available for socializing.

Adding to the multitasking Humans Are Weird thing

I can’t remember or find the person who originally posted the ‘Humans are Weird’ multitasking edition, but I wanted to add to that. Considering I am exercising, writing this, thinking of story ideas and developing them, and maintaining two different conversations at once at this moment, I’d say it would be very startling to aliens who hyper-focus. 

Alien Sari’ik is carrying some papers to report to their ship commander when they walk past their human’s quarters. The door is open, and they get a glimpse of the human doing push ups with a book under them. They have to hesitate and go back to know if they saw correctly, and yes, the human is training while reading. The human switches to doing one handed push ups to flip the page. 

Sari’ik wants to say something, but is afraid of breaking the focus of the human, so they’re about to leave when the human speaks. “Yo, Sari’ik, what’s up?”

And Sari’ik is so flabbergasted that their human just acknowledged their presence and spoke to them, while studying and training, that they just turn and walk away. The human shrugs and continues doing what they were. 

I can see similar situations happening with how we read and walk, sing and read, cook and talk, those types of things, and aliens eventually giving up on trying to comprehend our very short attention span. 

I don’t know about ghosts, but I do know that our souls can be made to go outside our bodies when we are alive. A very easy way to feel them go is to lie on the grass at night and look straight up at some big bright star; and, by fixing your mind upon it, you will soon find that you are hundreds and hundreds of miles away from your body, which you don’t seem to want at all.
—  Tess of the D’Urbervilles, by Thomas Hardy
Can IG ACOTAR accounts stop posting posts on Tumblr without the respected credit?

I found a post from the ‘Explore’ tab on Ig and it’s a screenshot on Tumblr, created by one of us here. And I clicked on it because there was no credit to that person? And as I’m scrolling I find a couple of my own personal posts WITH MY URL CROPPED OUT?

What the actual fuck? How hard is it to KEEP PEOPLE’S URLS ON THE POST. I swear I never get salty, except for this shit. 

Copyright and giving credit where credit is due is a form of respect to the person who originally posted it. I would never share someone’s painting or song or novel somewhere without acknowledging where it’s from. The same reason why you footnote, or you Harvard reference on a paper. I come from a heavy graphic design, photography background and I AM BIG ON ARTIST APPROPRIATION.

STOP THIS SHIT PLEASE. It doesn’t take more effort to leave someone’s URL on your screenshot. RANT OVER.


sadly i couldn’t find the original person or post tho

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Opposites attract (1/3) P.P

Summary: Everyone gets 2 names on their wrists, one belonging to their enemy and one belonging to their soulmate, but what happens if your enemy is also your soulmate          

PART TWO                                                                                

Warnings: Violance

Words: 1211

Requested: Yes

I give full credit for the prompt of this AU to the person who originally posted the prompt, if I new there URL I would tag them but unfortunately, I don’t.

Tags: @lucayaatrash @barely-emily @peterfightmeparker

In this world, you get two names. One would appear on your right wrist and one on the left. Each name either represents your soulmate or your enemy, one of these names has the ability to create a lifetime of happiness and one a lifetime of misery. Some people were lucky enough to only end up with a soulmate.

One of the worst things that can happen, is having the same name on both wrists.

For you, the name Spider-man had been imprinted on your left wrist in jet black ink since you were 4 years old. By that age you were already aware of crime and all that comes with it, including some more than basic fighting moves and how to use some of the simpler weapons your father owned.

By 11, You’d been involved in some of the cities worst crimes, still you stayed unknown. Only known in the crime scene as ‘Viper’, you’d been doing this since you were a kid, robberies, raids etc, with the help of your father and his crew. You weren’t like Captain America, or Thor, or Hulk, You didn’t have powers but you were an amazing assassin. Beyond amazing.

For years you’d wondered what that certain name (Spider Man) meant, when this person was going to show up and whether or not it was going to be a tough fight. You were aching to know who was behind the mask, you’d love to see their face both before and after you’re done with them.

“You see him, you kill him, don’t waste a second” Your dad would tell you “Kill him or he’ll kill you”

You’d dreaded the day the other name would show up, the name signifying that you had a soulmate. Love didn’t exist in the crime world, it was merely a distraction. At Least that’s what you’d been taught.

Although you couldn’t help but crave infinite love and affection from someone.

At 16, the amazing Spider-man had made his entrance to Queens and your father had made it his mission to end the Avengers. Although he would never admit it to you and the rest of your group, he was threatened by them and the power they held. He was, in fact scared and just itching to off them.

He taught you every move he knew, how to operate every weapon and whatever else you needed to end the mighty Spider-man. For never going to a day of school, you were a smart kid.

You hated the Avengers, you hated them and everything they stood for.

It was a late Sunday night when your dad had chosen to finally go along with his plan. He had finally gained the weaponry to fight the Avengers, you had to admit it was a little… okay a lot crazy, but his mind was set.

You were in your signature black and silver skin tight suit, doubling checking to make sure your identity stayed hidden throughout the attack. The suit ended just below your elbows, meaning your ink was showing, the word ‘Spider-man’ clearly printed on your skin.

Along the right arm of your suit, was simply a silver viper (fake of course). Your mask was a simple one that covered your eyes only.

The plan was simple, override the main power system, shut it down, break in through one of the windows and get the job done. Your dads men would guard the doors and the windows at all times, letting you know if you needed to evacuate at any moment. The only problem, it was to simple.

Everything had been going well at first, You’d managed to sneak in just fine, override the main power system and you had snuck into your designated room, weapon in hand and prepared to fight your first victim. Everything seemed so calm, you even managed to get a glimpse of the room you were in. There were a few posters, some of the posters you recognised as bands you’d listen to in your free time.

That was when all hell broke loose.

It all happened in an instant. Gun shots were being fired from outside the walls, you could hearing the glass windows shattering and the building above you practically crumbling. It was all too loud, you couldn’t focus on the voice speaking to you through your earpiece telling you the escape route, but You were prepared for instances like this.

You spun around, prepared to run and fight with your group when the door behind you swung shut, a string of cobweb running from the door to the ceiling above you. All surrounding sound was cut short, thanks to the sound proof walls that this place seemed to be fully equipped with.

“Was that supposed to frighten me? It didn’t, but I’ll pretend it did.” The voice said

You spun around and suddenly you were face to face with the one person you’d been aching to run into for years.

You were filled with a sudden adrenaline, it was unlike anything you’d ever felt before and you remembered your dad’s words. 'Don’t waste a second’  but you wanted to make this moment last.

“Nice to finally met you Spiderman” You practically spat. The stranger jumped down from the ceiling, staying at a rather safe distance.

“I’ll admit, it’s not under the best terms but i don’t know what else i expected” He started “You’re pretty young to be a villain don’t you think?” he asked

“You’re pretty young to be a hero, don’t you think” You remarked

It’s now or never

Without another word said you jumped foreword, using only the best skills taught to you by your father. You had to admit, he was good.

The whole ordeal was like an intense fight scene out of a film or story book, but maybe with a bit more blood.

“You know” You started, wiping your mouth with your bare arm to remove the blood that had managed to slip out of your mouth. Disgusting, i know, but that’s the realities “All my life, i’ve been taught to kill you on sight, and i’m not leaving until i do”

“You’re really persistent aren’t you?” He said and pulled another move on you, making your tired body fall to the floor “If you weren’t my enemy i’m sure Mr Stark would’ve loved to have you on the team”

The last comment made you laugh.

You could’ve sworn you were only down for a second, but with the room spinning, your vision and recollection of time was practically erased. You could fell a sticky substance holding you down, it was surprisingly heavy and even with your strength, you couldn’t break out of it.

Your body was having difficulty dealing with the pain and your injuries at the same time, you weren’t going to allow yourself to pass out before defeating your enemy but trying to fight sleep wasn’t going to happen right now.

The last thing you felt was a stabbing pain in your wrist, different to the pain you were feeling all over the rest of you body. This pain was like a million small needles digging into you at once, it was something you’d only felt once before.

When your enemy’s name appeard on your wrist.

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